Top 5 Best Fitness Gifts for Active Mens

Update - 2018.02.21

We are so sure that you have bestfriends, right? If you just have few bestfriends, it’s all okay. The most important thing is you have it already. Like what everyone else do these days, although you and bestfriend may live separately, it doesn’t mean that you both lost contact. Keep in touch each other to know how’s the other condition is very important. That’s what bestfriend must do.

Best gifts not only given in special occasion. You can give your bestfriend any gifts whenever you want. But most people giving it in special day only. Well, it is totally not a big deal. Anyway, what you frequently give as gifts to friend of yours? Sometimes you get yourself confuse. But you don’t have to. You just need to adjust what your friend really need. If they loves to go to fitness centre, best fitness gifts might be proper to them.

Before buying best fitness gifts, it is better if you do research what kind of best fitness gifts you wanna give. Plenty things with variant brand may offered on the market. We know you don’t want spending time thinking to much on the market just for best fitness gifts, right? That’s the main reason why we do reviews on best fitness gifts. Perhaps this is can help you out to find out the best fitness gifts to your bestie. Or maybe the opposite, if someone wanna give you best fitness gifts, you can recommend them. This is just our opinion, if you don’t agree or something, you can go find another best fitness gifts. So, let’s take a look.

ExGizmo Inflatable Gym – Floating Yoga Mat

ExGizmo Inflatable Gym Mat Durable Air Track Tumbling Pad Floating Yoga Mat

Do you need a reliable mat for your different activities? Then, you can try the ExGizmo Inflatable Gym Mat. It comes with different features that will satisfy your needs. Its size is 3.28 ft. x 1.97 ft. x 0.33 ft. (1mx 0.6m x 0.1 m).   OFFER LISTING


  • It is a high-quality gymnastics portable air floor mat for picnic, home, exercise, and cheerleading. It also comes with a pump.
  • The ExGizmo Inflatable Gym Mat is an air mat that is durable and gas-tight with its premium quality materials and advanced production technology.
  • It has max pressure of 10 PSI/ 0.7 BAR max for greater quality.
  • The package comes with 1 repair kit, 1 inflatable mat and 1 air pump.
  • It can be used in different applications. You can put the Air floor on the gym floor, artistic gymnastics floor, fitness clubs, high-performance training, gymnastic exercises, schools, home entertainment, gymnasium, leisure centers, rental business, park, professional training, park and more.
  • The innovative product is available in a practical cost of $245.99 to $1,089.99.
  • It comes with an elegant blue color.
  • This air truck tumbling pad is easy and safe to use especially for beginners.
  • It can serve as one of your favorite apparatus in your gym.
  • It is also useful for yoga, family gatherings, picnic, parties, outdoor and indoor events, waterplay and more.
  • It is made with quality materials for long lasting performance. It is highly recommended for the playtime of your kids. It is efficient and can be used for long hours.
  • The ExGizmo Inflatable Gym Mat is perfect for your repetitive training to be an advanced gymnast.
  • It is also used for competitions for all tumbling levels.


  • You need proper care and maintenance to keep its high efficiency.

If you want to spend quality time with your family or friends, the ExGizmo Inflatable Gym Mat is worth investing your money. It can serve as your efficient tool to enjoy picnic, exercise, and other activities. With its great features, you can make sure that you are safe and comfortable upon its use. It also comes with an affordable price that can make you smile. If you like an affordable but quality inflatable gym mat, this product will suit your needs. It is manufactured with the best technology for maximum efficiency.

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Happybuy Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Mat Air Tumbling Track w/Electric Pump Air Floor...

Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Mat for Home Use/Cheerleading/Beach/Park and Water Top-Feature: -Durable Material:made of Double-Wall Material (also know as drop stitch material,1.2mm thickness durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin with better air tightness and durability. -Save Space:the inflatable air tumbling mats can be fold and unfold quickly,several minutes to inflate or deflate. -Complete Accessories:you will receive an air pump for free when you purchase our product. -More Safety:Inflatable Mat with 20cm/7.9inch,more thicker than many suppliers,increases the repetitive frequency and reduces the chance of being hurt,provides more protection,especial for children. -Wide Application:you can set up in your living room, back yard, at the beach, anywhere,Just make sure there is no fire around or sharp things. Product Specification: Gymnastics Tumbling Mat: Color: White+Blue Storage Temperature :-50 ~ +40 Degrees Celsius ✔ Dimensions: 3 .2 ft Wide x 9.8 ft Long x 7.9 inch...

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SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones – Bose

SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones, Power Red (With Heartrate Monitor) – by Bose

Are you or best friend love listening to music while doing exercise? This is also well-known as best fitness gifts because of its design for stability during the intense workout. It also equipped with heart rate sensor. While doing exercise, you can know how your heart was beating. It comes very easy to track your heartbeat during a performance. When you are moving one to another move, these wireless headphones by Bose also stay secure. You do not have to put it back into ears because it is not going to fall (unless you put it out from ears).  Check Price on Amazon
We can say these headphones as best fitness gifts because many people chatter about this product recently. It already sold more than 2,000 pairs on Amazon. Based on 2,080 customer reviews, this best fitness gifts got 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. The average price is about $199.00 but you able to get the discount for about 10% right now. Moreover, this best fitness gifts only cost $179.00. What are you waiting for?


  • Can connect either for Bluetooth and NFC. Stay connected to your devices become easy
  • It is has heart sensor rate. You’ll be able to track your heart beating during exercise
  • It is built in sturdy material. When put it on your ear, no worry cause it’s not going to detach easily beside you detached it
  • Provide secure and stay fits even when you doing intense workout many times
  • Best fitness gifts work in many popular exercise apps, such a: RunKeeper, Endomondo, Runtastic, and MapMyRun
  • The earbud designed weather and sweat resistant. Even when you do intense or thorough workout, its not gonna impact directly
  • Able to adjuct the volume. Turn the volume up or down might possible as you want. You also able to skip many tracks or pick any calls if your cellphone ringing


  • You are in control, turn the volume up or down, skip tracks, and pick the call will be easy
  • Sweat and weather resistant built in this best fitness gifts. Because the earbud has designed with hydrophobic cloth
  • Reach your exercise goal easily by doing intense workout
  • It designed very secure, you don’t have to stop workout in a while. Just focus on moves and reach your target
  • Available in both bluetooth and NFC makes you easy to connect with any devices wireless
  • Also built in hear rate sensor to gauge your heart beating while workout
  • Music sounds really good


  • The price tag a bit pricey for some people

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Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones, Power Red (With Heartrate Monitor)

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Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphone – by Beats

The next best fitness gifts go to Solo 3 wired on Earphone by Beats. The primary function also the same as headphones by Bose. Just diff in size. These best fitness gifts have great and smooth sounds. Turn on the music during exercise will incredibly perk you up to make more and more moves. Anybody can use this earphone because it designed to custom fit.
No much people chatter about this best fitness gifts because the size built in. Perhaps people prone to headphone by Bose because it has the smaller size. Well, not a big deal. More than 100 people put their comments on Amazon based on this earphone. According to 110 customer reviews, got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. The price tag for the best fitness gifts for about $199.95 and get free shipping on Amazon.  Check Price on Amazon


  • It designed in luxe edition with fine tuned
  • It has remotetalk cable will allow you to control music and pick a call
  • Inside the packaging: solo 2 wired on earphone by Beats, RemoteTalk cable, and carrying case
  • It designed custom fit


  • It is durable and easy to use. you can bring this earphone next to you
  • Ready to go
  • Provide a great sound
  • Available in 4 colors. Pick which one is yours
  • User Guide is available. You can take a look before using the earphone
  • Product get warranty


  • Still the same case, it is pricey
  • It is a bit heavy. Perhaps it doesn’t fits for people in intense workout

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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Rose Gold

With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 Wireless are your perfect everyday headphones. With Fast Fuel, a 5-minute charge gives you 3 hours of playback. Enjoy award-winning Beats sound with Class 1 Bluetooth wireless listening freedom. The on-ear, cushioned ear cups are adjustable so you can customise your fit for all-day comfort.Wireless the way it should beBeats Solo3 Wireless Headphones are ready to go when you are. They instantly set up — just power on and hold them near your iPhone — and then simultaneously connect to your Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.* With Class 1 Bluetooth technology, Solo3 Wireless provide the soundtrack to your life with wireless efficiency.Feel your musicAt the heart of Beats Solo3 Wireless is award-winning Beats sound. These headphones deliver premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics that maximise clarity, breadth and balance. The comfort-cushion ear cups buffer outside noise for immersive sound so you can experience music the way it was meant to...

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$199.99 $299.95

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3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller – NextRoller

NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

With your busy working days, you need to relax to renew your strength and mind power. In connection to it, you need a quality massager for great level of relaxation. One of the best seller electric back massagers today is the NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller.  OFFER LISTING


  • It has high intensity vibration for mobility, recovery, pliability training as well as deep tissue trigger point sports massage therapy.
  • It comes with firm density electric back massager that can offer you with excellent therapy.
  • This product is trusted by NFL, MLB and NBA athletes. It was used by professional athletes to attain the highest performance.
  • The NextRoller has a cutting edge 3-speed vibration technology. You can pick from low, medium and high intensities to apply the right amount of pressure for your sore joints and muscles.
  • It can relieve lower and upper back pain, muscle pain, knees, quads, IT band, hamstrings and more.
  • The product can serve as your persona massage therapist. The foam roller incorporates vibration for aiding recovery, flexibility, mobility before and after weightlifting, yoga, CrossFit, running, jujitsu, cardio and other exercise.
  • It is the perfect muscle roller for self-massage and myofascial release to help you prepare your body to perform at its best. It also helps you to be injury-free.
  • The NextRoller is rechargeable and portable. It measures 6” in diameter and 13” in length.
  • The item comes with wall-outlet charging cable to give you easy massage anytime and anywhere. With a full charge, you can enjoy more than two hours of vibrating massage.
  • It comes with one year warranty. It is made from the top quality materials for optimum efficiency.
  • It is risk-free, so you can enjoy unbeatable deep tissue massage.
  • It has ergonomic carry handle. It also has a dynamic texture to suit your taste and standards for a massager.
  • It can be avail in a price that can make you smile. With its affordable price of $99.95, you can now enjoy a relaxing massage for extreme relaxation.


  • The hours of use can still be improved after a full charge.

The NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller is one of the top quality vibrating foam roller in the market today. It is the perfect partner to reduce your body pain after a hard work. With its amazing features and quality, your money invested for it is all worth it. It is powered with 1 lithium ion batteries.
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NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller - High Intensity Vibration for Recovery, Mobility,...

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$99.95 $129.99

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Caden Concepts Fitness Band 2 –Black GSI – by Caden Concepts

With the latest technology innovation, many discoveries continue to arise in the market. One of these is the Caden Concepts Fitness Band 2 –Black GSI.  This review will help you decide whether this technology will benefit you or not. OFFER LISTING


  • The product can be customized to fit for your specific needs. It is ideal for company giveaways, wedding gifts, gift with purchase, anniversaries, promotional materials, birthdays and more.
  • You can also go with your imprint. You have the freedom of choice when it comes to customizing the item with a logo or anything you want to print on the product.
  • Caden Concepts Fitness Band 2 offers you with a digital proof. They offer Amazon messaging within 1 to 2 days to get your chosen logo or imprint. You can receive a virtual mockup of the product. With that you are guaranteed to get your desired design.
  • The production comes in 5 to 10 business days, right after the proof approval.
  • The shipment times are usually 2 to 5 business days.
  • You can have artwork information for more customized results.
  • You are free to select the color print and location of the printed logo.
  • The blank goods are available in the same price. It can be shipped on 3 business days upon request.
  • The shipping and printing are included in the price, so there are no additional fees or set up.
  • The product can be a powerful force for your fitness goals.
  • The sleek fit band offers real-time stats on your wrist.
  • With the use of this innovative product, you can track the distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, and stairs climbed and active minutes in your entire day.
  • One of the best features of the Caden Concepts Fitness Band 2 is that it can track your sleep quality, and monitor your sleep patterns in the night.
  • It is easy and safe to use, so you are worry free from its usage.
  • It is powered with more innovative technology to offer you with long-lasting efficiency.
  • It is durable and can help you with your different physical activities.


  • Some users complain that it is a little bit costly.

The Caden Concepts Fitness Band 2- Black GSI can help you with your physical activities. Its cost is worthy and reasonable for its premium quality. The product is worth buying since it can be customized with your chosen logo or design.

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Caden Concepts Fitness Band 2 - Black GSI - 12 Quantity -...

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