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Top 10 best Cheap smartwatch 2019 : Affordable Buying Guide

Update - 2019.05.30

Who is not familiar with smartwatches today, from teenagers, adults, and even parents who use it, any think that smartwatch is a luxury item, even though it is a necessity in Zman today. speaking of price issues, buddy, don’t worry, smartwatches come from cheap prices, even millions, even tens of millions. best affordable smartwatch to buy.

“Do not be too pushy to have an expensive one, just adjust it to your pocket, because the expensive ones are definitely of good quality, and the cheap ones don’t necessarily look cheap”

Make it a habit to buy goods according to your needs, don’t think of buying excessively. it will be in vain. it would be better if you first learn what features are on the best affordable smartwatch that you are going to buy.

Top 10 Our Picks

Last update was on: May 29, 2020 12:25 am

Here are some features that are usually found on a smartwatch:

  1. Activity Tracker

  2. GPS

  3. Personal assistant

  4. find a cellphone

  5. and of course social media and telephone features.

How, do you now want to have a smartwatch? or even you have managed to find a smartwatch that suits your needs. We will provide information regarding some of the best affordable smartwatch in 2019.

KingWear KW88 Smartwatch

best affordable smartwatch

We will tell you a brief experience of the new smartwatch from King, where is the king of the place, we will show you very quickly just a little fist after you open these boxes from the King where they always have the kind of crocodile texture like the free snake is cool if you like it after you will see a watch hearing a Smartwatch wrapped in plastic and we are here for now.

Just look at what else is in the Box, remove this surface here and then there is another box in it, let’s see and yes the charging unit is the cable charging unit be it the cable that is the size of a person’s unit and then while the magnetic bearing on the other side the side for charging so that is how it works to fill the Smartwatch battery as well where else we have a little paper clip with notes to use your manual colored manual so you can read so you can check all the details of how it works and all the important safety precautions You want to make sure it works well and the screen protector around the screen protector is like a critical little thing so that’s for the content box that you know is just a smartwatch right? t come with mud he comes with everything you don’t need there is actually something here inside we forget yes there is a small screw driving here we will show you why here can actually be how you can use it for Smartwatch remember where kw88 like the Crazy 88 from Kill Bill you know it’s not related but still so he might be a man’s outfit but we think it’s a kind of sturdy unisex rubber band Mainframe here and body verse 40 looks thicker here we will delete it just because it covers the Idol first thing what you will notice After you turn on the kw88 is the screen is a 1.39 inch Super AMOLED screen.

This is probably the smallest Super AMOLED screen you have ever seen and you can play to feel it and you know we can really use it so you can really know that extra brightness saturation at the end of the contrast is really good. Don’t you just feel better than most SmartWatches so it’s cool besides inside and pouring our unit into your quad-core CPU with your 1.39 gigahertz, we have 512 megabytes of RAM which is 4 gigabytes of internal storage which is more than enough for this type of device also kw88 as a 2 megapixel camera here on the side because you can use it to find out what you want to wear, you can spy on the person on the side or something like that you can take really wise pictures that are pretty cool we mean to turn back and also running Android 5.1 by the way but it’s not too much of a problem and this type of smartwatch is a very customizable version of Android and works well for this by means of being compatible with both Android devices that we mean if you want to connect to a smartphone or your tablet or whatever and also iOS is it for iPhone and devices Apple, what else can we say well?

It takes a SIM card behind us to show you how it works. You can open the tray for the SIM card and that’s why these little pieces here are back just like let us see if we can do this. like the little screw here we will open them have it so this is where you will put the SIM card here there is the Frontier res SIM card Saga go there and by the way here you can see the magnet charging and this kind of sensor is clear – obviously he is a smartwatch so you know it will measure the steps of the heartbeat you take have weather information on pedometer altitude temperature in all the details and applications and functions you use in Smartwatch so there is a lot to know and lots of done with this kind of device.


  • Integrated with Google Assistant or the other voice assistant
  • Has a 512 RAM


  • Only 4 choices available

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Pebble Time Smartwatch

best affordable smartwatch

A complete review of the Smartwatch pebble time, this is not the Nintendo Game Boy worn on the wrist though I will admit that it sort of looks like it has this retro design that maybe some of you will hate but I don’t mind it looks kind of funny and there’s no doubt that it is a gadget.

The technology does have something interesting about it, especially compared to the original Pebble that has a slimmer, lighter design that is enhanced. We don’t know it’s just good enough to have on your wrist because it’s very comfortable soft silicone bands that are exchanged you can get that premium skin and even metal bands and I kinda help with the overall appearance of the watch, of course, we will see third party people coming out with rope. So keep your eyes open for the people I will try to put some links in the description for you and also one so you can check the updated price of the pebble time

Also on the design side is the screen which is one of the big sales for the time for other watches first it is always on love that there is no need to double tap the face or press the button or worry about the gyroscope only to see the time also the display is color and uses e-technology paper that allows for good visibility in the sun and it’s really comfortable to read. However, I turn on the backlight so you can mess around if you want to get a better view indoors and at night even though I really like the look, it can be a higher resolution but honestly we don’t look for more on a smartwatch that is definitely not touching the screen but we don’t have to have it in fact the buttons at the time you use to navigate the software are quite large and tactile and they are easy to work with I just really like them too the waterproof gravel time drops to 30 m, but I did not find many swimming applications available and actually no sensors in this case complemented specifically for swimming at the same time did not have an optical heart rate sensor built-in like said Apple watch or Garmin Forerunner 225 and was not directly connected to a Bluetooth heart rate sensor or ant plus anything, and that means when You use gravel time for Fitness, any external sensors must be connected to your cellphone and then you will be one per cent hun tied to that phone and actually the funny thing about it is that most of the great fitness applications with the exception of Endomondo don’t allow you display your heart rate on the screen, even if you have an external sensor connected to your phone.

Maybe that will change in the future, maybe some other applications will discard that data point but on the date of this video If you are looking for heart rate information you don’t have many options with gravel time but it’s okay because you know this isn’t really a Fitness device hardcore does most of the basics that actually allows you to choose your favourite activity tracking applications like Misfit for example and then you can automatically and very smoothly track your steps and sleep and only your overall activity and you can synchronize it to the company’s mobile app too because I just mentioned it is a nice little friend for running and cycling because it will display most of your work from information stack like the distance past Pace Etc and if you are wondering this won’t die for you in the long run really got around r five to seven days of battery life depends on how much you play with the software.


  • Very comfortable soft silicone bands
  • Using e-paper technology that allows for good visibility in the sun
  • The buttons are very large


  • It doesn’t have an optical heart rate sensor

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Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Let’s see what you get in the box with the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which has a 12.9 MM thick casing made of 316L stainless steel and 1.3 mm Gorilla Glass that features an active 22 mm silicone band along with IP 8 water and dustproof connected to two Samsung Galaxy Products run by Android along with an iOS iPhone device via Bluetooth that has been built in it.

GPS Samsung pays and builds applications such as the S Health application with a heart rate monitor. This device also has a battery life of up to 3 days, besides that you will find the original Samsung USB cable that will be connected to the wireless charging dock and you will find this original Samsung wall charger that will power both devices for you to 3 days of charging on this device.

4 reasons why you should buy Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch:

  1. The reason why I have to buy a Smartwatch is that the beautiful screen here is now Emily’s screen and basically this is a 1.3 screen on a 360 x 360 screen and covered by Gorilla Glass SR plus, so there are no scratches. You can see that it is clean and very bright.
  1. Equipped with a built-in GPS and you can activate the location just enter the settings and in the settings, you will see a connection call. You simply turn on the wireless network or you simply turn on the GPS so that it doesn’t have a GPS installed in it and also has NFC installed in it so if you are in the country where Samsung payments are activated or Samsung payments are available,
  2. You can use this watch to make a payment and also buy this watch because it is made like a tank instead, this watch is dustproof and water resistant for up to five meters of water for 30 minutes and can also make you know how it should be rigged under conditions like the temperature is very cold or very resistant too so for outsiders who like trying to pull out claws on this trip is one place to consider
  3. The next reason why I should buy this is because of Fitness tracking capabilities so yes it’s a full-featured fitness tracker that is also enough to enter a full-featured fitness application so you can track your activities.


  • Very easy to navigate to the Tizen OS
  • Large screen display
  • Can be used for payment


  • Integration of the WhatsApp application is less responsive
  • The battery lasts only 3 days.

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Rookee Smart Watch for Outdoor S928

The s928 smartwatch is the cheapest SmartWatch with an internal accelerometer gyroscope on the heart rate sensor before starting the video, let me ask the main question that everyone asks is a smartwatch if you buy this watch if you have a limited budget if you have a chilli style app for residents or the Android experience that I say does not buy a smartwatch because it is not something that is suitable, but if you are looking for a sports watch or something can give you time. What is this smart indicator if you are looking for a budget box with lots of sensors once again this is good to mention is the Superlite boss and you won’t feel it on your wrist at all it’s really comfortable to wear it most all day the important selling point is the heart rate sensor thermometer and gyroscope thermometer. This is the cheapest SmartWatches equipped with a number of sensors on the board and captures the movement speed of your entire body at a distance, so if you go to sports then watch uvulitis as a spectacle for that year’s sport mode. You can choose the type of activity you want.

Mountain climbing Viking rock climbing in cycling You can, for example, choose to walk and watch automatically track your steps moving distance and heart rate the heart rate sensor is very good and very accurate. unfortunately, this is not a touch screen so you have to navigate the menu using these buttons here the opening starts to stop and return. You can see the smart indicator here like the steps against pressure hiding the heartbeat temperature and things like that, because the button when you turn on the screen you can see it has a reminder alarm and you are connected to your mobile when you use H + applications that can You download it from the Google Store, which charges HR costs, stop using heating releases, it has magnets, the filling process is really good and I don’t have a problem with the charger, which overall is very good but like every product in the UK.


  • Highly Accurate GPS Sensor
  • Automatic Charging adsorption chairs
  • Comfortable and simple


  • The ribbon material is ordinary grade plastic.
  • This is not waterproof
  • Can not be read in direct sunlight.

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Amazfit Smartwatch Gps Running-A1612B

This is an amazfit fitness tracker that costs around 80 dollars and we have been using it every day for the past 2 months, we like it for many reasons but if you want to learn more about our long-term reviews.

The device is sent only with a charger and honestly, with you, it takes a while to find it because the battery life in the beep amazt is very good. I have used this track for 2 months and I charge it once even though I use the GPS monitoring feature and the heart rate is quite a lot of official numbers stating that the band must last you up to 45 days and I can confirm this is a reflective color touch screen always active and this is a feature my favourite from this day watching writer is better we can see the look there is also a nice backlight so we can see that it might lift working well in the future. The whole built tracker is just great and Dubai has survived quite well over time but the rubber bands have worn off for quite a long time.

The good thing is that you can buy a new rope at a low price and I will leave a few suggestions in the description below. What I like is that the bib is very light and comfortable to wear. I believe that a heart rate sensor is accurate but keep in mind this is not a medical class device. Those who use GPS and the GLONASS system for positioning and temporarily tracking are good, I found this feature to work properly but sometimes you need to wait almost a minute until the GPS position is found. Other sensors of this watch include a compass and thermometer, an ip68 rating that shows water and dust resistance and I have tested this feature many times I still work well.

I don’t like receiving notifications on a small screen outside of a watch, but this feature works well can also track your sleep routine, but I can’t get used to using a tracker while sleeping so this feature is not for me.

I like the simple and intuitive user interface and the amazement beep as Neverland or Southard. You just swipe from left to right through the swipe menu from the top to open the quick settings menu and swipe right below to see your notifications. You can also see the status you choose from some of Morris’s activities including running biking while walking with a physical side button will bring you back if you press and hold it can start or stop your sporting activities as soon as possible.

This mismatch has become one of my favourite fitness apps and sinks with the unlimited watch. We can check your steps taken in detailed heart rate measurements and track the quality of your sleep. In addition, this application gives you details when exercising, including the route speed phase. calories burn heart rate details and songs. You can also have a lot of different bands and song settings.

After using amazip beeps for more than two months I could see my shortcomings on the silicone dab and it quickly disappeared and the GPS could find a position a little faster sometimes waiting around 30 seconds can be annoying if you want to start exercising immediately. Apart from these two shortcomings, I would love my amazfit beep. I like the design. Comfort, battery life, outstanding user interface, and features that package me for applications that are synchronized with the watch. Likewise, beeping amazets worth around eighty dollars really. I will continue to use it every day because it never disappoints you and is comfortable to wear because of that I can easily recommend beeping amazers to anyone after using this tracker for more than 2 months.


  • New strap at a low price
  • Heart rate sensor is accurate
  • Simple and intuitive user interface


  • The silicone dab and it quickly disappeared

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Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

Have to charge a smartwatch every night and beat the smartest watch destination and that’s where Huawei watches GT come in, it’s a smartwatch that looks like any other classic time is on your wrist and has a battery that lasts 2 weeks and acts like an Entrepreneur , but what else goes back to the weird size of the show.

One of the best things about watches that are approved by most of us is that they don’t look every day that you use looks like plastic time again. I saw the strawberry rope strap’s Apple Mission Bay Sports Edition video more like a sports watch while this classic edition one looks much better and the one I use is Steelcase to the button there are two on the bottom side it has ceramic construction and Sligh. The leather strap sensor has a silicone and rubber ball underneath that makes it comfortable to wear every time you want to get it in a large 46.5-millimetre single size and so it might not be everyone’s idea that can be used, but I happen to like it.

The only problem is that this synthetic leather strap is a Proto discolouration because the road is again quite easy to forget once you wear it what is also waterproof 5 atmospheres which means you can work for 50 meters under water, but this is our winter back won’t test it. Still, this one for that is a waterproof LED screen that is 1.39 inches AMOLED and it looks great and makes icons and text look sharp in black skin and brightness butler’s Pantry is quite visible in the sun. You also have automatic brightness images that are most likely to be used but there is not always a feature in this as close as you get namely the Showtime option that people filter at 5 minutes is that there does not seem to be a type of protection on the screen but must survive the daily episode pretty good. I mean, I’m a pretty awkward person and even after occasionally impacting a wall or door that has survived without scratches so there is a whole I like to display mostly because the color is large and having pixel density on the performance side is where it can’t continue to run on OS new light newest, very light and also with 16MB RAM and below 28MB storage You can’t do much either The choice of hardware doesn’t make it the most agile smartwatch.

Here I also make a compromise because there is no third-party application support, but after the latest update you can at least get a notification This matches the application which is not a case before bed beside sticking to the monitor and monitoring your heart rate activity and that’s all if you want changing the face of a watch that you long pressed on the home screen that shows a list of 30 watch faces at the time this review number might come out with your update the top button takes you to use the watch application and functions like an alarm stopwatch on a sectra there is even a flashlight that is nothing but your screen White light in Max now we can also access your practice leaving an activity note from here another button will take you to exercise the menu because you can find a number of these exercises Focus mostly on general exercises like running no exercise like Galaxy watches but once again it is u costs like a lot less than that and this might be enough for normal people like you and I also have a continuous heart rate monitor with me as your heart beats every second every minute at all ti mes and this makes other readings all the more accurate is GPS on this watch it is also quite accurate it can be useful in your outdoor walking sessions and exercises for density because you can see the type of exercise we are in but each of them is quite comprehensive you can get a call alert but because you cannot use it to call a reply You can only check the caller ID and may choose whether to accept the rejection. The part where Huawei watch GT shines through the command of a 420 million battery that will lie to us and the fact that it doesn’t do much and you get excellent battery life I mean, if you are a smartwatch that keeps track of your activities throughout the day organically You don’t want to take it off every day every night in Georgia and with this you don’t need to worry about claiming that you are weak on battery life


  • Waterproof 5 atmosphere
  • Has 3 satellite systems


  • The storage only 28 MB

* Read more about detailed review of the BEST WATCHES UNDER $1000

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ASUS Smartwatch-VivoWatch BP HC-A04

What happens to everyone? I want to tell you all about the ASUS Vivo watch BP watch. Let’s talk about how it looks, first, its face is quite large, there is a small screen with a ton of bezels around it, but the reason is that to the left of the screen is something very important to measure your blood pressure. on your wrist. Regardless of how big the face is and then the screen, really what I mean is sorry there really isn’t much going on here but that’s because the watch is only supposed to be able to track your heart rate continuously, tracking your blood pressure when You want and then also the fitness step tracker they watch that has 28 days of battery life, basically you can check your blood pressure 3 times a day using this watch now using a combination of electrocardiogram ECG and PPG sensor photoplethysmography. to achieve what you are doing is you have a heart rate sensor that is behind doing an EKG reading and then you put a finger on the addition of the Circle to the left that will get another reading using PPG sensors all this sounds like medical jargon that is really technical and that’s the basic thing you need to know here is to use both of these readings to get an accurate reading of what your blood pressure is and your heart rate having to hold your finger there for a while not really moving not really talking just to get a baseline reading and you do this basically three times a day so you can get a bigger picture of what your blood pressure is and how your overall health can be based on reading the unit I use is pre-production so why be told through the reading is a little high, bus a also because of the unit but I will admit that my heart rate tends to be slightly higher than most and I want to be surprised if at that time during the time of high stress from the computer.

My blood pressure is a little higher too for most people out there, this might not be a very practical watch to use, but for people who really want to have this level of information when talking about their heart and blood pressure. being one of the easiest ways to get accurate readings after all it really is like it’s very easy to use and if you take it to get the reading done as long as you just stay a little quiet for about 10 to 15 seconds there is another sensor here that allows it to things like tracking steps like I mentioned patterns and activities have gone to sleep.

The connected AI Health application will allow all this information to provide what is called the bug index. You can also share all this information with your position or doctor which means that if you do this reading consistently your doctor will have a little extra information directly from the bat. without having to rely on a traditional blood pressure monitor it’s really all about how to access it like this and when you compare these hours to other more conventional blood pressure monitors this is definitely much more comfortable so I can see that there are some people out there who need Having information, in this case, is probably one of the best ways to get it consistently well.


  • 28-Days of battery life
  • Easy blood pressure tracking


  • Not be a very practical watch to use

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Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

Presence in the Android Wear Smartwatch space because of the Moto 360 already and this 2nd generation and it’s fun to be big enough for the company but for anyone who wants something a little more sporty. therefore we are interested in discussing the Moto 360 sport.

Obviously the main difference is that the sporty design looks good and clearly appeals to those who have an active lifestyle or anyone interested in the fitness achieved with rubber bands feels comfortable and also sweat-resistant throughout the same IP67 certification features as the Moto 360, but now You would expect that something like this directed at Fitness people would have a higher level of resistance but that did not happen it was only available in three colours that limited the options and did not have the same level of personalization we had with the 360 ​​fe motor there’s a sign here is every lightweight hybrid screen that Motorola says to offer superior visibility both indoors and out specifically it is 1.37 in 360 by 325 LCD panels with a reasonable amount of pixel density of 263 pixels per inch enough to see through text and what is not and protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and that too nice that now it’s a little hidden this time now while it offers good visibility including direct Sun Life thanks to strong contrast there is one dance in their thing and that’s just a bad point of view and we do notice the visible and colour distortion that tends to calm and stuffed .

Another important thing to talk about with the Moto 360 sport is that the features that have been built on GPS function together with the application running the new Moto body that is loaded and specifically directed to runners because it relies on GPS to track our progress on the map and the other thing here is the watch display sport from the fourth on the home screen of course provides relevant information but besides that nothing really differs from the Android Wear experience here and most of it remains the same as anything else out there where the rest has a 300 milliamp-hour battery the same as his siblings and thus give us the same battery age of about one and a half days of normal use and usually at the end of our first night it ranges from 40 to 50%.

Everything is very proud of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, which is the same as 512 megabytes of RAM, the responsive responsiveness that I use to the harder Moto 360 sport is the reason to justify the $ 300 cost as the usual Moto 360 which has a customizable design. I think about it if you buy a chewy third-party band you can pretty much look and feel chi from Moto 360 sport I go with this one if you will especially like that spoil the design it’s not really good but overall it’s not describing a story that is quite convincing because the only thing different here is the model including the Unning built-in GPS application and of course it’s 40 designs.


  • Rubber bands feels comfortable
  • Watch display from the fourth on the home screen
  • Very attractive and sporty design


  • Only available in three colors

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Apple Smartwatch Series 3

best affordable smartwatch

I want to talk about my experience with him and if you have to buy it here this year now. The first thing I want to discuss is that the design starts with waiting under 60 G of things that are very light. You can really balance on one finger it is very very light and with a small handle back where the sensor is. You should have no problem doing it so I would not recommend that you do not want to drop it and break the X ion glass. Did you know you might have trouble doing that quality build itself is very strong you know especially if you go with ceramics or stainless models steel from the aluminium casing is a cheaper model? Speaking of the 1.65 inch 16 million color AMOLED screen on the 303 PPI what you are talking about is bare sharp it becomes solid black that blends seamlessly into the side of the glass, so you know what will happen with the new design Apple watch becomes difficult to distinguish them, except if you are close to someone’s Apple watch and you really know what you are seeing so all these displays are still very acceptable and get a lot of lightening up to 1000 nits and it does not have a 3D touch feature on the screen by allowing you to change between listview and gridview, and this really is just a very solid display for the Apple Watch 3 series.

Something that most people will experience any problem with the 3 series display is sharp enough for most activities to get pretty much bright and dark and fun and contrast to be very good screen vs series 3 now I have to mention when it comes to software experience you will watch OS 55.2 will be coming soon watching OS 6 will be coming to watch this lawyer to get an upgrade for a long time with Series 3 but one thing I have to say is that when you go with this watch you will not get the EKG Series 4 feature I can talk about the previous one who thought he was with news had saved people’s lives and things like that but not everyone would really need that feature as well as falling detection if you were an older person you might want to get newer but I would say on cur this time you rent still has some useful features here for Series 3 and most of the experience of the corps on Apple watches is somewhat the same so saving two hundred dollars or more maybe not a bad offer to get the Series 3.

Now in the Department of software still running very smoothly on this OS now this watch face is the older you get more pairs in the series or more if you really care about the things that go through this but you decide you really see value and 150 or $ 200 more than just for small things in the series for now. I’m not talking about photos like the EC, you know there’s not a little, but I certainly think about small things customization like a watch is not something I would make a fuss over so really I think this really offers some Solid value and overall fluidity of software now performance, on the other hand, should be several times faster as in Series 4 Series 3 is one of the watches that carry some fairly solid, serious speed, the original series of Apple watches is really slow compared with Series 3, it’s very serious, I’ve never used it all year long, making me feel like oh I need a big upgrade my watch is slow actually very conflicting very fast with the Apple S3 chip as dual-core and it has the power of a GPU VR so right there is nothing wrong with speed in Series 3 now and with that it continues to rise.


  • Built-in electrical heart sensor
  • 64 bit dual core processor
  • New WatchOS 5


  • Using an LTE modem makes the battery run out quickly

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Garmin Fenix 5 Watch Bands

best affordable smartwatch

What are the three best features of Garmin Fenix 5 plus the way we use them now and you know they don’t model them. 3/4 so you have Fenix 5 plus Fenix 5S plus which is a slightly smaller case we think it’s 42 mmmm and then you also have 5x plus which is the most expensive model they make and it adds something called pulse cow acclimation and if you want to find out what checks the link in the description there are many other posts and the things we have done about it are the best features so far on the new Fenix 5 brand plus the music watch series and it’s definitely the main feature exactly what most people know.

You basically have three choices. You can put your personal music on our device. You don’t have a lot of personal music but you can do it if you want to use the device, so Garmin Express software is like desktop software and then you can use iHeartRadio all access is $ 10 per month if you order online or through Android like 12 or $ 13 if you get Israel so don’t get it via iOS and then this will also be the whole story. You can take the music and you can transfer it directly to the device so iHeartRadio can create different playlists and then you can choose to transfer playlists. going straight to the watch a few times when we tried to set it up was a bit fussy.

We were annoyed we did not send Garmin customer service emails and then somehow the next day and finally worked so we thought some people would report some frustration with that big purchase that was a very nice feature to have and as long as you have good Bluetooth headphones you will be able to listen your music is completely free and we like it very much.

The second best feature is Maps so this was not previously available in Garmin Epix, which is a few years old and then Fenix ​​5x now they bring us all three devices and that is something we don’t believe we live without a fourth device especially when we go trail running and Hiking is a very good feature to have and that is something we think many people will ignore you

Topographic maps can be searched and they will even show you what’s in your general Fazenda D, so if you want to see you out on the path and you want to see where your closest shelter can really do what’s great and you previously unable to do that on the standard sewing model Fenix ​​5 is usually underestimated but we think more people who spend time outside the house will certainly appreciate having it on Fenix ​​5 number three device rather apart if we are honest, but only breath and depth of device features It’s like when we try to boil things we hear ourselves, it’s hard to choose only three things for many things and do many things well.

there are clear things we don’t like about it but the fact is not only tracking that runs gives you almost everything you can imagine from that watch not only Golf Tracking allows you to download it, we think it’s like 40 thousand horses not only tracking cycling because you are all the metrics you want to know if paired with an electric meter and a Speed ​​and Rhythm sensor and all that so that’s really something we can’t just leave doing so many things and that’s a lot of good things the smart watch outside the room has every sport you can think of, now indoor rowing and indoor and outdoor cycling from triathlons, it’s skiing, snowboarding, other water sports, stepper yoga stairs on the road list so just do a lot of going well but in terms of things that not good here are a few things that you should know before you get this device first and we think this is something that people will be disappointed with a Bluetooth connection that doesn’t match your headphones, so we usually use Jaybird X3 whether there are our favorite headphones that we really wear so you can ask anyone to guarantee we wear them every day when we exercise and they are our favorite headphones.

It sounds amazing, this application is safe but we can’t use it because we use a watch on our left wrist and the Bluetooth signal for Jaybird X3 is a Bluetooth receiver that will end up behind our right ear so for some reason when we do something messing up that connection and we can’t do it until we’re upset. We can’t use our favorite headphones and the less we turn to our right wrist. just don’t want to do it because it feels strange to wear a watch on my left wrist all my life and I just don’t want to switch to my right wrist so a Bluetooth connection with certain headphones sucks especially if our Bluetooth receiver will be behind your head or behind your ear or just on your right side in general.


  • Best feature is Topographic maps


  • Some smartphones don’t match the Bluetooth feature


It’s not easy to choose a smart watch. We think this is a serious topic to talk about, of course, most people still consider analog / traditional watches to be better, and that is only natural.

actually, smart watches are made to make it easier for users who need more than just hours. Many people don’t realize how profitable it is to have a smart watch.

If you have a different view or want to add experience regarding smart watches, please write in the comments column.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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