Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Exercising with bike perhaps already popular these days. But the truth is there are three categories of bike exercise: upright bike, spin bike, and recumbent bike. All of them you find out often when you go to the gym. Or perhaps you’ve been trying one or all of it. To make it easy, people start making their purchase of bike to help them while doing exercise. It’s fine, but what makes you doing that?

The main reason what you buy it because you want to keep health. Nowadays, health is the most important. If one day you are getting sick, you cannot doing like the whole activity as usual, right?

Doing exercise at home seems interesting instead spending time on the way to go to the gym. It’s better to save time and energy. In this special occasion, we all gonna talk about recumbent bike. What makes this bike so unique? Do you guys know?

First, you can do exercise anytime you want. If you are engaged with busy time at work or maybe college, still you can do exercise at home that makes you keep healthy all day.

Second, you don’t have to always go out, engaged with different circumstances, feel worry about the weather, polutate, or traffic jam.

Because people start looking for recumbent bike, lot of company start making the best recumbent exercise bike. One to another company offered different specs also different price tag. That is totally make you confuse, right? You have to pick the best for you, also suitable for your wallet. For whom actually feel confuse, well stop it. You don’t have to feel it anymore. Make your time take a look for a while in this article. Let’s check out recumbent exercise bike reviews below.

1. MY16 230 Recumbent Bike – by Schwinn

MY16 230 Recumbent Bike – by Schwinn

The first one recumbent exercise bike reviews goes to MY16 230 recumbent bike by Schwinn. Do workout with this bike absolutely worth it. This bike is one of the best recumbent bike on the market these days. When you have this bike, you can do any movement you want. Not only that, you still can upload any fitness app to help you achieve body goals. You can use the USB if you want to put some favorite music. Don’t forget to use the speaker if you want music becomes louder.

You can get this product by spending $349.99 and get free shipping on Amazon. Roduct got 4.4 stars out of 5 stars based on 47 customer reviews on Amazon. Wanna making a purchase? Do it now before the product running out.

Product all about:

  • It comes with 2 LCD. Dual LCD screen will show you how much calories you have burn. Workout sustainability and the progress will appear soon
  • Recumbent bike equipped with 22 programs in it
  • Accessibility quicker
  • Speaker is available to increase sounds (if you want using it)
  • There are three fans. You can use it to keep yourself cool. Dripped of sweaty totally fine
  • Made of comfortable seat and comfortable leg area
  • Build in high speed make your workout routine become smooth and quiet
  • USB port allow you to put some music in the recumbent bike. Do workout and listening to music at once will perk you up


  • The heart rate work really good. You can measure how your heart rate is
  • You’ll get a smooth ride ever in all resistances
  • The machine not noisy making, it means you can more consentrate yourself to get body goals
  • Designed with all good materials make this recumbent bike look sturdy
  • Came up with 22 programs: 9 profile, 8 heart rate, 2 custom, 2 fitness test, also quick start
  • Easy to use, further you can assemble the whole part quickly


  • Not suitable for anyone with height more than 6 feet


2. 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike – by Exerpeutic

400XL Folding Recumbent Bike – by Exerpeutic

Next recumbent exercise bike reviews is 400XL folding recumbent bike by Exerpeutic. It comes in black colour, as you see, it looks quite cool. It has 8 level of control system will help you to adjust what tension you are into. The seat is larger also comfy. Your back will not getting hurt when you lean back. Also came up with LCD screen will help you know how much calories you burn already. The LCD is very very easy to read, you can see the big number on it.

Who can use this recumbent bike? Well, its not suitable for people in any weight. It is just suitable for people build up to 300 pounds only. More than that, we can’t guarantee the seat or the backrest will okay after usage.

People on Amazon chatter about this product recently. Based on Amazon itself, we can conclude this product as best seller. We can make 2,331 customer reviews as an improvement. Price tag isn’t expensive. You can get this recumbent bike for only $178.00 on Amazon and get free shipping. Product got 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

Product all about:

  • LCD screen located near the leg placement. Before or after you doing workout, you can see the screen easily by bend off your back
  • The folding mattres intentionally made of waterproof. How much sweat that you produce will not matter because it’s not soak up inside
  • Heart rate measurement is available
  • Came up with larger seat and backrest
  • Suitable for people up to 300 pounds
  • Magnetic control system came up in 8 adjustable


  • Whole materials used in the recumbent bike are comfortable
  • Doing exercise become easy because the seat and backrest buld up larger than usual
  • It designed in black colour which is look stylish and cool
  • Heart rate measurement available. You’ll able to know how rate is yours when do exercise
  • The machine not make any noisy
  • Easy to use
  • Came up in affordable price


  • Some trouble may happen to the pedals, like its getting stripped after usage in few month


3. R614 Recumbent Bike – by Nautilus

400XL Folding Recumbent Bike – by Exerpeutic

The next workout bike is R614 recumbent bike by Nautilus. This recumbent bike as same as recumbent bike by Schwinn, it came up in dual LCD screen. The LCD might show you up to 13 workout movement you’ve done in details. It’s also build up in 22 program. It’s divide by two parts, 20 level for resistance and 2 user profile.

The backrest and the seat may look smaller than the previous product mentioned above, but it’s still comfortable. You will deal with it. Product designed in black colour which is cool and stylish. The whole parts also look sturdy.

Based on 144 customer reviews from Amazon, this recumbent bike got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. The price tag? This is sell for $325.24 and get free shipping. That price tag noticed after getting discount for about 53%. For normal price, you have to pay for $699.00

Product all about:

  • Dual LCD screens allow you to show up to 13 workout in details
  • Build up in 22 programs, which are 20 levels for resistance and 2 for user profiles
  • Build up with two speakers on the left and right side near LCD screen
  • Heart rate measurement by hold the grip
  • The flywheel will make the whole workout smooth and quiet
  • The seat is very easy to adjust and locked very solid


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Riding in comfy position will be possible because the seat made of good materials
  • Speed fan will cool you while using this recumbent bike
  • Designed very solid and looks sturdy
  • Get easy movement if you want to move this recumbent bike
  • Tons of warranty: 10 years for frame, 2 years for mechanical, and 1 year for electrical


  • Not fits for everyone over than 6 feet of height
  • Not recommended for people over than 300 pounds


4. 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar – by FitDesk

2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar – by FitDesk

Have you ever imagine you can do workout and finished your work at the same time? If you think it is impossible, well now it isn’t because recumbent bike from FitDesk let you to do two activities at once. If you are in deadline but you really want to stay fit, you can making a purchase on this product.

All the specs will notice beneath. According to 1,405 customer reviews on Amazon, the product got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. The price tag only for $224.86 and you will get free shipping on Amazon.

Product all about:

  • Recumbent bike by FitDesk is durable, allow you to use this product years by years
  • Either seat and extender are easy to adjust
  • Suitable for people with maximum weight at 250 pounds
  • Every components made of aluminium and steel
  • Suitable for people between 4’10” up to 6’ of height
  • You can adjust position up tp 8 settings
  • Armrest designed comfortably. There is padded that you can adjust
  • Small LCD screen located right to the sliding desk
  • Wider sliding desk is available. You can use that desk to put laptop, handphone, foods, or anything you want as long as the desk sufficient with the size you going to put on it


  • Do exercise for long will not matter because it made with compact folding frame
  • Looks sturdy because all material made of aluminium and steel
  • Easy to use
  • Do office work and exercise at once not completely a big deal
  • Looks aturdy and cool
  • It is durable. You can use this recumbent bike everyday and its not going to broke easily
  • You get two benefits: cardio also body upper workout. Create muscle will possible if you want it


  • May it makes a bit noisy. So you have to be patient or covered your ear with headphones


5. Pink Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike – by Sunny Health and Fitness

Burn, burn, and burn, the next recumbent exercise bike reviews goes to Sunny Health and Fitness. It is came up in pink colour which makes this recumbent bike suitable for girl. But it’s not covered possibilities that it also can be used for boys. It has two placement for your hands. While doing exercise, you can put your hands on left and right side to make enhance comfortability.

From the picture, you can see the space between seat and pedals too far. But no worry, you can adjust them both as you want. It is easy to adjust. The seat and backrest came up in black colour, using comfort materials. You can use lean back on the restback and feel the burn.

Based on 129 customer reviews on Amazon, the product got 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. It means the product designed good, isn’t it? You will not regret making a purchase on this product. Spend only $149.99 and you will get free shipping on Amazon. If you scare this product become sold out, you can making a purchase now. It is only 16 product left. Don’t think to much.

Product all about:

  • Available in LDC screen will let you know how much calories have been burning
  • Seat and pedal are easy to adjust. You can adjust both decent to your needs
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Have 8 levels of resistance adjustment
  • Pedals suitable for all foot sizes will make you keep focusing during workout
  • The knob easy to adjust. When you want to enhance your workout level, just switch up the knob and voila! You can burn more fat
  • Maximum weight of user is 220 pounds


  • 8 levels of resistance work faster
  • Increase or decrease resistance are possible, because there is a know that you can switch up during workout
  • Fits for any user, no matter if you are a newbie or professional
  • The pedals is comfortable also suitable for all foot size. Intensify workout will be possible if you want that
  • Came up in affordable price tag
  • Available for heart rate sensors
  • You’ll able to calculate whole workout with LCD screen. The LCD will show you how much fat you have been burning
  • Lightly to use


  • It’s came up in pink colour. Man who want to use this recumbent bike will feel like less of self-confidence

That’s all about recumbent exercise bike reviews. Either man or woman, you can pick what recumbent bike you want. We already noticed you the best recumbent bike, but you have your right to pick which product is yours. All the information above according to our thoughts, if you guys have any thought, feel free to comment in the box section below.


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Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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