Best Spin Bike Reviews 2019- Buyer’s Guide

Update - 2018.03.01

Whether outdoor nor indoor bikes already popular in the last 100 years. People using it to having fun, ease to do work, and got their perfect body shape. Comparing outdoor and indoor bikes, perhaps we prefer to indoor to get fit in. But there is an issue that comparing one to another indoor bikes to spin bike kinda difficult. It as same as comparing two gadgets with many features in it. If you already familiar to gym equipments, maybe spin bikes familiar to you too. This is easy to find in gym or fitness centre. If you want to get more sweaty not only in the gym but also at home, you are one of those who needs spin bike. Even when you aren’t in a good mood, because you seen the spin bike next your eyes, surely you can perked up. No matter what. Doing workout at home basically more simply also saving time. If you always spending 20 till 25 minutes on the way to the gym, you can use that time to get sweaty at home. It sounds attractive, right?

But before you hopes up, you need to know which spin bikes are perfect for you. These days, many brand came up with their best spin bikes. This is immediately make you confuse to pick up the best one. Don’t worry, put your smile on. Now occasion, we will make a spin bike reviews to help you out to get the best bike for you. Here are the lists:

SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike – by Sunny

SF-B1001 indoor cycling bike by Sunny is on the top forspin bike reviews. Combination between red, black, and silver colour make it looks cool. You must be perk up everytime you see this spin bike in the corner of your house. Sunny spin bike suitable for whom looking for the best performance with an affordable price instead. The price is only $199.99 (normal price is $299.00) and get free shipping on Amazon.

The crank made of heavy-duty and steel frame make it looks sturdy. It is also adjustable resistance to supporting you an easy portability during workout. Well this spin bike not suitable with people in all weight. Because the maximum weight of passenger for 220 pounds only. Exceed the weight, we can’t make sure the materials will be okay after usage.

Well-known as a cheap one spin bike makes this one no work really good. if you comparing with a brand in the higher price, maybe this one will defeated by another. But its not totally meant this product cannot work out well. We admit this still work very good but not as good as the other brand in the top model and price.

Talking about customer reviews, this product successfully got 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. It means customer still like and believe this product, right? Don’t feel worry to buy one, because there’s no massive contrition.


  • Affordable price suits for people on budget
  • Rechangeable pedals possibly make you can replace as long as you want
  • Sunny place the pedal in the right side, which made user’s can improving a speeds into the next level
  • Adjustable seat will make you as user easy to raise up or down the seat. No matter how height you are
  • Resistance can be increase or decrease depends of user. Make sure you do this if you feeling you can handle it
  • Get 3 years warranty which is long
  • If you find another components are broken, you can return it less than 90 days after purchasing


  • It is a bit noisy, surely make your workout routine kinda uncomfy
  • The seat made of uncomfortable material. You need to purchase another seat or adding a pads

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Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 29, 2020 7:39 pm

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Revolution Cycle Pro II Indoor – by Phoenix

Moving to another spin bike reviews. Newbie or professional, both can use this revolution cycle pro by Phoenix as well. The price will not drain your pocket money. Though it’s not as expensive as their competitors, this product equipped with strong machine. Don’t go to imagine that strong machine makes this product heavy, because its totally not. Realize your cardio time gonna be easy when you got this bike next to you.

Manufactured in United States totally make the company make this product in details. Calories burning totally appear in a month if you take the exercise seriously. Pedaling forward and backward in speeds become easy to handle because the brake itself. Looking more active in this product now on possible because the pads designed with comfy materials. Move both, right and left will be easy as cause the handlebars itself will following your moves.

People less than 250 pounds can use this spin bike as they want. But people more than 250 pounds will not allow to ride because there are possibility the pads will be broken. Based on customer reviews, the product got 3.9 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. The price also not pricey because by spending $394.76 only, you can bring this home.


  • Moving the spin bike to another corner will not a big deal because it’s not heavy at all
  • Pedaling in fast movement will not make the frame broken, cause it made of solid materials
  • You can adjust the pads as long as you want. You can change it also anytime you want it
  • The seat itself can be adjustable with rider height
  • Assemble the components not taking much time. If you can make it quick, you need less than 30 minutes to make this spin bike ready to use


  • Spin bike make noisy, which make you need to turn on the Ipod or music to beat the pedals noise
  • Not suitable for people in average-build. Because the gap between pads and handlebars a bit distant

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Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Exercise Bike

Usually ships in 1 to 2 days & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 29, 2020 7:39 pm

$474.05 $599.99

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M3i Indoor Cycle New Year Bundle – By Keiser

Here we come. You can notice this spin bike as high-end product because it is pricey. No matter what will you say, most of high-end gym using this brand inside their gym place. The price worthy the quality. We can say that because the designed it’s simply elegant, sturdy, and the materials unity well. While using this spin bike, you’ll taste a different workout really. This one totally different with the other spin bike you ever ever tried.

The resistance system using Eddy Current magnetic. This system designed and developed for 10 years to make it works good as you find the product at fitness centre. M3i indoor cycle black by Keiser equipped with up to date technology. It came up with bluetooth display. You can pretend the wireless bluetooth as a truly trainer coming to your house to teach you how to get fit in the shortest time. Workout everytime will not a big deal since 4 way handlebars available. Wanna change the seat to more comfy one become easy cause Keiser’s company let you to do adjustable.

If you crave this spin bike for a long time, you must waiting. Be patient to save money because the price will drain your pocket money faster. Take a deep breath, on Amazon, this product sell for about $1,995.00 and you’ll get free shipping. If price not really matter, further you are coming from rich family, you can making a purchase soon. Based on customer spin bike reviews on Amazon, it got 4.6 stars out of 5 stars which mean really good.


  • Get free maintenance after making a purchase
  • Well-known as a durable product. No worry about cheap broken equipments, because it made of high-end materials
  • Came up in magnetic resistance system which hand you the smoothest pedals
  • Create a new experience for workout by connect the bluetooth into your computer. Hire a trainer disneed since you have this amazing bluetooth display
  • It designed in stylish, sleek, and minimalist


  • The price holy expensive. That’s why people must consider thousand times to making a purchase

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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

Take home the bike that everyone is talking about! Our time-tested, master engineered Keiser M3i cycle is among the highest reviewed indoor cycles, well known around the world for it's ease of use, longevity, low maintenance needs and beautiful design! The Keiser M3i sports a rear-mounted flywheel, keeping sensitive components away from the "Sweat Zone." It is incredibly smooth, whisper quiet and the Bluetooth connection enables you to track your exercise data with the free Keiser M Series app. You'll get data tracking, multiple views of your exercise data while riding as well as guided spin sessions, all from your phone or tablet.

Usually ships in 4-5 business days
Last update was on: June 29, 2020 7:39 pm


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510IC  Indoor Cycle – by Diamondback Fitness

If you want M3i by Keiser but have not enough money, you can choose this adjustable indoor cycle by Diamondback Fitness as a great option. The entire design look as same, exclude the magnetic system. What is the best from this Diamondback’s spin bike? Well, there is a feature to set up the workout level. Either slow or fast, you can adjust which one you want or combine in between. Do safe training session might possible because you can measure how rate your heart is. So you know is your heart beating fast or not. This feature work very very sensitive.

According to user’s weight, you can adjust the seateither vertically or horizontally. Which one you feel more comfort with, keep going. The handlebars let you to move easily. With no command, its going to move adjust you as a rider. Beside those features in it, this product quite heavy, it has 31 pounds flywheel and steel crafted components. Moving this spin bike to another place must be take lot of energy. Even you can’t move it by your own, because you need at least two or three people to help you out. If you looking for convenient and lightweight product, this one not for you by the spin bike reviews on top.

Price list? Well, Diamondback spin bike got less than half of the Keyser’s M3i price. It means if you looking for kinda same product less smooth magnetic system, you can pick this. The design can beat the Jeyser. You have no worries about it. Amazon sell this Diamondback adjustable indoor cycle for about $799.00 and get free shipping.Based on 105 customer reviews on Amazon, the product got 3.6 stars out of 5 stars which means not really bad to making a purchase.


  • Less than half of price make this product suitable for those
  • Making a purchase will make you ride comfortably
  • The machine quiet enough, not cause noisy as much
  • Spin bike came up with a computer
  • You’ll be able to know how your heart rate is by seeing the computer


  • It’s not lightweight make you unable to move the equipment in easy way

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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Adjustable Indoor Cycle with Electronic Display and Quiet Magnetic...

Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Last update was on: June 29, 2020 7:39 pm

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Star Trac Elite Elliptical Cross Trainer

Still in the same price list as Diamondback adjustable indoor cycle, here come spin bike reviews by Star Trac from Spinner NXT. This one noticed as a perfect and truly spin bike ever.The steel designed in a modern and stylish ways. Even the price only $799.00 only, by seeing this product at glance, you’ll amaze by it crazy wheel design. Handlebars also seat can be adjustable as rider want to get more comfy while doing workout.

Basically, Spinner NXT already a popular brand which has existency for inhabitants. People also well-known this product as a best indoor cycling bike these days. To maintain customer and get more more satisfied, they try to build a spin bike which has lot of features inside. Durable, adjustable, sturdy, sleek, stylish are given by this product if you making a purchase right now.

To reach your goals (good body shape) at home, this spin bike equipped with 4 DVDs. You can use those DVDs as a trainer to guiding you to get your perfect body. Each DVD have their own specification. Such a train and tone, ultimate energy, turn and burn, and maximum result. If you want to upgrading level, just play the maximum result on repeat. Do workout as often as you can, and voila! You gotta get what you set up in your brain for so long. Based on 9 customer reviews on Amazon, this product get 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.


  • Maintain this spin bike quite easy
  • Best indoor cycling bike nowadays
  • Designed in high quality, people come in any sizes would be able to ride this spin bike
  • It’s convenient for people who needs light spin bike for workout
  • It’s easy to set up might save your time
  • Money you spent worthy with thequality


  • The machine might evoke noisy which disturbing you sometimes
  • The DVDs might broke or can’t play
  • You have to pay around $80 for shipping

That’s all the spin bike reviews. If you looking for high-end product, you can go for Keiser M3i. However, if you want affordable price with great quality, the other 4 spin bikes can be a great options for you all. May this article useful.

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Star Trac Elite Elliptical Cross Trainer (Certified Refurbished)

SelectFit(TM) provides the unique benefit of choosing either a pulling or pushing upper body motion to offer a total body workout Disengage Upper Body Arms to provide a targeted, lower body workout Unique Programs including Total Body Workout, which provides variety in resistance and upper body position, resulting in a true total body workout Soft Trac(R) pedals provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout Efficient Footprint and Approachable, Stable Platform with minimal step-up height for easy access from all angles Star Trac's Popular Personal Fan creates a more rewarding workout User-Friendly Console featuring large message window, motivational track, 8 user-specific workout programs and multiple cup and accessory holders HR Monitoring: Polar (R) Telemetry and Contact Heart Rate System Readouts: 16-character message window; Dedicated: Time, strides per minute, heart rate, course profile, resistance level, 1/4-mile motivational track display; Scrolling:...

Usually ships in 3-5 weeks
Last update was on: June 29, 2020 7:39 pm


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