Best Ab Machine 2019 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Update - 2019.01.14

Do workout is important right now. Not only for man but also woman. Everybody want themselves to keep fit and feel fresh everyday. Workout itself give us much benefit. For example to get a good body shape. Beside build muscle, most of people want to get a great ab. To grant their wishes, they need the best ab machine. Demands for ab marchine itself escalate recently. Because people these days put their targets into the core.

Man and woman body are different. It’s easier for a man to get the muscle instead a woman. Nonetheless, you as a woman don’t have to feel hopeless. If you do your best and do workout routine, we guarantee you’ll get the perfect core. There are many different ways to work with the abs you want. Either they are divide in two opts, right way and wrong way. We do prefer to do sit up, crunches, single or double leg drop, heel touches, and many more. That’s the simple abs workout we know. Do workout without equipment is great. However, you still need an equipment to advance the abdominal muscle.

The new technology make it possibly to get fasten your muscle. Beside doing the traditional ways, you can mixed your workout routine using the best ab machine. Further, the machine work effectively and efficiently rather than put a mat on the floor and take your balance ball. Many ab machine offer in the market, but in the lists below, we already picked the best ab machine which suitable for rookie or professional. The brand notice below is perfect machine for every body shapes, literally designed to lightly people to do workout experiences.

Style Commercial AB Board – by Body Solid Pro


Body Solid Pro Style Commercial AB Board

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Wanna get the ab? You must have this Body Solid Pro Style Commercial AB Board. May you already hear about this equipment often. Because this one is a bench which will help you when doing sit up, crunches, or the other workouts.Using this equipment will help you to create your own ab workout. It works very simple, laying on it and you can do sit up or crunches as much as you want.

The comfy pads will help you to move side to side easily. Further, you can set the bench as you want. You also possibly to adjust the height to a simply or hardy level. To get the maximum result, we suggest you to adjust the bench into the height level. It will painful in the beginning. But remember, there’s nothing comes easy in the first time. The rollers come in 8 inches size may help you to hold your knees and ankles while doing sit up or crunches. The dimension 54 L x 24 W x 52 H inches suitable for woman or man.

The component to design this product give you a warranty for about 10 years. This product itself can last for about 20 years. If you do take care this product, it’s gonna last over than 20 years. The Body Solid also lightly to carry to accompany your day. The weight is only 46 pounds. When you want this equipment, spend $185.18 and get free shipping only on Amazon. The color come in silver which is stylish and elegant.

  • Available in 12 variety angle
  • Comfy pads
  • Can board can set at the top or down level
  • The dimention not too big which means not take much space
  • It designed with a good materials
  • Best ab machine for home

  • There is no pads to hang a hands so user difficulty to getting up
  • The metal tongs must set manually with the pliars to make ‘em fit

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AB Carver Pro – by Perfect Fitness


Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro

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The next best ab machine is Ab Carver Pro. From the appearance, is it suits to call this equipment as a wheel machine? To help you out while doing ab workout, the Ab Carver Pro coming in two grips, on the left and right.A big pads (no idea it’s a pads or not) make this equipment look sturdy. You can use this one to build your covete abdominal muscle. Though the price only $39.99 on Amazon, it doesn’t mean this equipment doesn’t work well. By our experience using this Ab Carver Pro, it works really good and help us to get the perfect ab also strong arms.

Most cheap abdominal made up of plastic which make the user uncomfy while using it. The grip also uncomfy totally makes us idly to workout. But the Ab Carver Pro made of carbon steel spring to enhance stability when move side to side. The ergonomic grip can maximize the ab exercise. When you want to use this, you have to put attention. There’s a different of usage for rookie, intermediate, and professional. To help you out finding the best style of exercise, you can search on Youtube.

The product itself have been talking in rise on Amazon. The 3,824 reviews as an improvement which menas this product is good. Moreover, it had 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. Train abdominal muscle and arm become easy with this Ab Carper Pro. Be careful while using this product, the wrong way you do, the more it will hurts you.

  • Coming in affordable price
  • The comfortable handles maximize the result
  • 21 days downloadable perfect fitness AB Carver Pro
  • Using this constantly help you to sculpt the fat
  • 1 year warranty
  • Small size lighty to carry anywhere
  • Possible to use in the small living room

  • The minor pressure breaks easily
  • Need more time to feels the pain effect

Last update was on: July 14, 2019 3:01 am

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Roman Chair RM-4429 – by XMark Fitness


XMark Roman Chair RM-4429

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With this XMark Roman Chair RM-4429, your workout will attractive. Trust! The comfy chair will kindle your spirit to do workout more and more. Enhance abdominal muscle, lower back, build endurance will possibly with XMark Chair. Made up by strong steel make you not dreadful at all while laying on the chair. This product suitable for people with the maximum weight for 400 pounds. It designed ergonomically with the wide horseshoe. The XMark Chair let you to set the height as you want. To get more pain, you can set into the highest position.

This product is an expert ab exercise for professional even for rookie. It made up with 4 inches leg roller gonna help you to prevent back defective. It’s build in 10 adjusment levels make you can create 1 up to 10 height levels. That means you can maximize your workout result. This product only 66 pounds of weight which less your tireness when moving it to another place. Work in your home gonna be easy with the XMark Roman Chair. With the quality, we think the price is affordabe for about $154.70 on Amazon. Buy on Amazon hand you free shipping, then you can save more bucks.The product get 4 stars out of 5 stars which means this product totally not bad..

  • Ergonomically designed with the wide horseshoe will enhance your endurance
  • The steel construction coming in 14 gauge
  • Can set in 1 – 10 height level
  • Easy to use
  • Good packaging
  • Accelerate your lower back strengthen

  • Not fit for people with height more than 6’4”
  • There’s no distinct warranty

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Training AB Exercise Fitness Gym Machine – by EmejiaSales


Adjustable Six Pack Care Abdominal Workout Training AB Exercise Fitness Gym Machine

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The next best ab machine head to adjustable six pack care abdominal workout training AB exercise fitness gym machine. Getting six pack will be possible as soon using this product. Headrest pads will prevent you to get back and neck injuries.The design always help you to concentrate yourself to do ab workout. When you do workout, you can see how your belly works on. You can see how it burns and see all the sweaty. It designed with comfy pads with strap and spring resistances. The gym abdominal gym machine allow you to build your own moves. Therefore, you can pick which moves suitable for you.

Doing sit up, crunches, strengthen back will easier when you have this product. Put this abdominal workout training inside your gym room or in your living room. Use it constantly to get the maximum result. How many bucks you have to spend? It’s only $139.99 and get frees hipping on Amazon. This product actually can find easily in the store, but the price may different. It’s important to you while buying product to compare the price to get the best.

The product actually work very well. But perhapas not suitable for everyone. In Amazon, this product only get 19 reviews and get 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. But calm, people who bought this product most saying the product is good. Not need much space to, feel hard pain, and easy to use.

  • It’s very easy to use
  • The comfy pads might won’t make you getting the injury
  • Can put in every area in house even in the booth
  • Use it make you feels like in the gym
  • The packaging including 2 straps and 6 springs resistance
  • Abdominal muscle works well in one product

  • There’s no distinct warranty
  • If you get defect on product, you can do return or repurchase

Last update was on: July 14, 2019 3:01 am

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PowerLine PAB139X AB Board – by Powerline 


PowerLine PAB139X AB Board

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Move to B015EPCQ91 product which known as a PowerLine PAB139X Ab Board. This product seems absurd when you see it for the first time. Because there’s no pads for your back also for your hands. But, it made this board lightly to use for sit up and crunches. Getting six pack become easier and faster when you do purchasing on this product. The materials made up sturdy to support your exercise. You can adjust the exercise you want to do. Come up with 12 adjustment position will enhance your pain and take you into difficult level of workout. If you need something in addition, you can add an extra body and head pads to make you feel comfortable while doing workout. You can buy an extra body or head separately because it not comes in set with this PowerLine Board.

The pads on your ankles and your buttock make you feel comfortable if you want to make a move. The dimensions is about 39 L x 17 W x 25 H inches looks fit and need no more space in your home. Stylish, sturdy, and cool are the tiny description for this product. The whole design will make you want to workout over again. It’s available in grey and black colour. You can choose which one is your fave.

This product made of high quality materials. You don’t have to be worry you gonna get injury while using it. It’s not gonna happen if you know how to use the PoweLine board (we feel guilty if we got this wrong). For you who had no times to go to the gym or do jogging around, you can purchase this board on Amazon. It comes in affordable price and the highest quality. Spend only $116.86 and get free shipping on Amazon. PowerLine Board providing a manufacturer warranty to every single product. If your equipment in defect, you can return and get the new equipment from the company itself. The product get 3.9 stars out of 5 stars..

  • PowerLine product is the best ab machine that will maximize your comfy zone
  • Getting flat and slim belly will be possibly happen
  • Sweat can be hold up with the sweat resistant
  • 10 years manufactures warranty and allow you to do return when product in defect
  • Adjustable movements while make you easy to move one side to another
  • Made of a good and sturdy materials
  • Not need more specs to put it at home
  • Nice packaging from Amazon

  • The weird seat will make your sit up like comes not naturally
  • It’s not very good to hold your back because there’s no pads for back

The information noticed above is the whole best ab machine. Whether you pick, kindly consider about the usage and your needs. That’s our thoughts about the products. If you have your own thought, feel free to put in the comment box below. Thank you for read the article.

Last update was on: July 14, 2019 3:01 am

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