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Tips on Styling and Maintaining Black Man Beard Style

A black man beard style looks cool and manly. There’s no doubt about it. You can see how masculine and handsome Drake, Idris Elba, and James Harden with their beard. If you are a black man who wants to look more attractive, you need to consider growing your facial hair. Grooming and maintaining your beard may not be effortless. However, the benefits you’ll get from growing this facial hair worth your efforts. Beard can make you look charming, virile, and mature. As a result, women will be crazy about you. For single men, this can be your weapon to attract more girls. And for taken ones, this can make your woman stay crazy about you.

This Kinds Of Black Man With Beard

The best beard styles

To improve your appearance successfully, you need to choose the right African American beard styles. As an African American man, you have different beard characteristics compared to other ethnic groups. Therefore, you really need to make sure that your bird style is suitable for your facial and beard hair characteristics. Here are some beard styles for African American men that you can choose.

  • Full beard styles

    full beard style

Having full beard styles is perfect for men with oval and round face. If you have oval face, you need to trim its length carefully so that your face will not seems longer. It is better for you to let the hair on your jawline and cheeks slightly thicker. If you have a round face, you have to keep thicker hair on the chin.

black man beard style

To have cool full beard, you need to have beard that can grow full naturally. This beard style is great for men whose beard can grow fast. If you tend to have thinner and slow-growing beard, you don’t need to worry. With the help of certain products, you can grow your beard quickly and fully.

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  • Short beard

    short beard

If you are not very comfortable with full beard, you can opt for short beard. This particular beard style may not look too pronounce for men with very dark skin. However, it is perfect for those who have tan or brown skin. This short beard makes you look more masculine without suffering from skin problem and hygienic issues. This beard styles is perfect for you who have slow-growing beard. It also looks great for various face shape. However, it requires more regular trimming than the full beard.

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  • Duck-tail

    duck tail beard style

Duck-tail beard is almost similar with the full beard. However, in this style, you need to keep the area around your mouth clean. To have this bear style, it is important to let your hair on your cheek and lower chin thick. You may have thin soul patch and moustache to make it more attractive. With this style, you can look mature and sexy without the need to have hygienic issues while eating.

black man beard style

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  • Five o’clock beard

    five o'clock beard

Five o’clock beard is perfect for any man of all age. To have this beard style, you need to let your beard for three to five days. It is shorter than short beard. But, it can make you look sexy. This stubble is trendy and appealing. Having this particular beard style can make women fall for you quickly.

black man beard style

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  • Goatee

    black man beard style

This style is pretty popular. It is perfect for men with round face. This beard style have several variation. You can have it with a moustache only. Or you can keep your cheek clean and let the moustache and hair grow around your mouth. In order to make your appearance looks more charming, you have to keep it short.

black man beard style

So which is black beard style you will choose? If you want something that require less maintenance and trimming, you

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Beard maintenance

Black man with beard is indeed attractive and sexy. However, your charm and appeal will be gone if you have beard issues. That’s why it is important to maintain your beard. Different beard problems need different treatment and maintenance.

  • Itchy beard

    itchy beard


Itchy beard usually occurs when you are growing them. It is usually caused by dry skin under your beard. It may also be caused by shaving. To fix this problem, you need to moisturize your beard regularly.

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  • Dandruff


It is not only your head that can suffer dandruff. The skin under your beard can also suffer from this condition. If you have beard dandruff, you will found flaky dry skin on your bread. That is not attractive at all, right? This problem may be caused by extremely dry skin and yeast. To stop this condition, you need to shampoo your beard regularly and then moisturize it with beard moisturizer.

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  • Beard acne

    beard acne

This condition can be very uncomfortable. Beard acne is caused by bacteria infection that occurs in the hair follicle. It is also caused by ingrown hair that causes skin inflammation. To treat this condition, you need beard shampoo and moisturizer that are made of natural ingredients. Fragrance and certain chemical may worse your skin irritation. That’s why you need to choose the natural ones. Moreover, it is important for you to apply beard moisturizer that can soothe your acne. Choosing one that has aloe vera or other anti-inflammation ingredients on it will be best.

Aside from shampooing and moisturizing your beard regularly, you also need to trim it often. Once you get the length of beard that you want, you need to trim it every week. Trimming your beard can help you avoid split ends. Moreover, it helps you maintain the shape and length that you want. That’s why you need to do it to make your beard stay attractive. To get excellent trimming result, you have to have the right equipment if you are going to trim it on your own. The must have ones are a high quality beard trimming scissor and a beard trimmer. With this two equipment, you can shape your beard as you want.

As a black man, you will likely have coarse beard. It can be irritating and unattractive. To make your bear looks great, you have to comb it after applying moisturizer. Combing or brushing it, can make it less coarse. The best product to comb your beard is a high quality handmade beard comb or brush. With the right beard style and maintenance, you will be a cool black man with beard.

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