Top 5 Bald Head Shaver with Newly Innovated Features

With a wide variety of bald head shaver, you can choose various shavers from foil to rotary shavers. Compared to manual shaver, electric shaver is better in any way. It works faster and provides smoother result. This makes the shaver a good long term investment. However, you have to consider several things to find the most suitable shaver among the best shavers. Consider how busy you are. For instance, if you are busy and tend to do shaving anytime and anywhere, perhaps dry shaver is more suitable to your lifestyle. If your skin tends to be more sensitive than most people, rotary shaver is more recommended. With this shaver, your skin will be less likely to get irritated.

Of course, you have to look for a shaver that can give closer shave. It’s essential to make sure the shaving result long lasting and smooth. That’s because the shaver lifts not only the hair on the surface but also below the surface. Pricing is another crucial thing to consider. Most expensive shaver isn’t always the best shaver. Instead, you have to find a shaver with the most functional features. In this opportunity, there are 5 options of best head shaver you can put on your list.

Best Bald Head Shaver 2016

Smart Skull Shaver Bald Eagle

1-smart-skull-shaver-bald-eagle-bald head shaver

This smart shaver offers smooth and fast experience for both dry and wet shave use. This is a particular shaver that has been specifically design for face and bald head shaving. It comes with patented design that is particularly created to reach the back of the head and body. Its forehand glide allows you to reach more areas by forehand motions. Other functional features include 5 rotary cutters to allow close and fast shave, flexing shaver head and also large swirling. With a special patented hand-held shaver that comes in small size, this shaver easily fits in your palm. Its five different individual flex actions allow you to do the shaving faster in various directions. Even if you want to do circular motion, you can do it at ease. Of course, this shaver is very easy to clean and rinse. It’s best to use lukewarm water for cleaner result. And, you don’t even have to open the shaver head while cleaning it. Its battery requires only 150 minutes for full charging and it allows the shaver to be used for 90 minutes.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 6100 1150X/40SP with Bonus Replacement Head

2-philips-norelco-shaver-6100-1150x-40sp-with-bonus-replacement-head-bald head shaver

With this Philips Norelco shaver, a smooth shave and soft touch is always possible. It comes with special contour following system Gyroflex 2D to allow seamless adjustment of shaving to every face’s curves. At the same time, it minimizes irritation and pressure. Its Aquatic technology enables you to have close wet shave using foam or gel. This gives more convenience and extra skin protection. This shaver is definitely capable to shave short and long hair thanks to DualPrecision heads. . Its battery performance on the other hand is also excellent as it takes only 1 hour for full charge and it allows the shaver to be used for 40 minutes. Even if you don’t have time, you can charge it for 3 minutes only for one quick cordless shave. In the package, you’ll get electric shaver, protective cap, precision trimmer head, cleaning brush, power cord and charging stand.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 1280X/86 Frustration Free Packaging


One of the newest models from Philips, the Norelco 8900 is known for its ultimate shaving experience. It comes with a line of advanced features. The 3D contour following system Gyro glex for instance, comes with 3 dynamic parts that can pivot around, flex outward and also tilt inward. These movements follow the face’s natural contours to provide smoother shaving. This shaver can cover up to 50% of the skin surface thanks to its ultra head covers. This feature comes with 3 shaving tracks to shave every hair. Of course, it comes with Aquatic technology to provide wet shaving using foam or gel. It gives you more skin protection and convenience while shaving. This shaver definitely is capable to trim your mustaches and sideburns thanks to integrated pop-up trimmer. When you decide to buy it, you’ll get a travel pouch inside the package as well.

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Braun Wet Dry Electric Shaver Series 9 9093s


Get ready to experience the most comfortable and efficient shaver for the best shaving experience. This Braun series 9 9093s is particularly designed with a line of the most advanced and functional features for skin comfort. Its best features include Intelligent Sonic Technology that allows 40.000 cross cutting actions. It is powered by sonic micro vibration so you can remove more hair than other shavers do. Its SyncroSonic shaver comes with four specialized cutting elements where each of them performs specific task. Meanwhile, its cut and direct trimmer cuts and also aligns the hair that grow in various directions. It also comes with special cut and hyperlift trimmer that can both lift and also cut flat-flying hairs on chin and neck are. This shaver definitely provides much closer shaving compared to other shavers thanks to its 2x OptiFoil.

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Braun Electric Foil Shaver Series 5 5090cc with Clean and Charge Station


This electric shaver for head is not just pretty and also powerful and efficient shaver. On the outside, it comes with brushed metal accents and sleek lines. Under the hood, it is equipped with a number of advanced and functional features for uncompromising performance. Its new FlexMotionTec feature for instance is capable of delivering three times more adaptability compared to previous series. This allows more efficient shaving and less skin pressure at the same time. It also comes with PowerDrive that provides 20 percent more motor power to allow high speed cutting including on the dense hair. As a premium shaver from Braun, it meets the highest quality standards and lasts for up to 7 years. This feature makes the shaver a great long term investment. It even gets better with easier charging, cleansing and lubricating. With this shaver, you’ll feel fresh and more confidence every single day.

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