5 Best Head Shavers Reviewed and Tested

Have you been looking for the best head shavers? Well, you’re not the only one then. Of course, it’s only normal when you look for shaver that can deliver smooth and fast shaving without any irritation. It’s the most ideal electric shaver that everyone should have. And such product is widely available although not every electric shaver meets the standard. So, you have to do thorough choosing before making the final choice. Let’s start with the charging speed and battery life. Electric shaver is particularly designed as portable shaver it makes good battery life an essential requirement. And, it’s better if its charging speed is faster so you can have full charging in less than an hour.

Choose between foil and rotary shaver. The foil shaver for instance comes with linear thin layer blade that is ideal for short hair, sensitive skin and daily use. Meanwhile, the rotary shaver with spinning mechanism is ideal to match face’s natural contours for a great shave. This shaver is more recommended for longer and thicker hair. Consider the additional features as well such as cleaning system and other attachments. These features are basically essential as well to provide you with the best shaving experience. Luckily, we have picked 5 best electric head shavers that fulfill the high quality standards for you to choose.

Philips Norelco Shaver HQ8 with Dual Precision Replacement Heads


The first shaver on the list is brought by Philips. The Norelco HQ8 is a specially designed shaver with a number of advanced and functional features for smooth shave. This is a perfect shaver for everyday’s use. For more convenient use in daily basis, make sure to replace the cartridge razors and standard safety razors every week. This shaver comes with multi precision blade system that can both raise and cut short and long hair for close and fast shave. All the blades are extremely durable and sturdy to allow the smoothest shaving finish. In the package, it comes with 3 combs and 3 cutters. In one pack, you will get 12 electric shavers that can be used for few years. It certainly makes a great investment.

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Panasonic Electric Razor ES-LV95-S for Wet/Dry Use with Shave Sensor Technology and Premium Automatic Clean


Move on to the next best shaver from Panasonic. This time, Panasonic presents ES-LV95-S for ultimate grooming and comfortable shaving experience. It’s one of the best premium shavers that come with advanced features. Its blade system is distinct as it consists of 5 blades with 50% hypoallergenic to allow gentle shave on sensitive skin. Its built-in shaving sensor of Arch 5 can detect any differences in your beard density. Then it, will adjust the power automatically to allow more even shave. It comes with ergonomic design for total control and comfort. Its multi-Flex shaving head can effortlessly glide over your jaw line and chin. With its 100% waterproof feature, you can use the shaver under wet circumstances with nothing to worry about. Its pop-up trimmer adds perfect detail and finish when trimmer beards, mustaches and sideburns. Meanwhile, the Charging Station and Premium Automatic Cleaning make a useful feature to make sure the shaver fresh. It also comes with LED display showing the charge indicator, batter status and also cleaning reminder for its foil and blades.

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Norelco Aquatec Electric Shaver and Beard Trimmer for Wet and Dry with Free Jet Cleaning Solution


The third shaver and razor for bald head on the list is Norelco from Philips. This new product guarantees comfortable shave including on sensitive skin. It comes with comfort rings that can effortlessly glide over the skin to trim and shave the hair while reducing friction and irritation. Its DynamicFlex shaving heads can flex and contour in five directions to reach every curve on your neck and face comfortably. Its gentle precision blades are specially designed to allow comfortable hair cut with most optimal cutting position. This way, irritation on the skin can be reduced due to less pulling and tugging. Another great feature from this shaver includes the patented super cut and lift dual-blade which is necessary to comfortably lift the hair below the skin. It allows longer lasting shave. Only with an hour of charging, this shaver can be used to shave for 50 minutes. It is equal to 17 days of use. Or, if you want to make it quick, charge it for 3 minutes only for one quick shave.

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Philips Norelco Mens Shaving System Speed-XL 8240


Norelco always has great shavers to offer. This time, the company brings Norelco Speed-XL 8240 to provide fast close shave. It has a number of new and special features. Starting with the 3 speed-XL heads which is a new innovation of head design. This feature allows 50% more shaving surface compared to any conventional rotary heads. These heads also come with self-sharpening feature to provide more efficient shave. Its SmartToch contouring technology is essential to keep the shaving blades always in close contact with skin or yours. Its design is ergonomic and particularly chosen for more comfortable handling and optimum control. This way, your sideburns, goatee and mustaches will be neatly groomed. Its battery performance is satisfying as well as it can offer 50 minutes of operation in full charged. This unit comes with LED battery display and power indicator to notify every time the charging is complete. Even more, it also has antibacterial coating. This is a special feature to allow easy cleaning.

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Philips Norelco Shaver for Sensitive Skin 7300 S7370/87


Philips has released another product called Norelco 7300. Like most Norelco shavers, this series guarantees comfortable shave in wet circumstance. It is offered with a number of new features. For instance, it has the gentle precision blade system which is particularly designed to protect the skin during the shaving. At the same time, it allows extremely close shave on short, long and also flat-lying hairs. Its DynamicFlex heads can move in five different directions to make sure the shaver can reach all the surfaces on your neck and face. Meanwhile, its SmartClick precision trimmer is an essential feature for trimming the sideburn and mustache perfectly. With such newly-innovated features, this shaver is one of a kind product you don’t want to ignore.

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