Waterproof Electric Shaver for Wet Dry Use and Smooth Shaving

Waterproof electric shaver is undoubtedly the closest to perfection when it comes to electric shaver. It offers almost perfect result leaving your skin unblemished and smooth. Its price can be quite expensive but it’s worth the quality. With various models to choose, you have more options including the rotary model. A good shave usually comes with more additional features such as quick charge function and wet/dry function. This certainly makes the shaving more convenient and easier.

Comparing electric shaver to wet razor, you can always rely on electric shaver because it offers more benefit. Using this shaver allows you to get less messy shaving result. You can use it dry or wet depending on what kind result you look for. The waterproof feature doesn’t only make the shaving easier but also the cleaning and maintenance. Suppose you want to clean it, you can simply clean it under the running water. Nothing should make you worry. Of all various choices. There are 5 best electric shavers with waterproof feature you must put on your list.

1. JTrim 3DFLEX Wet/Dry Electric Rotary Shaver


The first product on the list is the electric rotary shaver for wet and dry function from JTrim. This product definitely makes the best ultimate shaver with three different floating razor needs. It’s added with individual reflex action system to allow the shaver to stay lose to your facial counter. This way, the shaving will be more effective as you can decide the length and growing directions. Its use time is around 45 minutes non-stop. So, if you use it 5 minutes only every day, you can use the shaver for 9 days in a row. This cordless waterproof shaver runs on low noise so you don’t have to worry about disturbing other people when you do the shaving early morning. It comes with 1 year warranty to leave you at ease. And it requires only 8 hours for full charging. When it comes to one of the best cordless electric shaver with replaceable blade, the JTrim 3DFLEX Cordless Electric Shaver is one of the best choices. This high quality shaver comes with a line of advanced features. These include waterproof feature, sideburn nose hair trimmer, ultimate shaving experience and 1 year warranty. The greatest thing about this shaver is it comes with three floating razor heads to allow you getting various kinds of shaving result. Its reflex action system on the other hand is very useful. It enables you to have the most effective and closest shaving to facial contour so you can get your face clean and smooth. The rechargeable time usually takes around 8 hours which is an average like other best electric shavers.

2. Bemagsa Waterproof Rotary Electric Razor (Silver)


The third best choice of waterproof electric razor power is brought by Bemagsa. It comes with a number of advanced features for the best shaving result. For instance, it comes with 4 direction Flex heads allowing you to choose any direction when shaving. You can adjust the shaver to every curve of both for neck, face and jaw line as well. When it’s combined with the advanced close cut blade system, it guarantees the smoothest shaving result. The blade itself is durable is also self-sharpening to make sure you can get close and fast shave. Meanwhile, it’s lithium ion 1.200 mAH battery is long lasting and powerful enough to make sure the shaver can be used much longer. Of course, the charging time is fast as well.

This is the right shaver that you can count on for multi functions. It starts with the basic razor. It can also trim your sideburns so you can maintain the perfect sideburns and mustache. And yes, it can be used for nose trimmer so you can throw away the scissor. It also makes a great haircut tool to cut your own hair or your kids hair. When it comes to cleaning, you can do it at ease by washing in under the running water.

3. Sweet LF Rechargeable Electric Shaver IPX7


Perfect for wet and dry use, the SweetLF electric shaver is added with waterproof feature. This is one most advanced and functional electric shaver that only takes 1 hour for full charging. It’s definitely a great feature that cannot be easily found in other shavers. Usually, electric shavers require up to 8 hours for full charging. So, when this shaver offers only 1 hour, it’s definitely an irresistible feature. And it allows the shaver to have 120 minutes of use. So, you can count on this shaver for more than 10 days. In fact, it can last up to 2 weeks. When you decide to make a purchase, the package list includes manual guide, 1 cleaning brush, 1 USB cable and 1 electric shaver.

The floating head is its most popular feature as this allows the shaver to adapt automatically to your facial contours on your neck, jaw line and face. Its IPX7 waterproof system makes it possible for you to wash it under running water. Meanwhile, its Pop-Up trimmer makes sure that you can trim the sideburns to get the desired result.

4. 5in1 Waterproof Electric Shaver for Precised Shaving

4-5in1-waterproof-electric-shaver-for-precised-shaving-Waterproof electric shaver

This is the last product on the list. Yet, it’s as good as other shavers. It has advanced shaving system, stainless steel moving up blade and bottom blade with stainless plated. It’s rechargeable batteries have high capacity as it requires 8 hours for 40 minutes of use. It comes with multi functions as shaver, clipper, and also trimmer for nose and ear. Its powerful motor allows the shaver to be capable of delivering quality shaving for smooth result. Its design is yet ergonomic and well streamlined. Other good features include low noise and adjustable lever. Shortly said, this shaver is a great long term investment for men.

With 5 best waterproof electric shavers available in the market, it will be much easier to choose the best and most useful shaver.

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