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The List of 5 Best Trimmer for Men 2018

The best trimmer for men is always needed in every man’s bathroom. The tool is important to keep the facial hair neat and looks good. Even though some men do not like having facial hair on the face, they will need the trimmer as well to clean up the hair. For those who love to keep the facial hair like the mustache, beard, and even goate, the need the trimmer to keep the facial hair need. There are a lot of brands of trimmer sold both online and offline. You can find trimmer on Amazon or in your regular nearby stores. However, you still need to choose the best trimmer for men only. Below is the list.

1. Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

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The first trimmer on this list is coming from Panasonic. Panasonic ER-GB80 is a product of electric beard trimmer. It is not only to be used on the beard but also on the mustache as well. This product is really durable and easy to use. It is completed by sharp blade that can be rotated up to 45°. The blade is able to cut and trim the facial hair quickly. You do not have to be worried about skin irritation because the blade on this electric trimmer is hypo-allergenic blade. It is safe to be used even by men who have very sensitive skin. The trimmer is not going to leave any irritations, redness, and rashes. There are some features of this electric trimmer from Panasonic including the trimmer dial. It will make the operation of the trimmer more effective and easier. This trimmer is also completed by three comb attachments. They can bring more than 30 settings to cut and trim the facial hair.

2. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

2-remington-pg6025-all-in-1-lithium-powered-grooming-kit-best trimmer

This trimmer product from Remington is completed by 8 attachments. It will fulfill all your grooming needs. Among those attachments are Full-size Trimmer to shave the hair on the head or on the face, Foil Shaver to shave softer and shorter hair, Nose, Ear and Detail Trimmer to easily remove hair on the ear or nose, and Hair Clipper Comb to easily manage the hair on the head. This trimmer uses steel blades to make it long lasting and also durable. The blades are all completed by self-sharpening features and also hypo allergenic so that no irritations and skin problems caused by the blades. Cleaning this trimmer is also very easy because the attachments are all washable and can be easily cleaned under the faucet. This trimmer product from Remington is powered by lithium power battery. It is cordless and once it is fully charged, it can be used up to 65 minutes. Buying this trimmer from Remington also makes you get storage pouch to carry the trimmer easily during travel.

3. Panasonic Milano ER-GB40-S All-in-One Trimmer

3-panasonic-milano-er-gb40-s-all-in-one-trimmer-best trimmer

Panasonic does have a lot of great products of trimmer available. Beside Panasonic ER-GB80, this Panasonic Milano is also amazing. This trimmer can be used to trim hair on the head and the body. The trimmer is also claimed to be very durable and easy to use. It is using super-sharp 45° angle blade to give optimal trimming. The blade is made 100% from stainless-steel so that it can be used for multiple times to cut the hair, mustache, and beard as well. This trimmer has some features to optimize its performance including an electric trimmer dial. The electric trimmer dial is a quick-adjust one so that it can be used to trim and also sculpt the beard and mustache easily. It also offers detailed finished result. The trimmer is lightweight and covered by rubber so that it can be gripped easily to give the user maximum control. Even when the trimmer is used in the shower, the trimmer is not going to slip on the hands. The trimmer is also cordless so that it can be used easily without any fuss at all.

4. Panasonic ER2405K Portable Hair and Beard Trimmer

4-panasonic-er2405k-portable-hair-and-beard-trimmer-best trimmer

Panasonic has a lot of great products of hair and beard trimmer. You have read one of them and now let us see another one. This Panasonic ER2405K is completed by ergonomic curved design. The shape of the trimmer will make it stays easily on your hands. The combs on this trimmer can be adjusted into five different positions. You can create a lot of beard styles and also hair styles using this trimmer. The stainless-steel blades on this tool is also very sharp and safe to use. It can be adjusted into six cutting lengths so that you can choose the perfect look that you want for your facial hair.

5. KEMEI Original All-in-one Grooming kit

5-kemei-original-all-in-one-grooming-kit/5-kemei-original-all-in-one-grooming-kit/best trimmer

The last trimmer is from KEMEI. This trimmer can be considered as all-in-one grooming kit. It is a rechargeable trimmer that can be easily charged and used multiple times. The trimmer is completed by ergonomic design and also it is waterproof. So, it will be great for both dry and wet usage. The trimmer is completed by multiple sharp blades to make it easier to cut and trim your hair, mustache, and beard. It is also easy to sculpt your beard and mustache using this trimmer from KEMEI. This electric trimmer is totally cordless so that it can be used anywhere without having to find electric socket. The trimmer is very easy to clean as well. The head of the blade can be removed and washed easily under running water.

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Those products can all be found on Amazon. Shopping online is more beneficial these days because it will make you just sitting down in front of your computer or gadget and then you shop there. You do not have to go anywhere to get any grooming tools including the tools on the list of the best trimmer for men above.

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