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Some Options of Must Have Best Electric Shaver

Having a best electric shaver must be very helpful for enjoying fast and more practical grooming every day. Without a need of long shaving process, you can have perfect look every day because don’t need a long time to get perfect a shaving result. Need a good quality electric shaver? You can find the best options below.

Best Electric Shaver

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Foil Shaver for Men


The new electric shaver Braun Series 5 5090cc is a product that can be a great electric shaver to shave any beard type. This product has been designed with precision and sleek lines as well as great power that can shave while giving comfort to your skin. It comes with new FlexMotionTec that gives three times more adaptability than the previous version, so it gives less pressure to your skin.

The motor power is also higher than the previous version; thanks to the new PowerDrive that can cut dense hair in high speed. The 5 electric razors are Germany technology, which is combined with the highest quality of Braun design. As one of Braun’s premium shavers, it has passed the lab test in 7 years, except the head of the shaver. You don’t need water to clean this shaver, just activate the Clean & Charge Station; an alcohol-based cleaning station that works in 4 actions; cleaning, charging, lubricating, and selecting the program of cleaning at one button touch. Then you can experience comfortable shaving like with new shaver every day.This electric shaver is featured by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will be full after only 1 hour of charging. For one shaving time, you only need to recharge the battery in 5 minutes. The battery status is indicated by an LED display.

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Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver for Men


Braun Series 9 is another best electric shaver that can be chosen to get the most comfortable and efficient shaver. It comes with the intelligent world’s first SyncroSonicTM technology that provides 40k cross cutting actions in every minute, because the sonic micro vibrations eliminate hair faster than other shavers. Even you have growing hair in different directions, you can remove them with its Direct and Cut Trimmers. For the chin and neck area with flat lying hairs, you can remove the hairs with its HyperLift and Cut Trimmer. Then get the closer shaver result for the 2x OptiFoil feature that makes perfect the finishing.

Braun Series 9 comes with MicroMotion and MacroMotion that helps more adapting to facial skin and best shaving result. This electric shaver is also 100% waterproof up to 5 meters of depth, so you can wash it to clean and no worry to shave in shower time. Besides, you can also clean it hygienically by using one button touch of Clean and Charge Station. The 5 actions will help you to easily clean, charge and also apply shaver lubricants. Enjoy the cleaning and drying program in one button touch on the shaver.

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Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor


This Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5 is the best electric shaver designed especially for men. You can enjoy comfortable and close shaving for the innovative and smart features inside this shaver. This product comes with 5 blade shaving system. This feature provides more foils that cover more hairs to shave so that you can save effective time of daily shaving. On the other hand, the Arc5 nanotech blades are improved at its 30 degree angle so that the whiskers can cut the hair till the root.

The more efficient treatment and best comfort are also given by the Multi Flex pivoting head feature. It helps the machine gliding uniformly while shaving including at the jaw line and over the chin. The shaving machine works fast at 14,000 CPM of the linear motor drive system, so you will not experience the tugging and pulling incidents that commonly occur in slower shavers. Besides, the maximum power can be enjoyed until the end of the battery charge. By choosing this electric shaver, you can get a travel pouch that will ease you to bring the shaver on trip, pop-up trimmer, switch lock button and also 10 stages of LCD display.

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Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver for Men

best electric shaver

This is another best electric shaver product from Braun. This Series 7 760cc-4 item has been designed with intelligent Sonic technology from Braun that is the only one in the world. This smart feature will increase the shaving power automatically when the shaver reaches on difficult areas. For those who are discerning, you can choose this electric shaver as a smart choice, because it gets a Lithium Ion battery power.

Braun Series 7 works more efficiently and significantly gentler than other rotary electric shaver. It will follow your face’s curves by operating the flexible blades. Besides, the pivoting head of the shaver will cover more area while shaving. The 10k micro vibrations in every minute will enable you to effectively adapt dense beard if needed. It also works with less pressure and strokes so you will not experience skin irritation after shaving. The electric razor works closely about 0.05mm; the same thinness with half human hair. It results very efficient, longer smoothness and also great shave.

The awesome Clean & Charge Station is also featured in Series 7. It is the only one technology in the world for clean, charge, and also lubricate hygienically to the shaver and blade with its alcohol based system in 5 actions. This Germany product has been tested and provides 7 years guarantee for the shaver performance.

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Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver for Men


This is another Braun Series 7 product that can also become the best electric shaver to choose. This product is made with unique technologies and every stroke will catch more hairs so you can get better result faster.

It also comes with Braun’s intelligent Sonic technology that will increase the power automatically as you reach a difficult area with denser hairs; thanks to the 10k micro vibrations every minute. The ActiveLift feature will work effectively on neck and chin areas to cut the flat lying hairs more effectively. Meanwhile, the 2x OptiFoil will give close shaving result every day with this best electric shaver.

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Some Options of Must Have Best Electric Shaver

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