Choose Your Shaving Need with Foil Electric Shaver

As we know that electric shaver has 2 types that usually use in your daily live. But for the beginner, you will confuse what the electric shaver that suitable with your needs. It is all depend your needs and your convenient as well. For the information that the foil and rotary is the shaving tools that use different technology and give you the best result. While you choose the your electric shaver it is all depend on some factors such as: how your shaving routine and the type of your hair. The rotary is made to follow your face and the spinner is surrounding and gives circular motion. The circular motion will easier to maneuver in your face area such as: chin and neck. The rotary will give you the best result for your strong hair. This suit for the people who does not need to shave everyday. The foil electric shaver has a thin metal in this layers and suit for sensitive skin. The foil will rid your closest hair skin than rotary. The foil will faster while hair removal and suit for the people who like shaving everyday. After you know the differences, you may take based on your need. Beside you know the type, it is essential to know:

1. Your personal choice

Men to tend have their own taste and brand while choose their electric shaver. They are some best electric shaver that you can see as references. Each product will give you the best result depends on your own goods. You may take a time and choose which can give you more advantages.

2. The brands

Make sure that you buy the reputable brand from the trusted companies. Choose the professional producer that can give you the best result.

3. Cost

Everyone shall have the budget line when to get the electric shaver model. The price from any brands is relative. You have to stay on your budget and get the shaver which gives you the best offering. Price is not the only one as a good indicator of your shaver. You need to see the reviews as well.

4. The power source

Consider the power supplies whether it use electrical or battery. Choose the power source that can recharge and can save your more cost in long term. You may avoid battery supplies when you need to shave everyday because you will spend more cost, but once again it is all depend your needs.

5. Wet or dry shaver

The best razor is flexible that can use in everywhere and every time. It is better when you get the wet and dry shaver in one package.

After you know how to choose the best electric shaver for your goods, you have to know several brands that you can use as a reference. For the beginner, you may tend to get foil electric shaver. There are some brands that you can try, they are:


1. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 (Cartridge Refills)


This brand is containing of recharge catridge and has sonic technology which automatically can get your closest hair in your any areas. The lean and the renew cartridge can use as a cleaning and oily the blade as well. This set will be completed with 2 items, include of one set of the shaver and 1 cleaner and renew for 4 packs. This shaver can use in wet or dry and the price is around $185.21.


2. Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver

2-braun-series-7-760cc-4-foil electric shaver

This product has been completed with smart sonic technology that can reach the hard part or denser beard areas. Can work well in your chin and neck area. Give the best finishing after shaving and able to cut your 0.05 mm of your hair. The product has a modern features and the cost is $160.

3. Wahl 5 Star 8547 Rechargeable Hypoallergenic Gold


This shaver has a stand with the stylish design. This brand is more vintage than the other products. If you like a vintage stuff, you may suit this product. The price is around $58.

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4. Remington DA-307 Microscreen


This brand has 2 of ultra-thins and microscreens to get your detail shaver.This product is designed with 112 precision of double actions and make the handle is comfort in your hand. You can recharge it and 40 minutes of using. The price is $147 and made from China.


5. Remington F7-7800 Men’s Interceptor Foil Shaver


This brand has technology or interceptor shaving which give you 3 cutting systems and cut your closest hair. The pivot able to reach your any parts and flexible to follow your face contour. You can stand recharge without wire and can term during 60 minutes. The price is $74.99.

After you know the several brands that you can use as references. There are several considerations to use the electric shaver. Usually the beginner does not have enough experience for shaving. There are several things that you have to know while you shaving using foil electric shaver:

1. Always be prepared

You have to know that your shaver can use in dry or wet condition. If can use in both conditions, it will helpful. You may prepare the cream or oil that contain vitamin E, it is avoid you got the irritation.

2. Get the right angle

Hold the shaver in right position from your right corner from your face. And use your free hand to pull the hair which want to shave. Always watch the manual.

3. Keep calm

As we know that electric shaver use motorized system, it would give you the heat while shaving. It can cause the irritation for sensitive skin; always watch your sensitive area such as neck.

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