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Top 10 Best Safety Razor Products for Men 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Every man needs the best safety razor to shave the facial hair. It is not every man’s desire to have facial hair like mustache, beard, or goatee on the face. That is why for those who love clear face, safety razor is needed to trim the facial hair. Using safety razor is probably one of the simplest ways to trim the facial hair. Unlike shaver or trimmer which can be electrical, safety razor is completely manual so that you have to move it on your own. You will have better control when you use safety razor. There are plenty brands of safety razor out there. Choosing one which is the best can be slightly complicated. To help you out, below you will see the list of the best safety razor for men that you can buy. There are five of them and all five of them are completed with high quality. Below is the list for you.

Using the best tool to help you doing something is a must. Then, to remove undesirable hair from certain areas of the body, you may have to use a safety razor. A safety razor is one of device types which designed as a refillable cartridge with disposable blades. As a matter of fact, a safety razor is really helping you to groom hairs on your face and other body areas. As this tool is working, shaving becomes an enjoying action to have such best shave. A safety razor is also commonly known as double edge razor. The safety razor name comes up with the following meaning as a tool which is easy to use. In fact, it has two sharp sides and the skin is protected, yet, the edge of the razor is completed by a guard. Furthermore, with the classic design and the way it provides a great shave is completely perfect for every guy.


What Brings The Origin of Safety Razor Through History ?

Since ancient times, it is known from the cave paintings that humans developed the ability to make razors from iron and gold. Then, it shows that shaving has been a cultural practice. Besides, it is also known that the razor has been found since the early nineteenth century. Though, it was the common razor which was difficult to use. As a result, the invention was coming through centuries while an American named King Camp Gillette (1855-1932) had the idea of marketing a razor with a thin two-edged blade intended to be discarded when dull or as a disposable blade. It was Gillette which firstly produced the double edge blade for selling. Indeed, the selling practices of the disposable blade were growing into a huge success. Consequently, Gillette was becoming a very popular brand across the country.

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Characteristics of Safety Razor

Everything includes tools and devices are having their own characteristics, so do the safety razor. The characteristics come up with the following physical and material features. Then, considering for having best double edge razor, you have to know its characteristics before. At this matter, the safety razor is a way different from the common single blade razor. Moreover, the material composition of the razor is having the main role in improving the quality for resulting best safety razor. Thus, we list the main characteristics of best double edge safety razor below.

The Materials

1. Blades

When it comes to the great performance of safety razor, then it goes to the important part of the razor which is the presence of great razor blades. The grade of steel must be good enough and is preventing from corrosion. It is known that carbide steels which are made from the tungsten-carbon compound are very great option to choose. Also, the elements composition of the blades or the metal used must be including chromium, carbon, silicon, manganese, molybdenum and iron as the remainder

2. The Plastic Parts

In another hand, the elements composition of the safety razor’s plastic parts is molded from polystyrene, polypropylene, and phenylene oxide. The process of molding is taking an important role in making a great handle and blade cartridge. It promotes the functioning of safety razor’s handle as it creates a surface that is easy to grip. Then, if the handle is being greater, then the double edge razor’s usage is becoming better too.

3.  The Edge and Coating Parts

In addition, the edge and coating process are things which also need more attention. It is known that the process of making the edge of safety razor is called as grinding. The grinding process is the way to make blades have the ideal dual-edged curve. Further, most of the razors are coated with a non-stick material which helps the blade works easily and comfortably.

The Design

Safety razor may provide you a light different style to choose. For the example, a double edge razor consists a plastic handle, a blade, and a head on the top of the razor. Indeed, it is designed to be simple, economical, and disposable. In the same way, some of them are designed to be premium as it has multiple blades, pivoting heads, lubricating strips, and other innovative features. As an example, the slimmer design of the razor then it is improving the ability for hair removing. As the consequence, the safety razor is becoming developed with better shaving systems year by year. Moreover, it is best to give your attention to the razor’s design and also to the functioning of the razor.

After finding the characteristic of the best safety razor, it is complete to know that each of the razor’s making process determined the quality of the shave. The price for this double edge razor must be proportional to the quality value given. Then, at this point, you may want to have some preferences as well. In conclusion, it is always being a good thing to observe first before choosing a thing, right ?

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What are The Reasoning Factors While Buying Safety Razor ?

Before buying something, all you have to do is learning the main composition of the thing. Check the product whether it fits your needs and preferences or not. The same thing goes to the safety razor. You have to choose the best safety razor with best factors in it. So, what are the reasoning factors? Here they are

1. The Quality and The Review

We all know that the quality of a thing is always taking the main part. The safety razor or double edged razor provides you with different types, looking, and quality. Then, you have to ensure the best characteristics we have already described before. Watch for each of razor’s detail and pick the one which is close to your needs and preferences. In addition, pay attention to safety razor reviews. If the reviews show positive, then the result will be the best safety razor too.

2. The Brand

Some of the people may pick a famous brand while buying something. Yet, not only for the brand but also you have to give attention to the type of the product. Indeed, each brand has their best safety razor product. Then, it may take a time to choose what brand and type of product that fit in you.

3. The Price

Is the safety razor you just bought worth the price? So, it is best to make sure that the quality of safety razor given is completely matched with the money you have spent. For the tips, look for the one which has the ideal price to choose


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Why the Use of Safety Razor Makes You Safe ?

Many of you may ask why you should choose double edge razor rather than other types of a razor. However, it is recommended to have double edge razor as your hair shaver, since it has been a thing which is sharp and has a precise pressure to shave. It is known that you are not likely to cut yourself with double edge razor compared with the use of single blade razor. Indeed, the handle, the overall weight, and the design of safety razor are having the impact on how the razor performs.

As the consequence, the next following statement will describe the reason why the safety razor really makes you safe. By shaving, the blade cuts and pulls the hair up which makes the damaged skin. However, you should not need to worry about it. Hence, with a safety razor, it helps you to prevent the burn and general skin irritation. Further, try to clean and have the sharp blade while shaving is also reducing the risks of getting damage skin.

Second, it is known by using the razor while shaving, it opens the access of bacteria transferred to the skin. As a solution, by using a safety razor, it prevents the access of bacteria compared to the use of common cartridge razors. On the other hand, safety razor’s handles are typically made from steel which means high in quality. Thus, if you want to have good shaving results and also safe shaving action as well, you may have to choose safety razor for sure.


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10 Best Safety Razor Reviews

There are various choices of safety razor that you can find on the market these days. Below are several types of the best safety razor that you might want to consider.

1. Complete Shaving Set Griffin Series By – Shaveology

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set Griffin Series

Includes Safety Razor, PreShave Oil, Shave Lather, After Shave, Silver Tip Shave Brush and Stand . There is no doubt to choose best safety razor to use for your daily shaving. Indeed, the double edge razor comes up with different features and quality. Then, it becomes a crucial thing to evaluate and choosing the one from many great choices. For this reason, we try to make the list of 5 top best safety razor reviews for your guide and preferences. Choosing the well-known brands for your safety razor is a right way. However, looking for the best functioning razor follows the best way to choose. Meanwhile, the first choice we decided for having best safety razor is going to this complete package of shaving products. Not only providing a common shaving tool, it is also providing other shaving appliances needed.

As an example, with pre-shave oil it provides, you may have a nice preparation before shaving. The oil is known as the pre-remedies for you who do not want to get the skin irritation and concern about skin’s health. Second, the use of silver tip shave brush may help you promotes the health of skin during the shaving process as it acts as antibacterial properties. Then, the shave leather helps in protecting the safety razor in a clean and secure way. Last but not least, the long handle designed and non-slip grips in this type of safety razor’s products help you shaving well with all hand sizes. Thus, that means you would get completely perfect products while buying it.

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set Griffin Series

One that is really wonderful is the way this product also act as anti-aging properties. As a matter of fact, the pre-shave oil, the shave lather, and after shave infused with golden seaweed. Therefore, the golden seaweed contained takes part in improving the safety razor quality in innovation. Also, it perhaps built in high quality because of the precise composition made from stainless steel and features good finishing on each part of the razor.

Furthermore, the handle becomes so strong as it has the non-slip textured condition.Over the $120 or as amazon said the price, this safety razor might look as a pricey thing. Though, this product tries to give an excuse by giving several shaving packages which promote the greater daily shaving. In, addition, all the product’s features are wrapped in the amazing bag included in this edition package. This premium leather bag will impress people around you and make your safety razor be more than a common razor. Moreover, as this product offers you 100% guarantee, you may do not have to worry if you got missing function while using this razor. Just simply send it back without any doubt.

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set Griffin Highlights Features :

1 double-edged razor1 leather blade cover

1 polishing towel

1 pre-shave bottle oil

1 container of shave lather

1 travel kit Material: Stainless Steel

Measure: 4.5″H x 8.75″W x 4.75″


For some tips, most safety razors are affordable, still, it is the best way to change the dull blades with the sharp blade ones. Indeed, the great blades take part in shaving effectiveness. Also, the greater the blades, the fewer risks of cuts you might get while shaving. Then, you can buy this product all in one set as a gift or just for yourself. With sharing, the communication process between parents, family, and partners become easier. Indeed, the complete shaving set is the great option among others. Not only for the complete package, but also for the quality over quantity.

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set Griffin Series - Includes Safety Razor, Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Lather, After Shave, SilverTip Shave Brush and...

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2. Safety Razor with Stand byTimeless Razor

Safety Razor with Stand

A safety razor is known as double edge razor which cuts and pulls out the hair and creating the comfortable shaving. On the other hand, the next safety razor we recommend you to have is the one with a timeless razor as its brand. This safety razor is known as the most popular model of Timeless Razor. Meanwhile, companies try to give their best quality while making a product by improving the quality of design and material with the proper price to sell. Thus, the condition does the same to Timeless Razor. The price for this product is much higher than the first safety razor. As a result, it costs over $200 to buy. However, the quality they offer also requires the same expectations with the price.

Picking the best safety razor between many must not be an easy way. However, changes of types and quality make you should do a thing. There are some guidelines you have to learn before choosing one of them. Then, for the second place, we choose the one who was produced by Timeless Razor. Continuing to this safety razor’s description, now we start talking about the design of the product. The visual of this safety razor looks strong and beautiful due to the presence of the scalloped top cap finishing which has lined perfectly. Then, the material they provide has a great level of quality. It is made from stainless steel and the handle is likely similar to pineapple design. The handle is 14mm in diameter with a length of 100mm and weighs 94 grams to give well-balanced weight.

Safety Razor with Stand

If you are the first experienced person who is using a safety razor, then you better choose this product. You may face the difficulties while shaving firstly, yet, you will adjust to the technical using for this shaving platform. Using this kind of safety razor will replace the regular shaving with a common cartridge razor. In the long run, even you pay more for safety razor, you would not regret a thing because you replace the old one with effective metal blades. The type of this safety razor you use can impact to shave strongly as it has a smooth handle. As a result, your skin reacts well from the shaving experience. As this safety razor was made in America, it says that it has the cutting-edge technology for the razor which makes it polished to a brilliant shine. Moreover, this solid stainlesssteel device has perfectly pinched the 0.004” razor blade for getting best while shaving. The feature allowed the user of safety razor to handle and head for an effortless pull which makes shaving becomes easier. This safety razor applies no pressure while working. It gently cut the hair and applying the light pressure to prevent the bleeding and irritation. Then, let’s just say no more to skin irritation.

For the tips, use this product carefully to avoid any harmful accidents. It always being a good thing if you take something carefully, right? Continuously, store your safety razor in a safe place. Make sure this kind of thing to be clean and dry in order having a long last safety razor.

Features Highlights of Safety Razor with Stand by Timeless Razor :

Brand: Timeline Razor

Material: Stainless Steel

Handle: 84.1mm (L) and 12.7mm (W) and 71 grams in weight

With the perfect measurement of shape, it turns out that this double edge safety razor is the one which must be taken into account. Since it has been providing you with many excellent capabilities, you may have to choose this product as your option. Indeed, this safety razor will be timeless as the same as its brand name.


Safety Razor with Stand

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3. Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2 By – JATAI FEATHER

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2

Shaving could be fun if you use the right tool to make it real. It is a wonderful time to continuing the shaving traditional culture and connect the action to the past. When it comes to the benefits of shaving, it must be following up with the tools you have used. Then, it concludes that the razor takes the main part of it. As the consequence, using double edge blade makes you easier to do shave. Surely, assuring yourself of getting the best tool to shave is the main action to do. Then, here we continue to explain more about the top 3 best safety razor below. This very could be a great review since Feather AS-D2 has been an excellent and elegant design. The craftsman really did a good job for making this double edge razor. For instance, the top piece is designed and aligned in the head to make the blade perfectly. Further, with the 45˚ cutting angle which increases the aggressiveness concept of this type of safety razor. Even, it comes up with stainless steel material to add more elegance to its features.

Features Highlights of Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2 :

Brand: Jatai Feather

Price: Over $150

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 3.25 ounces

Length: 3.75 inches


Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2As this product has 3.25 ounces in weight, it would be an ideal for a safety razor. In some case, you need a razor which has the pressure while shaving to get rid of the hair. Yet, you still want a lightweight and a smooth work of the razor which makes shaving a comfortable action. At this point, it is acting mildly while shaving. The mild condition is found to minimize the skin irritation and razor burn during a shave. Indeed, it cuts the hairs smoothly to prevent the razor burn. Presumably, it is known that Feather AS-D2 has a major ability in handle functioning. The handle feature on this product is a way shorter compared to other razors. However, it provides you a non-slip grip to control. Moreover, the grip functioning on this safety razor is almost reached a perfect point. The metal texture found in Feather AS-D2 creates a wonderful handle and add the balance for the hand positioning while shaving. As a result, this product fits with a person who has average sized hands.

Once you have decided to buy safety razor with certain features, you will have the unique experience while shaving. Some of the safety razors might have different features such as the material composition, the color, the design and they even come with a different shape. However, the one that should be the same benefit is the ability of safety razor to make our skin safe as its name. More than that, using safety razor is such a best way since it has been completed with double edge razors which help to prevent the risks of having any irritation

As a matter of fact, the idea of developing modern safety razor becomes very popular due to the effectiveness impact by using it for shaving. For the reference, don’t hold back to buy this safety razor as we recommend you to use as a beginner. Every parts and composition in Feather AS-D2 are well as it promises you to have a comfortable shaving. Still, you may have to spend over $150 to own this safety razor. Though, the price of this safety razor is not expensive as other certain razor’s types, so you can calm down yourself for a little time. Further, the shaving benefit you can get from owning it would be luxurious and priceless. Also, you are allowed to save more money in your pocket.

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2

Free shipping
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4. Merkur Barber Pole 23C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set (Peppermint) by – MERKUR

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor Model AS-D2

Why should a man take a prior for using the safety razor? The answer will be following by a simple statement. That’s why as a solution using double edge razor is a way to make you feel confident with less hairy skin. In the same way, the good man knows the value of safety razor. They tend to choose best safety razor to use as a routine shaver. In fact, it is best to choose safety razor compared to a common razor. With a safety razor, this tool lets you to just have one blade which is lowering the risks of having skin irritation. Not only for getting a smooth shave but also it saves your money. Indeed, it is much more effective.

Also, there are types of safety razor to choose. They may come with different features, longer or slimmer handles, and even the difference of precise movements. As the consequence, you should buy best safety razor that fits you well. Then, to know the guidelines and references buying safety razor, here we show you review for the fourth rank of best safety razor below.

Features Highlights of Merkur Wet Shaving Set (Peppermint) by Merkur :


1 Merkur Safety Razor

1 Shave Cream

1 Shaving Brush

1 Royal Shave Styptic Pencil

10 packs of Merkur Blades

1 Series of Shaving Stand for Razor and Brush

Price: Over $150


Merkur Barber Pole 23C 6 Piece Wet Shaving SetMerkur safety razor’s blade is reasonably priced and economical in practice. It helps you reducing the risks of getting burns, cuts, and bruises due to the low pressure you need while shaving. In addition, big thanks to the high-quality design and craftsmanship for making a premium safety razor’s design. This set of the product has everything that you need in shaving. Merkur safety razor also provides you with shaving cream which smells greatly. The cream works as it opens the pore skin to easier the shaving process. Indeed, it comes with perfect packaging and perfect features.

As listed above, it contains the safety razor, the shave cream, shaving brush, styptic pencil, and you will even get 10 packs of Merkur blades. Amazing, isn’t it? By having 10 packs of Merkur blades, then you do not have to worry about renewing and replacing disposable blades to use during the shave. Moreover, it comes with perfect weight and perfect size, so it will suits perfectly on your hand. Further, the grip features on Merkur safety razor is designed to be a non-slip and with a longer handle. As the consequence, Merkur fits for both newbies and pros. Though, it is pointed that newbies might feel worried while trying to shave for the first time. Also, newbies tend to feel less confident while shaving due to the shaving impact which presents the scratches on the skin. For this reason, having two sides of safety razor enables you to flip the blade in case preventing the risks of getting the skin damage. Hence, we recommend you to use Merkur safety razor to use as an option.

As a result, for your shaving routine, it is recommended to take this Merkur product for saving your money and getting an incredible morning shave quality. For the tips, before using the safety razor, it is best to use the shave cream that Merkur provides to open the skin pores. Besides, all of the features are packed with over $150 in price which is reasonable to buy. Then, what are you waiting for? Grab this product as soon as you will get the shaving wonderful experience.

Merkur Barber Pole 23C 6 Piece Wet Shaving Set (Peppermint)

Last update was in: July 20, 2017 5:34 pm

5. Bevel Shave System Kit By – BEVEL

Bevel 30 Day Shave Kit

Features Highlights in Bevel Shave System Kit :

Brand: Bevel

Products: Bevel Razor and Blades

The Bevel Brush

Bevel Priming Oil

Bevel Shave Cream

Bevel Restoring Balm

Price: Around $80


As listed before, the products you will be received when buying the package are beneficial to support shaving process. Here are the detailed descriptions of beneficial bevel safety razor products.

Bevel Razors

Bevel provides a good quality of their safety razor. Unlike the common razors, it is also known Bevel has an ability to cut the curly hair. Moreover, it cuts the hair cleanly and preventing the ingrown hair. Also, it is lowering the risks of having skin inflammation during the shave. Further, this safety razor has an ideal weight which makes a precise shaving movement. It also has perfect shaving angles from 30 degrees to 45 degrees. In another hand, it comes up with a metal design, smooth handle, and rectangular head which looks premium and ergonomically. And surprisingly, the safety razor is recyclable and is such an environment-friendly.

Bevel 30 Day Shave Kit

Bevel Priming Oil

Shaving on dry skin makes the bigger chance for getting irritation while shaving. That’s why the skin needs preparation before shaving. For instance, while doing shaving, try to apply Bevel priming oil to moisturize and soothe the skin surface so the blade will work perfectly without causing any irritation. Also, what’s good in Bevel priming oil is the presence of pleasant fragrance to complete the perfect shaving you want

Bevel Shave Cream

Well, to know more about Bevel, a safety razor’s brand, it is launched by Tristan Walker, founder, and CEO of Walker & Company. As Bevel promised, the safety razor kit they provide includes the shave cream which helps to open the skin’s pore during the shave. Simply put a small amount of Bevel shave cream to create soothe skin and lift the hair up easier.

Bevel Brush

Next, the brush helps you to lift the hair effortlessly and the oil helps to prevent the bumps and skin irritation. Indeed, it is designed to make the access of hair during shaving easier for being pulled out. Also, it prevents you to get the skin irritation and bumps.

Bevel Restoring Balm

After doing some shaving, your skin needs recovery. As Bevel safety razor kit provides, you have to restore and refine the skin with Bevel restoring balm to get the skin moisturized and hydrated. As you have read above, the following steps are such a great way to shave perfectly. Though, one thing you have to concern is about applying the right techniques. It is recommended to do those steps carefully and follow the guidelines. Therefore, everything will be best as it should be. Consequently, if you find ingrown hair, go get bevel safety razor to completely remove it without worrying to get the skin bumps. Indeed, the formation of shaving with Bevel safety razor is a great way to deal with ingrown hair. With those actions, you have succeeded in taking a great shaving steps. To summarize, this starter kit makes your shaving becomes perfect in its own way.

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All of those products of safety razor above can be bought on Amazon. Amazon is just the right place to shop online. If you are too busy doing your schedule and daily activity, you do not have to spare your time to go shopping for safety razor. All you need to do is sitting down in front of your computer or gadget and then opening the website of Amazon. There, you will find plenty of stuff including safety razor. All of them are sold with reasonable price and as soon as you finish the payment, the thing that you order from Amazon will be sent to your address. Only on Amazon you can get the best safety razor like all of the five products above. They will help you maintain your facial hair easily. Choose the best one for you and order it from Amazon as soon as possible.

Bevel Shave System Kit

Free shipping
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6. Complete Shaving Set – By Shaveology 

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set

Choose the right safety razor can be quite difficult these days since there are so many options that you can find on the market. One of the best choices of safety razor that you can find on the market these days is Shaveology Shaving Set. According to many safety razor reviews, this shaving set is considered as one of the best shaving set on the market these days. This shaving set not only came with complete tools but also offers the finest quality that will help you get the best results when shaving. This shaving set includes Double Edged Safety Razor that came with chrome finishes. This safety razor also came with black acrylic handle as well. This shaving set is all you need to experience the best shave ever in your life. This product came with satisfaction guarantee that you might not find on other products. There are many people who consider this shaving set as the best safety razor that can give excellent results in shaving. The double edged safety razor can cut the most stubborn hair in easier and faster way. As the results, your face will be cleaner since the safety razor cut closer to your skin. The chrome finishes will prevent skin irritation so that you can shave in more comfortable way.

Saverology Shaving Set

Other thing that you can find on this shaving set is the pre-shave oil. This oil will help you shave in more comfortable way and will help you prevent any difficulties in moving the safety razor on the surface of your skin. Unlike other pre-shave oil products that you can find on the market these days, this pre-shave oil is made of high quality ingredients that will not cause any skin issues. To assure you to get the best results when shaving, this shaving set also came with anti-aging shave lather as well. Other thing that is included to this shaving set is after shave lotion. Both the shave lather and the after shave lotion are infused with extract of Golden Seaweed which is clinically studied for its anti-aging properties. This shaving set also came with silvertip badger hair shave brush that is made to provide the highest quality in shaving. You also can find the stainless stand on this shaving set as well which can be used to hold the hair shave brush. All of these tools can be placed in leather toiletry bag that came as the part of this shaving set. This leather toiletry bag will also help you to carry this shaving set on travel. This shaving set is also very suitable as perfect gift to your friends or colleagues.

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set - Includes Safety Razor, Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Lather, After Shave, SilverTip Shave Brush and Stand

Last update was in: July 20, 2017 5:34 pm
$129.95 $195.00

7. Shaving Gift Set for Men By – AKPOWER

AKPOWER Shaving Gift Set for Men

Choosing the right gift for your friends or colleagues can be quite difficult sometimes, especially when you have no ideas about what you should buy for them. Why don’t you buy them shaving gift instead? Shaving gift can be a perfect gift for your colleagues or friend, especially if they pay great attention to their appearance. These days you can find various choices of shaving gift on the market. But if you want to get the best shaving gift, AKPOWER Shaving Gift Set for Men might be the best choices that you can find these days. AKPOWER is the shaving set that came with single blade razor. This is the best single blade razor that you might find on the market these days. The razor is not only sharp but also can cut in perfect precision as well. This shaving gift contains pure badger brush, shaving bowl, safety razor, and a stand. All of the contents of this shaving gift are made using high quality materials to provide the best experience in shaving. The safety razor works great in cutting the hair even in the most difficult spots. The pure badger brush can help you apply pre-shave cream in more effective way.

AKPOWER Shaving Gift Set for Men

You can put your pre-shaving cream on the shaving bowl that came as the part of this shaving gift. The shaving bowl came in quite large sized that can contain pre-shaving cream in quite large amount. The stand can be used to place the safety razor and the pure badger brush so that you don’t need to place them on your desk or box. The pure badger brush came with chrome handle that not only looks very stylish but also looks very elegant as well. This shaving gift not only has the best safety razor but it also came with stainless steel stand that will ensure proper drying of the brush and the razor. Quality is everything. That’s why all the contents of this shaving gift are made using the finest materials. This shaving gift is a very perfect item for gift to your friends or colleagues who are wet shaver. The shaving gift not only came with high quality contents but it also packed in very elegant and stylish packaging as well that shows some class. This shaving gift is also very suitable for those of you who prefer classic style shaving instead of modern and automated shaving technique. It will be a great choice for gift to your colleagues who has distinctive style in shaving.

AKPOWER Shaving Gift Set for Men, Badger Brush, Bowl, Stand and Cartridge Razor White

Free shipping
Last update was in: July 20, 2017 5:34 pm
$78.00 $155.00

8. R41 Open Comb Rosegold Handle Safety Razor – By MUHLE

Muhle R41 Open Comb Rosegold

There are so many types of safety razor that you can find on the market these days. Some of them are single blade razor while others are double blade razor. These days you also can find double edge safety razor as well. If you’re looking for high quality double edge safety razor, Muhle Rosegold R41 might be one of the best choices that you can find on the market these days. Some people consider this product as the best safety razor that is available on the market these days since this safety razor can give the finest results in shaving. One of the most interesting things about this product is its design. As the best double edge razor on the market these days, Muhle Rosegold R41 came with very stylish and elegant design. This product is beautifully engineered to provide the best experience in shaving. This safety razor came with double edge razor and opened comb design which allows you to use the razor in an absolute joy. The handle of the razor is lightly engraved to create a stylish look that will make you amaze. This safety razor is expertly designed in order to provide great control and comfort while shaving.

MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb

The head with open comb design is very suitable for intermediate shavers that need extremely close shave. With this safety razor, you can shave in more effective and efficient way. You don’t need to be worried about cutting yourself since the safety razor is designed very carefully to provide safe and clean shave. This product is manufactured in Germany by Muhle, an expert who is known for creating beautiful products that are dedicated to wet shavers all around the world. The Rosegold R41 is not just a stunning safety razor but it also came with shimmering Rosegold handle that will really stand out in the crowd. If you are a safety razor enthusiast, this product is definitely a great choice for you. Adding this Rosegold R41 to your collection might be the best decision for you since you might not find other products like this one. This safety razor is also very suitable for those of you who start shaving using safety razor for the first time. It’s easy to use and will guarantee you to get the best results. The handle of this safety razor is 8.5 cm length while the total length of the product is 9 cm. this is definitely one of the best safety razors that you can find these days.

MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Comb (Rose Gold)

Last update was in: July 20, 2017 5:34 pm

9. R41 Open Comb Twist Handle Safety Razor – MUHLE

MÜHLE R41 Open Comb Twist Handle Safety Razor

There are so many brands of safety razor that you can find these days. One of them is Muhle which is considered by many people as one of the finest brands of safety razor in the world these days. There are various types of safety razor that have been produced by this brand. One of them is Muhle R41. There are many variants of Muhle R41 that have been produced. One of them is an open comb safety razor with twist handle. This product is considered as one of the best products from Muhle. Just like other products from Muhle, this product is made using high quality materials. This safety razor is considered as the best double edge safety razor from Muhle since it’s made using high quality chrome. Since this safety razor is designed specifically for wet shaving, the safety razor should be made using materials that can stand wetness. What more perfect material than chrome. Chrome is used as the finish for this safety razor since chrome is corrosion resistant and also very long lasting as well. On the other hand, chrome also has very luxurious looks that will make this safety razor looks more elegant. With this chrome finish, other materials that are used on this safety razor will look even more attractive.

MÜHLE R41 Open Comb Twist Handle Safety Razor

This safety razor is also considered as the best safety razor from Muhle since it came with exceptional razor head which is known as tooth comb. The tooth comb design that is used on the safety razor head was created and developed specifically for providing the best shave to wet shavers. The tooth comb has construction that features a unique blade angle. With this razor head, you will be allowed to use extremely direct shaving technique and get better results. This innovative design also allows you to clean the safety razor without have to use too much effort as well. The results of shaving will depend on the length of the hair as well. Other factors that will affect the results of shaving are including the types of the hair and the density of the beard. It’s very important for MÜHLE R41 Open Tooth Combyou to choose safety razor with blade that can interact perfectly with all of these factors. This safety razor from Muhle allows you to shave quickly and easily without have to apply too much pressure to your skin. The blade can cut the hair perfectly and closer to your skin without causing any irritation. As the result, you will be able to shave faster and cleaner.

MÜHLE R41 Open Comb Twist Handle Safety Razor - Chrome

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10. Faux Ebony Four Piece Shaving Set By – EDWIN JAGGER

Faux Ebony Four Piece Shaving Set By - EDWIN JAGGER

Shaving set is a common product that you can find on the market these days. There are so many choices of shaving set that you can find on the market that came in different choices of brand name and contents. If you’re looking for high quality shaving set with excellent design, Edwin Jagger shaving set might be one of the best choices that you can find these days. This shaving set contains the best safety razor and other accessories that will help you get the best results when shaving. Moreover, this product came with very stylish and elegant design that shows its own class. The first thing that you can find on this shaving set is pure badger shaving brush. This shaving brush is unlike any other shaving brush since it’s made using the finest material in order to provide a whole new experience in shaving. The design of the shaving brush is also very exclusive as well. If you are a man with perfect taste, this shaving set is definitely for you. Other great thing about this shaving set is definitely its safety razor. Of course these days you can find so many safety razors in the market. But none of them like the safety razor in this shaving set.

Faux Ebony Four Piece Shaving Set By - EDWIN JAGGER best safety razor

The safety razor is designed specifically to provide great precision and the closest shave. The safety razor fits perfectly with Gillette Match3 and Gillette Match3 Turbo so that you can replace the blade easily. The safety razor also came with very elegant design as well with handle that is crafted perfectly to express your personal taste. The material that is used for the safety razor is the finest one which came with perfect durability and appearance. With this safety razor, you will be able to shave in more efficient and effective way. You can save more time since this safety razor allows you to shave quickly and get the best results at the same time. Other thing that you can find in this shaving set is pre-have and after-shave oil. These oils not only allow you to shave in better way but they also can help massage and exfoliate your skin perfectly during lathering. As the results, your skin will look cleaner after you finished shaving. This shaving set is created specifically for wet shavers and can help you create good lather. Other great thing about this shaving set is that it’s packed in very exclusive card presentation box which makes it a great choice for gift as well.

4 Piece Shaving Set (Mach3 Razor) by E. Jagger, Faux Ebony

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Finally, we got into the last section of thi s long review of the best safety razor. As listed before, we give you the options for getting the best double edge safety razor to shave. Therefore, this best safety razor review may give you more preferences while choosing the safety razor products. Then, by giving attention to the reason why you should choose safety razor and learning the characteristics of the razor might give you the beneficial information.

At this point, it is not easy to choose the best safety razor as we realize there are a number of variables that also playing the game. Every type of safety razor has their own characteristics. For the example, the one is less expensive than the others, yet it has the minor function in it. Indeed, some of them may great in this way, then the rest of them may great in that way. Now, the decision to choose is always being on your hand since we have been told you the top 5 best safety razor as options. Even though, to conclude, it is highly recommended to choose the safety razor that fits your needs and preferences. Thus, if you want to have best safety razor, pay attention to the quality and its price as well, so you will not have any regret for buying one. Then, to get an enjoying moment while shaving, you may have to rinse your face with water before applying shaving cream to make the facial hair softer and prevents the damaged skin. There, you do not need to apply pressure while shaving. Moreover, it is best to ensure that you apply the proper shaving technique. So, happy shaving !




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