5 Best Electric Razor for Comfortable Shaving Experience

The best electric razor product is going to give the best time for men when they have to shave their facial hair. Having beard and mustache is not something that is loved by everyone. A lot of men prefer to have clean face. That is why they need to shave when the facial hair starts to grow long. Shaving the face using random razor can cause irritation because facial skin is quite sensitive. This is the reason why men need to know the best electric razor product. Below, you will find 5 products of best electric razor in the market today including on online shops like Amazon.

Best Electric Razor for Comfortable Shaving

1. Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor for Men

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The first item on the list is this Panasonic ES8243A. This electric razor is specially designed for men who want to keep their facial skin delicate. It is completed by the special Arc4 Nanotech blade. This kind of blade is an ultra-sharp blade that can easily remove the unwanted facial hair. The blade can do quick job and really easy to remove even the shortest hair. Because the blade is really sharp, it does not matter if the electric razor is used on wet or dry condition. It can do excellent job either way. The shape of the electric razor is also very handy so that it can follow the facial contours easily. It also has flexible handle so that it can glide really easily over the face, the neck, the chin, and also the jaw. This Panasonic electric razor is powered by linear motor drive that can produce over 13,000 cuts every minutes. The best thing about this battery-operated electric razor is the fact that it is completed by LCD display to show the razor status. After you shave with this electric razor, you can just clean it up really easily by turning on the sonic vibration mode. It will remove all dirt and residual hair on the blades.

2. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

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There are a lot of cordless shaver out there. However, not everybody enjoys using cordless shaver. There are still some of them who prefer and enjoy using corded shaver. Probably they just do not want to get the fuss of having to carry extra battery or charger in the bathroom. If you want flexibility, then this Remington Shaver is the answer. This shaver is both cordless and corded. You can choose whichever mode that you like and use it. If you want to use it in corded mode, then you just plug the cord to the electricity socket. If you want to use it cordlessly, simply charge the shaver and then it can be used for more than 60 minutes continuously. This shaver is simply the best because it is washable and really easy to wash. You just place the shaver under the faucet and the dirt will go away immediately under the running water. This shaver is completed by technology that allows the shaver head to get easily adjusted so that it can glide on the chin, the neck, and the face easily.

3. Kemei SKM Electric Razor for Men


This product is not just an electric razor. It has three functions in one tool. Beside of being an electric shaver, this tool can also be sued as nose trimmer and also as a sideburns cutter. So, if you own this electric razor, you do not even have to buy a nose trimmer. You can trim the nose hair easily with this tool too. This electric razor is also waterproof. The whole body of this electric razor is covered by waterproof material so that it can be gripped firmly and never slips on your hand. Even though it is waterproof, the electric razor is still easily cleaned.  Just by using running water, the blades can be free from the dirt and residual hair. This electric razor is rechargeable and able to be used for more than 10 days before you charge it again. The best thing about this electric razor is its high efficiency shaving. This electric razor is completed by double loop knife. It can be used to produce better and quicker shaving.

4. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Razor

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The next item on this list is from Panasonic. This ES-LA93-K Arc4 electric razor is completed by 4 blades and double motors so that it can easily cut unwanted facial hair. This electric razor is also able to produce more than 14,000 cuts every minute so that it can make you get smooth and efficient shape. The shape of the electric razor is also very ergonomic with all the smooth and waterproof surface. It is easy to grip and very durable. The blade has 30° angle and it has nanotech technology in it. Thus, the blade can glide around the face, neck, and jaw easily and cuts even the shortest hair. When you buy this electric razor, you will also get charging station. This tool is also functioned as cleaning station. After the electric blade is used, you can easily clean it by placing it on the cleaning and charging station. With a touch of one button and the sonic vibration on the tool, the electric blade is going to get cleaned again in seconds. All you have to do next is just rinse it under running water.

5. Panasonic ES-RT51-S Electric Razor

5-panasonic-es-rt51-s-electric-razor/best electric razor

Panasonic seems to have lots of great electric razor products. That is why the last item on the list is also from Panasonic. This razor is completed by ultra-thin blades with 30° angle so that it can clean and remove unwanted hair so easily. Beside of that, this electric razor is also completed by nanotech technology to produce smoother and safer shaving.  This electric blade is 100% waterproof so that it can be used in both dry and wet conditions. There is a LCD display to show you the battery level and also the charging status. Buying this electric razor is going to make you get bonus items such as AC shaver adaptor, cleaning brush, and travel pouch. This is why this Panasonic electronic razor is one of the best electric razor product sold today.

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