Top 5 Best Body Hair Trimmers for Men

For most men, having the best body hair trimmer is considered important because they regard their body hair as an important asset to make them look manlier. For them, hair trimming doesn’t always mean solely making the hair shorter. Men use trimmer because they want to improve the look of their hair. They want to do some artistic works to their body hair with their trimmer. For men, a trimmer is an essential instrument to create a magnificent work of art. In this article, you will learn about why you need to buy a body hair trimmer and the top 5 best body hair trimmers on the market that you can buy today.

Why Do You Need a Body Hair Trimmer?

Generally speaking, what is referred to as a body hair trimmer is an instrument specifically designed to trim body hair. It is different from other hair trimming, grooming and shaving instruments, including hair clipper, beard trimmer, razor, and electric shaver. However, as the makers of those instruments add new features to enhance their versatility, the functions of those different instruments often overlap. Theoretically, it is quite possible for you to use a groomer that you recently use to groom your groin area to groom the area around your mouth. Nevertheless, despite the visible overlap of functions among different products, their basic trait remains the one that determines how a specific instrument is called.

So, what is body hair trimmer actually? The basic trait of a body hair trimmer is quite similar to that of a beard trimmer. Both instruments include blades that move horizontally in their head. Body hair trimmer, however, is usually larger and features simpler design than that of a beard trimmer. Body hair also often includes attachments to deal with hard to reach areas on the body. In fact, the majority of body hair trimmers today feature attachments for trimming beard and head. So, as we have mentioned above, you can theoretically groom your groin area and beard with a body trimmer.

The versatility of a body hair trimmer is perhaps the biggest reason why you need to buy this instrument instead of anything else. Although not all men enjoy grooming their mouth area and the nastiest parts of their body using the same tool, proper cleaning can actually make hygienic factor unproblematic. If you plan to buy the best body hair trimmer, the list of the 5 best body hair trimmers below should be able to help you pick your best product.

Best Body Hair Trimmer

1. Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade

1-andis-t-outliner-trimmer-with-t-blade-best body hair trimmer

For many years, Andis’s hair clippers and trimmers have become favorite choices for barbers, hairstylists and groomers. The T-Outliner model especially comes with Andis’s patented carbon-steel T-blade system, which guarantees enhanced blade durability while offering smooth and clean cutting result, making it great for sensitive skin. The adjustable blade of this trimmer makes it excellent for contoured shaving. Although the product is advertised as more ideal for dry application, this trimmer actually also performs decently in wet shaving scenario. The long cord of this trimmer and its contoured housing make it an ergonomic trimmer that is convenient to use.



TRYM II is a perfect product if you want to have a stylish-looking trimmer that cuts your body hair easily and accurately. If you think that a bland-looking trimmer is not a suitable accessory for your upscale bathroom or beauty salon, TRYM II with its aesthetic look can offer excellent solution. In addition to being sleek and attractive, TRYM II also performs excellently. Although it is not designed to offer clean-shaven look, it will be perfect for everyone who needs an instrument to cut their hair easily and accurately. The four attachments that come with this trimmer will guarantee that your hair will be at perfect length after you trim it using this trimmer.

3. Andis Professional Outliner II Personal Trimmer


The Professional Outliner II is another Andis’s product that deserves a special place in this list. Although cheaper than T-Outliner, this trimmer can still offer excellent performance especially when used for cutting and fading. If you enjoy manscaping your body hair, you will find this trimmer a reliable instrument to use. Just like T-Outliner, it doesn’t come with combs, which are obviously needed for determining the desired cutting length. You need to buy the combs separately in order to harness the full potential of this trimmer.

4. Philips Norelco NT5175/49


Philips Norelco NT5175/49 is designed to be an all-around trimmer that solves all hair-related problems that men often experience. If you need a trimmer to remove unwanted hair strands in your nose and ear, on your neck, and around your eyebrow and sideburns, you can’t go wrong if you use this trimmer. If you worry about nicks and pulls when using a trimmer, you can stop worry about them because this trimmer features the patented ProtecTube technology that guarantees that a grooming session will always be as safe as you always want it to be.


5. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 3500 QT4018/49


Another reliable Philips’s product for trimming your hair is the QT4018/49 model. Its 20 precision length settings allow you to precisely determine the length of your hair when you cut it. By turning the dial, you can pick your desired length settings that range from 0.5 mm to 1 cm. Once you set the dial, you can conveniently trim your hair with the trimmer’s comb and high-quality blade. The self-sharpening titanium blade of this trimmer makes sure that the blade will always be sharp for the life of the trimmer.

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The 5 products we mention here can guarantee that your grooming and trimming session will always be the greatest manscaping session that you always want it to be. Every product features high-quality components that make it not only reliable to use, but also versatile enough to do all-around hair sculpting job. Check the 5 products above and expect that the best body hair trimmer you are looking for is one of them.

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