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10 Best Beard Trimmer Every Man Should Know – 2017

Best Beard Trimmer Guide

We all do want the best on everything, including trimmer. There are some things you should pay attention to decide if it is the best beard trimmer or not.

First, you should care about best beard trimmer’s power itself. It means, you can trim all details in one movement. Area that you trim can be completely clean in one shoot. This is much needed for whoever wants to do beard or mustache trim and it will make customer easy to use the trimmer.

Second, the price. You should see the price either it is worth with the usage of the trim or no. But most of the best trim is much worth the usage so people would not mind pay a little extra money to get it. And if the trimmer if have bad quality and high price, then no one will buy it.

Third, battery life. Battery life for best beard trimmer is also count. The more usage of trimmer, the more battery life it has. Best trimmer is including long last battery life and short time of charging. So, more usage than charge time.

Fourth, easy to clean. This category includes best beard trimmer because if it easy to separate parts of the shaver then it is easy to clean and drain. Trimmer with bad quality will make it harder for customer to separate parts to clean. Nowadays, most of popular brands even have polishing system so trimmer can clean by itself. We just need to add water and drain it after.

Finally, best beard trimmer is also seeing from how practice it is to be used. The more practice the product, the more customers will buy because these days people aim the practice stuff than complicated ones. These are few categories of best beard trimmer that you must think before choosing any trimmer brands.


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What You Should Think Before Buying a Beard Trimmer ?

Obviously you should compare several brands of trimmer before buying one. See the advantages and disadvantages. After that, then you can decide which brand you are going to buy. But, there are some most important point that you should think before buying a trimmer. First, pay attention to your own beard and mustache and make a conclusion of which category your beard in and start to browsing about what type of trimmer that fit with your beard or mustache because each type of beard also have different type of razor. So make sure you are choosing the right type of trimmer. Second, buy a waterproof trimmer. Because most of time men will shave their beard or mustache using water before or after usage. So it will be fatal if your trimmer is not waterproof. It can damage the trimmer and you have to buy the new one. Third, browse any popular best beard trimmer brands and read over the reviews from customers, compare those popular brands and see which one is having more advantages than others. Take a look at complains from customer also regarding to the products. Fourth, buy the electric beard trimmer. Because it is cheaper and also it can trim until details so it will be cleaner. And last, selecting a tool with a double blade. It can trim faster and cleaner and also not that easy to get blunt. Even though the price is not too expensive, but buyers can use it rapidly and long last if they take care of it well.

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Characteristic of Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer also have some characteristic that we need to pay attention.The first characteristic is wet or dry operation. There are some trimmer that only can be used in dry situation. But, there are some trimmer can be used in wet situation. Awesomely, some popular trimmer brands already launched a trimmer that can be used in both wet and dry situation. If you are using dry trimmer in wet situation, it obviously will cause damage for the trimmer and same thing happen to wet trimmer if ever it being used in dry situation. Normally people will buy the trimmer that can be used for both situation even with higher price than usual ones. The second characteristic is its battery life. Because there are ton of trimmers around the world, you have to know about the battery life. Make sure you choose the higher chance of usage than other brands and also see the quality of itself. Because sometimes, even though it is written with high battery life, users still cannot use it in long term because company who made the product did not use the high quality material in productions and it affects the whole trimmer and they sell it with expensive price. That is why we have to choose and browse carefully about popular brand and not popular ones.The third characteristic is the razor. There are some types of razors.

The first one is electric razor. This is the easiest trimmer to use because it is electric and designed in modern ways. Some electric razor can clean by itself in fast movement. And give much advantages to user because it can clean until details part with no hair even smallest hair left. Next razor is safety razor. Seeing from the name, we can make a conclusion that it is very safety razor to use. Based on reviews, most of men like this type of razor because the result if pretty smooth and give no irritation in your skin. This razor has very sharp blade so users need to be really careful whenever they use it or want to clean the trimmer. Then we have cartridge razor. Usually, this razor is using plastic or iron material that have two up to four blades. Double blades will be more effective than single one because it can trim wider area in details. The fourth characteristic is electric and non-electric. There are two types of trimmer. First is electric. Electric one means the trimmer is using electric power. Electric power is more useful because it is faster to trim mustache or beard than non-electric one. Non-electric one is still manual. Everything that we are doing manually will take some time than electric ones.

The best beard trimmer product is always required to get the perfect mustache and beard. Having mustache and beard is important for some men. That is why grooming kit is incredibly important here. Grooming kit, including the trimmer of course, must be available in every man’s bathroom and the grooming kit must be cordless and easy to use as well so that it can be brought anywhere easily. Thankfully, there are plenty brands selling beard trimmer with amazing quality. Below, you will see five of them. Using the best beard trimmer like this is going to make your facial hair looks spectacular.


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So these are 10 characteristic of Best Beard Trimmer

1. Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100

If you are looking for best trimmer ever, Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 is the answer. Because it has a lot of benefits. First, this trimmer battery up to 60 minutes. Second,the price is worth with the benefits which is $44.89. Third, strongly avoid skin irritation. Fourth, cooler model than other brands. Fifth,it is waterproof. And proudly, this product becomes one of the best beard trimmer in Amazon with 145 customer reviews and four stars. Even though there are many customers are buying this product, it is always have stock. So, buyers do not need to worry if ever they cannot buy the trimmer because it is out of stock. The design of the trimmer is classic and elegant. Because it has classy color and simple packaging. Philips Nerelco Multigroom 7100 offers customer eight types of razor so they can change it whenever they want. Each razor have their own function. It can be used for tube nose trimmer.

The next superiority of this product is battery life and it is very light so it makes easier for customers to hold the trimmer. Comparing with other brands, this product battery life is very strong up to 60 minutes in usage and it is only take two hours or more to charge until the battery is full again.“It’s excellent I’ve experimented with more than 4 times. Well worth the price I bought it for $ 69 but it deserves more so wonderful. I did not go to the barber anymore”, said Jooker Gaming as buyer in Amazon. The most important information is, the blade is made of finely ground chromium steeland the quality is very high. Any age can use this trimmer because it is very easy to use, obviously will not give bad effect to your skin, easy to buy, easy to hold, easy to clean up and so on. If ever customers want to buy trimmer full pack, this brand is also offer full pack with $142.71 and Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100, All-in-One Trimmer with 8 attachments (Model QG3384/42) ($129.84) and cost $4.99 for shipping. This product is already given many good reviews and feedbacks by buyers in Amazon so if you are looking for trimmer, this one is the best beard trimmer that you are looking for. With many reviews which makes the product will not scam or tell lie to you. It is proven already and all customers are recommended this product for others to buy. Despite all the benefits, Philips Nerelco Multigroom 7100 obviously will make you forget the barber.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100

You can do what workers do in barber by yourself at your place. In total, this all will be cheaper than you go to barber to get beard, hair trim or even nose. Many people out there are looking for this trimmer and it is available in Amazon, so you do not need to hardly find it, just start your online shopping and find it in Amazon. You will not regret it because everybody giving thumbs up for this trimmer and no one says it is not recommended. Thick or thin hair is not a problem because this trimmer can trim every type or hair so you do not need to worry. Find this product in Amazon now and start your shopping! Make your place feel like a barber for minutes with Philips Nerelco Multigroom.


2. Panasonic ER-CA35-K

Panasonic ER-CA35-K Rechargeable Hair & Beard Trimmer

If you are looking for dry / wet operation trimmer, Panasonic ER-CA35-K is the answer. Panasonic offers a trimmer made from stainless steel and hypoallergenic blades and they only offers one color, which is black. It can be used for trimming hair and beard. The trimmer also can be used for wet and dry operation so you do not need to worry about your beard or hair situation, either it is wet or dry, you can still use the trimmer.

Makes your place feels like barber shop in a moment with Panasonic’s trimmer? Why not?

You no longer need to go to barber shop to trim your hair or beard, you can buy Panasonic ER-CA35-K (available in Amazon) and the price is $139.95 and free shipping. Also, if you feel like you want to buy the conditioner for men, you can buy and it cost $19.99, so two items will be $159.94 in Amazon. This product got four starts with 141 customer reviews.

Why you should buy this trimmer?

It is because this trimmer have 7 different adjustable of cutting lengths, washable and cordless, charge for six hours and up to four hours of usage, stainless steel hypo-allergenic blades, three comb attachments, 7 different adjustable of cutting lengths with different accessories, ideal for international travel which is up to 100v until 240v and automatic international voltage converter which is 100v to 240v. The size is fit in your hand and have a nice shape. Usage for twice a week will not ruin the machine itself. The machine’s sound is also smooth and not cause any noise while you are trimming your hair or beard. The details for trimming is also provide by this product. And with a high rank in Amazon, proudly this product becomes best beard trimmer. The price is also not too expensive but very worth with the benefits that customers got from trimmer itself.

“I searched all of amazon for the perfect hair trimmer, as I imagine most of you do. This one is very near perfect, except for one detail: The plastic guards are divided into two groups, the ones for long hair and the ones for short hair. The problem is that there is a large gap in length from the short to the long. So, if you use the shortest long-hair guard and try to follow up with the longest short-hair guard, there is like a 5 mm difference in the cuts. Other than that, it works like a dream. No hair pulling, quieter than my older model, waterproof, and has a 45 min battery for quick nips”. –Ariel Mejia

Also, seeing from all beard trimmer reviews, Panasonic ER-CA35-K is highly recommended for whoever wants to buy a trimmer. If you like details stuff, then this product is the answer for you to buy. Panasonic takes every mm space very serious because they designed the trimmer in details with 7 length setting between 3 and 40 mm for any style. They have four types of blade. First 40mm/30mm/20mm, second 20mm/30mm/40mm, third 3mm/6mm and last 9mm/12mm.  The quality of this product has been proved by many customers and based on research, there is no disadvantages about this product and all come with positivity. So if you are looking for dry or wet operation trimmer, Panasonic ER-CA35-K is obviously for you.

3. Philips Beard Trimmer Men’s Grooming BT5200/13

Looking for a simple trimmer?

Highly recommended trimmer even for the first time trimmer user?

Do not know which brand to use for beginner? 

Philips beard trimmer Men's grooming BT5200


Philips beard trimmer Men’s grooming BT5200 / 13 by Philip is the answer for sure. Because the blade is very sharp, so thick or thin hair will not become a problem, it is very easy to clean the blade and the whole trimmer, trimmer is easy to hold as it is not heavy and the size is hold able, 0.2mm 0.5mm 1mm each up to 0.4, weight is 12 ounces, length abroad 17 steps in, 2 AAA batteries required and easily adjustable length zoom wheel. Unique side isthe materials from the trimmer it uses basic ingredients that will not absorbing wet even just a drop of water. Power button is kind of huge so it is easy to press on and off. All these benefits and usefulness make Philips beard trimmer men’s grooming BT5200 / 13 becomes top best beard trimmer especially for beginner. It does not arduous to use, fit in hand and not heavy at all. In Amazon, the price is not even expensive, it only cost $101.97 and customers will also get free shipping to all over the world. This product has got best beard trimmer 2017 and highly recommended for everyone to use. It can trim mustache, beard and details trimmer.

Philips beard trimmer Men's grooming BT5200

This product also offers two types of razor. First, the razor for trim beard and mustache when the first time customer wants to trim. Second, razor for trim details part to make sure there is no hair left in your mustache or beard. Philips only offers black color for this product to make it looks classic and manly at the same time. Also, it already clear the IPX7 standard so you do not have to worry about the quality because the quality is very high. If ever trim user want to clean the trimmer or just the blade, this product have automatic polishing system so it can be clean by itself or you can just clean the blade or trimmer manually by washing it use water and your hand. Most of men chose BT5200 because it can clean until details part, not heavy so men can carry it anywhere they are going. For example travelling, business matters, holiday or even if they want to trim at the mall. They can trim beard or mustache to make them look fresher even though they are not going to barber to trim by using BT5200. Another excellence achievement of this product is it becomes#814,794 in Health & Personal Care and #582 in Beard & Mustache Trimmers on Amazon Best Seller Rank. Because it got achievement from Amazon, obviously this trimmer is suitable for men who likes simple things, do not mind to carry beard trimmer everywhere whenever they need it, the machine sound is soft so it will not make any noise, classic color itself and what you see is what you will get in your hand. No scam. The size, weight, color, usefulness, all is just the same as you see in Amazon. So far, there is no complain from customers related this trimmer and best beard trimmer reviews itself is got good ranks in Amazon.


4. Panasonic ER-GB80-S

Can I get all in one trimmer?

This question is always been asked by men who are looking for trimmer or they have been trimmer user for months or even years. Time passed by, companies are competing each other to be the best and become more popular than others. And Panasonic has been released a trimmer, named it with “Panasonic ER-GB80-S”. All in one. This trimmer also can do beard and hair trimmer, body hair, men’s, hair clipper, cordless and washable.

Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer


The price for Panasonic ER-GB80-S is affordable which is $79.99 but Amazon offers you to also buy the hair clipper oil with $4.27 and total price for both items is $84.26. The price is cheaper if customers buy that pack together than they buy each products in separate. Price could be more expensive if you buy in mall or other stores. And also, the benefit of buying this product in Amazon is you do not have to come to store, just sit and do payment thru your gadget.

This product has become top beard trimmer in Amazon because it got four and half starts with 304 customer reviews and if we look thru all the reviews, customers are not even saying bad comments regarding to this product. Most of them gave four or five starts and giving some positive feedback, so whoever never buy and want to buy this product can read all of the reviews and can think wisely about ton of benefits of this trimmer.

Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

What makes this product so special?

As a consumer, we do want best product to buy and we already know the advantages of itself. And Panasonic ER-GB80-S is very special because it has several usability benefits. First one is user that have sensitive skin do not need to worry. Panasonic ensure people that have skin irritation and sensitive skin will not get those bad effects after or while using this trimmer. Second is washable trimmer. There are many trimmers that hard to wash or the dirt still stick in the trimmer. But this product is proven washable and clean until 100% with no hair or dirt left. Third is high quality. Panasonic do care a lot about the quality of their products, including this trimmer. This type of trimmer was made with high quality material itself. Fourth, trim until the details. With three comb attachments, this product can trim hair, beard and mustache until details and give smooth result in the skin. Also can be used for under arms trimming, legs trimming, shoulders trimming and other specific area user want to trim. Fifth, precision 45º Blades. With this benefit, users can get effective and quick trim in beard and hair area. This blade can also clean all the hair, even the smallest hair, leftover hair even the new hair growth because the blade precision is 45º. Sixth, hold able. Many trimmers that have benefit for customers but it is hard to hold. Can you imagine if your trimmer is not fit in your hand? Would be not good at all! So Panasonic designed this product to make it fir in your hand so it will be easy for you to hold and start to trimming in any areas you want to. The weight is not even heavy. So customer will feel comfortable while holding the trimmer and trimming in whichever part they want to.

“My husband is kind of a fanatic about his beard. So when his last trimmer broke, I did some research. This one had great reviews and a lot of added features. He has used this Panasonic trimmer for about a month now and calls it the “Cadillac of Trimmers.” He loves it. It is sleek, not too large, and easy for travel. Highly recommended”.–Katie J.

Best beard trimmer in Amazon, got positive beard trimmer reviews from customer, all in one, affordable, it is Panasonic ER-GB80-S.


5. Conair for Men Super Stubble

Conair for Men Super Stubble

Nowadays, men are mostly looking for useful trimmer. Which means, they are looking for trimmer that can be used in both situation, dry and wet. Do not forget, customer also want a trimmer that can be used in long period of time without charge it. Conair understands what customers need and started to make the trimmer that being every men’s desire. And they named it with Conair for Men Super Stubble. The price is average, it cost $77.92 and free shipping. Also, Amazon offers buyers with one pack of trimmer. Comes out with the trimmer itself and one beard oil which cost $13.97. So the total price for two items is $91.89 in a pack.


Conair have some superiority that other trimmer brands do not have or other might sell it with higher price. First, it is only 1.2 pounds. Second, it can be used in wet or dry situation. Third, it has lithium ion battery powered. Fourth, LCD display and bright LED. Fifth, waterproof. Seventh, original Battery with 2.4V 600mAh NiMH. Eight, travel mode. And finally it is easy to clean. Conair has been successfully introduced and sold this product (beard trimmer) in Amazon because based on the reviews, verified customers gave at least four stars out of five to rate this product and gave positive feedback. This information is very needed to whoever who wants to buy the product or doing research. Trusted seller will get higher chance to gain customer and popularity for the trimmer. This product has got four and half stars out of five stars with 1.242 customer reviews in Amazon. This amount of good reviews made this product be approved as best beard trimmer in Amazon. Beside, Conair has made smart trimmer and keep improving the quality of their trimmer. Proudly, company did not receive any bad feedback from customers. Charge time for this trimmer is only take 90 minutes to make it fully charge and it can be used up to 60 minutes, and 5 minutes each usage. The trimmer also super easy to clean, and can be used while showering, brushing teeth or even washing face. The machine of this Conair’s trimmer is really smooth so it will not make any noise or make you feel uncomfortable because the machine is very noisy. It also well designed with superior blade technology and the features of this trimmer is 0.4 mm to 5.0 mm length.Lithium ion power affects performance and it gives you reliable cordless. The style of itself is also classic and manly because Conair is targeting men or teenager guy to buy the trimmer. Nowadays, men are even trimming in the toilet mall to make their look more eye catching. This product is also travel mode, means trimmer user can carry it anywhere they go and trimming whenever they want to. Because, Conair understands that people nowadays want a practice stuff. So they made the product match able with consumer’s lifestyle. However, seeing from all the advantages, this makes Conair becomes the best beard trimmer in Amazon and so far, it gets positive beard trimmer reviews and Conair aiming to become top beard trimmer in Amazon.

“I had this for just about 1 year and it served very well for me for that time. The battery lasts forever, and it performs real well. However, I failed to heed the ‘not waterproof’ part of this and it no longer runs. I am going the next step this time and getting the super, it is waterproof and I hope it to be my last purchase trimmer for a few years”. –ChristoperTrude.


6. Remington PG6171 The Crafter


The first item on the list is the beard trimmer from Remington. Known as one of the best manufacturers for grooming kit, Remington always brings its best in every product. Remington PG6171 or what so called “The Crafter” is no exception at all. This electric trimmer is completed by 11 different cutting blades that can be used for special purpose each. The blades are all stainless steel and they are self-sharpening blades. They can be used easily with water. The beard trimmer is powered by lithium battery and it can be recharged. When the battery is full, this beard trimmer can be used for more than 3 hours. You can use the trimmer easily and flexibly even during tours or traveling. This beard trimmer from Remington is cordless so that it does not bother you to use it near the electric socket. Basically you can use it anywhere that you like. This electric trimmer is completed by a special mode called turbo mode. This mode is going to cut your beard or mustache even though the beard or mustache is very thick. Do not worry about your beard getting messy because this electric trimmer is completed by adjustable comb that you can adjust according to your preference. This trimmer is also completed by extended neck so that it can glide easily on the face.

7. Beard and Mustache Trimmer by Conair Flex Trim


Conair is also one of the best manufacturers of men’s grooming kit. It has numerous great products of grooming kit for men, including this Flex Trim Beard and Mustache Trimmer. This Conair trimmer is completed by stainless steel blades. The blades are chemically formed ones so that it can produce sharper cut and also very easy to clean. To easily follow the contour of your face, this Conair trimmer is completed by pivoting flex head. It can be adjusted easily and easier to control as well so that it can trim the facial hair even in the most difficult spot. The blades are also available to be controlled in custom. Adjust them to get the close trim or touch-ups according to your need. This Conair trimmer has more than 20 setting with different purpose each. All of them are great to form the stubble, the mustache, the beard, and even the goatee. This trimmer from Conair is powered by AAA batteries. You will need 2 AAA batteries to operate this trimmer. Batteries are not included to the trimmer package when you buy it.

8. Remington MB4045A The Beardsman Beard Boss


The next item on this list is from Remington again. This is the Remington MB4045A or known as “The Beardsman Beard Boss”. It is a special edition trimmer from Remington known as the Copper Edition. The exterior of this trimmer is gorgeous with copper color and premium finish. Having this trimmer is both fashionable and multifunction. This trimmer is completed by sharp blades. The blades are not just blades but they are titanium-covered blades with the ability to cut multiple areas at the same time. It is very tough and can be used for a long time. This product is an electric trimmer with lithium battery power. It can be used for 120 minutes if the battery is full. Thus, you can use it easier without having to recharge the battery too often. This trimmer is completed by 3 different combs. Each comb has different length. All combs can trim even the roughest beard. This trimmer is also completed by zoom wheel. You can just lock in and go trimming the area. The zoom wheel is going to adjust the position of the shaving and trimming easily.

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9. Conair for Men All-In-One Beard and Mustache Trimmer


The fourth item on the list is from Conair. This is Conair all-in-one beard and mustache trimmer that should be suitable to be used by any men. Using this trimmer is no fuss at all because it is completely cordless. It is powered by lithium battery instead so that it is rechargeable and does not need any electrical connection to operate the trimmer. This trimmer is suitable to be used to trim the beard, the mustache, and also the hair on the head. Using this trimmer is very easy because it is completed by a comb that can be adjusted to 5 different positions. Each position can bring different precision during the trimming. This trimmer can be used in wet condition as well because the trimmer is covered by rubber, especially on the grip. The rubber grip handle is going to make it harder to slide on your hand during the trimming.

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10. Braun Cruzer 6 Beard and Head Trimmer

5-braun-cruzer-6-best beard trimmer

The last item on this list is the trimmer from Braun. This trimmer is very powerful and very convenient to use. It is using dual battery system so that it can be used to trim even the toughest beard. This trimmer is also completed by sharp blades. The blades are very sharp and made from stainless steel. The trimmer has adjustable beard comb and also hair comb. They are all very flexible and can be adjusted to six settings. They are just perfect for any kind of beard look and hair look that you want to achieve.

Those are five of the best beard trimmer you can find today. They can be found on your regular beauty stores or you can also buy it online. If you want to buy it online, choose a professional and trustable online marketplace like Amazon. There are plenty of people selling best beard trimmer with good quality in Amazon. You can totally count on this number one online marketplace.


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How To Choose a Beard Style

Some people get to choose hair style to let other people get attracted or get to know the special characteristics of each person. But some choose to play plain on their haircut and pick a beard style to get distinguished. However, it seems that to have beard is not an easy job. For those who are looking for great style, they must be very detail on picking the type of the beard they will have. It does not merely to go like which actors should be best. But, it is more on how the beard goes well and fit to the facial shapes.

The main and most important rule or principle to be remembered is that the jaw and the beard should work well in tandem to get nicely cut for the oval face shape, and for you who have round or square jaw, it is better for you to have beard fuller on the bottom to extend your face look. And for the rectangular or oblong face, the hair on the sides will be better for you to avoid more length under the chin.

Here are more details about the beard hair style:

1. Square Face

beard style-square face

Having this face shape may give bold character of the owner. It seems to be too arrogant. However, if you give beard, there will be big difference. The points are on the fuller hair on the chin and make it shorter for the sides. It will make the face look little longer so that it will give much better impressions.

2. Round face

beard style-round face

If you have this round kind face, it seems you are cuter than others. However, for men, men look is a must. Masculine man will have less cute and more man shape on the face. So, to make bolder change, you can grow the beard longer on your chin and shorter on the sides. The longer hair on the bottom will make your face a bit longer.

3. Rectangular or oblong face

beard style-rectangular face

What makes it worse is when the owner of this face shape is not confident with the bigger part around the sides of his face. It gets chubbier at the lower sides of the cheeks.  The solution for making great look for growing the hair is to keep the sides fuller. And for the bottom, make it shorter. So you will not have too long bottom part.

4. Oval face

beard style-oval face

Most say that people who own oval face get lucky. It is the most perfect face shape compare to others. And, to grow hair, it also suits very well to oval face owner. You just need to grow the hair in balance amount on the right area around the mouth and sides.To have beard is like a dream for men. It is because the natural factors that may come to them. Some of them are lucky to get a chance to grow beards. But, some of the others are too lucky to not have even one hair of the beard.

If someone has an opportunity to grow the beard, it is even a bad luck if the hair grows untidy. It becomes burdensome. How to maintain it well also becomes difficult homework to do. Wrong treatments will make the beard even worse.

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How to Take Care of Beard and Mustache

You have to take care of your beard and mustache. Most of men would like to let their hair grow in beard and mustache to increase manly impression and the prestige. Whoever grow their bread and mustache will have less risk to get skin cancer. Despite all, you still have to take care of it. lk

Here are some tips:

First, keep your beard growth with a neatly shaved. Second, choose any type of mustache or beard that fit with your face so you will not look bad and keep the mainly impression. Third, use moisturizer to keep your skin moist because dry skin is very bad and also it gives bad effect to your beard or mustache growth and not too oily face because oily face can cause acnes. Fourth, use the correct tools for shaving. If you are using bad quality of tool, it can cause irritation in your skin and you have to see a doctor to be cured. Fifth, use shampoo or moisturizer for your beard and mustache so your hair in those are will not get dry and bearish. Sixth, careful of foods that you eat, it also affects mustache or beard growth. Seventh, cut mustache two or three days in a week to keep it clean and neat. Despite it, it will also avoid mustache reach your mouth. If that happen, you will obviously get disease because there will be a lot of bacterium stays in your mustache. Last, you need to clean your mustache with its own soap to avoid itchy.


The Tricks

    1. Must be patient

When producing and trimming a beard, the most important is self – restraint. It may take longer time than you think. You can urge the trimming. Or the bad trim will occur. And, the beard usually will take four till six weeks to grow again. So, you must be careful to pick the best beard style for the thickness and length.

    2. Match to your face shape

Sorry to compare but to give right illustration, as if the wild animals, the beard must be well-tuned with its surrounding or environment around it. Consult with the expert can help you find the best beard style for you. If you want to do the choosing look by yourself, you should go trials and errors. So, you can try the first month with new style and compliment whether it is good or not.

    3. Choose best when and how to trim

To have very detail and right trimming, you should trim at the right moment. It is when you have spare time, not in hurry and not in tired situation. It will be best moment of your patience.

    4. Wash regularly

To grow well, it is important for you to wash it well. It is for exacerbate the itchiness from the skin cells and trapped food. Start with scrubbing the beard several times every week using specialized cleanser foam. Then, pat it gently until dry. Don’t be too overzealous in toweling because it will split the ends and make a frizz.

    5. Use beard oil

How to choose a beard style is started of understanding that nothing can make your beard like the regular one than beard oil. In many chances, the manly scents come from the oil. It also make your beard hair goes shinier and softer. If you get confused what scent should be, just smell one of the favorites you want.

    6. Train your beard

Daily rubdown with beard brush or comb will make the stubborn hair get wrangled. Train them to make a downward direction. It’s like an unimportant thing to do but it plays important part when you want to have trained hair. Do it daily, make it as habits and the result will be as you expected.

    7. Match with a moustache

To some people, a beard will go better with moustache. You can go endless style from the moustache and beard. Or just make it separated

    8. Fuel up

Remember that the beard has its root also. So, what you consume or intake into your body will determine how healthy your beard is. So, eat much vitamins, nutritious and carbohydrate foods also.

These tricks hopefully can help you of how to choose a beard style. There will be better if you consult with the experts first.


In conclusion, we should browse and find out more about trimmer that we are going to buy. Understand the characteristics and types of trimmer. We should know and fully understand about our own beard and mustache. After that, we can decide which type of trimmer than fit with our skin, mustache and beard. Do several compares between popular brands that available in Amazon. See the review from previous buyers. Think the advantage and disadvantage of the product that we will buy in the future. After having the product in our hand, we should take care of it and use it wisely. Clean it in the correct ways so we can use it in long term. Take care of our beard and mustache so we will not get any disease related to mustache and beard. Be careful when using the razor is very important because most of people nowadays get a scar from blade of trimmer as it is very sharp. So we need to be very careful whenever we are using it, clean it or whatever we do with the whole trimmer. And based on reviews in Amazon, the best beard trimmer so far are Philips beard trimmer Men’s grooming BT5200 / 13, Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100, Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and best Beard Trimmer, Conair for Men Super Stubble and Panasonic ER-CA35-K.
















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10 Best Beard Trimmer Every Man Should Know – 2017

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