5 Best Foil vs Rotary Shavers Products on Amazon

Choosing foil or rotary shaver can be tricky for some men. Most of them prefer rotary shaver but many of them also keen to use foil shaver. Both rotary shaver and foil shaver are great to be used to manage the facial hair, actually. All you need to do is using one of them to clean up the facial hair or to manage the facial hair. Rotary shaver has the plus point of the rotatable head it has. The rotatable head makes the shaver glades more easily on the face. Foil shaver is considerably more hygienic because the blades are changeable easily. However, both of them are equally good and basically they both have the same purpose. So, if you still wondering how to choose between foil vs rotary shaver, you do not have to do that because both of them are great to use. Below, you will see the list of 5 best foil or rotary shaver products on Amazon. You then can see the features of foil vs rotary shavers, which are basically the same, and then make your decision.

1. Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver for Men

1-braun-series-9-9090cc-electric-foil-shaver-for-men-foil vs rotary shavers

This first shaver on the list is a foil shaver. This foil shaver is from the Braun. As we know, Braun is known as the number one manufacturer of shaver and men’s grooming kit. This Braun foil shaver is very sophisticated and even has won GQ’s 2016 Grooming Award as the quickest electrical shaver. This shaver is completed by sharp blades so that it can provide comfortable shaving time for the skin. It does not cause any irritation and rashes on the skin. This shaver is also completed by Intelligent SyncroSonic Technology. It is a signature technology from Braun allowing the shaver to produce 40,000 cross-cutting every minute. Beside of that, this shaver is also designed compactly and ergonomically to be easily used. The action cutting of this shaver is very great and producing tons of styles for your facial hair including beard, mustache, and goatee.

2. Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Arc4 Electric Razor


The next item is a rotary shaver. It comes from Panasonic which is notably known as one of the best men’s grooming kit manufacturers. This Arc4 shaver is completed by tons of great features such as 4-blades cutting system and also dual-motor shaving system. Both of them makes shaving is more enjoyable as the blades can cut the facial hair precisely. Beside of that, this rotary shaver is completed by rotatable blades. The blades can be rotated up to 30° so that it can glide easily following the contour of your face. The Hyper Performance Technology available in this shaver is capable to deliver 14,000 cuts per minute. It is such an efficient shave. This shaver is quick and easy to rinse so that it can be stored cleanly and freshly. The shaver is also completed by charging station so that you can recharge the battery easily.

3. Philips Norelco HS8420 Nivea for Men Razor


This rotary shaver is from Philips. This product is the collaboration between Philips and Nivea. This shaver product is completed by many great features including wet and dry usage so that it is completely safe to use this haver in or out of the shower. You can also pair the shaver with Nivea shaving foam and makes the shaving experience more enjoyable. This shaver is a rechargeable shaver so that it can be recharged over and over providing long lasting usage. The design is ergonomic and it has anti-slip grip. You can grip it tightly even when you use it in the shower. It also has indicators to notice you the low battery and charging status. This shaver has sharp blade that allows you to shave following the contours of the skin. You can do close shaving with this shaver. This shaver also has MICROtec technology to prevent skin irritation and rashes.

4. Philips RQ1250 SensoTouch GyroFlex 3D Rotary Shaver


This Philips rotary shaver is completed by 3D system so that it can adjust seamlessly when in usage. It also has UltraTrack rotatable heads so that it can really cut every hair in just one stroke. Beside of that, this shaver is completed by a feature called SensoTouch to make the shaver glides easily over the face. Flexibility is one of the best features of this shaver because it can be used flexibly between dry shave and wet shave. You can use it in the shower with water or shaving foam. This shaver also has SkinGlide feature. This feature works so well to minimize rashes and skin irritation.


5. Remington R-950 Titanium Rotary Shaver


The last product on the list is from Remington. This rotary shaver is completed by amazing features such as dual shaver. It can be used as corded shaver or cordless shaver. The rotating head is very much enjoyable to use because they are flexible and gliding easily throughout the shaving. The blades are ultra-sharp with titanium coating so that it can be used easily and long lastingly.  The shaver is also rechargeable so that you can recharge the battery and then save it for next usage. It is completed by light indicators and also charging stand.

All of those foil or rotary shaver products can be purchased on Amazon. As we know, Amazon is worldwide known as the best online marketplace. You can basically find whatever you want on Amazon, including men’s grooming kits. Buying men’s grooming kits on Amazon is easier because you can get the product without having to go anywhere. You can have the product delivered to your house even overnight. So, after you read the list above about foil vs rotary shavers and you have decided which one you like more, you can open the Amazon website and then place your order.

The shavers that you get from Amazon are totally going to help you get the best facial hair ever. You will not experience the confusion of choosing foil vs rotary shavers after reading the list and make your order on Amazon.


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