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5 Best Philips Norelco Shaver and Beard Trimmer

It doesn’t matter whether if it’s your first time buying or upgrading electric shaver, it can turn into a challenging thing to handle. With a variety of electric shavers, you can get confused choosing the right one. But, the right choice is always among variety of Philips Norelco multigroom electric shavers. Philips has been known to be one of the leading electric shaver manufacturers with various products to offer. This time, there will be 5 different Philips Norelco products reviewed and recommended. Feel free to choose which one fits your need the best.

Philips Norelco All in 1 Grooming System G370

1-philips-norelco-all-in-1-grooming-system-g370-Philips Norelco multigroom

Being on the top of the list, the G370 Philips Norelco beard trimmer and electric shaver is everything you need to get the best style in a convenient way. This grooming kit comes together with hair clipper comb, mini foil shaver, full size trimmer, mustache and beard trimmer comb, precision trimmer, eyebrow trimmer and nose and ear trimmer. It’s like a multi functional kit for grooming which comes to be very handy for men. It comes with AccuControl system completed with a flexing guide comb which can follow your face’s counters. It is also very simply to maneuver and can reach even the most difficult areas.

With this shaver, you can maintain even the most intricate beard style with precision groomer while the ear, nose and the eyebrow trimmer lets you to remove any unwanted hair. This kit is also very easy to clean as the attachments are fully washable. With 10 hour of charging, this shaver can provide around 35 minutes of nonstop cordless operation.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 7300

2-philips-norelco-shaver-7300-Philips Norelco multigroom

Another recommended Philips Norelco electric shaver which is specifically designated for sensitive skin. This shave comes with comfort rings that can effortlessly glide over the skin with minimum friction. Its gentle precision blades on the other hand, cut the hair carefully to provide smooth shave finish without any skin irritation. And it is also added with DynamicFlex shaving heads that can follow your face’s curves including on the neck and face.

Inside the box, this kit comes together with SmartClick precision trimmer, travel case, power cord, the electric shaver, cleaning cartridge and SmartClean kit. The SmartClean system is particular system developed to clean, charge and also lubricate the shaver. This is actually the feature that allows you to get smooth shave every time. Another additional feature is the LED interface display that shows the status of the battery.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 9700

3-philips-norelco-electric-shaver-9700-2-philips-norelco-shaver-7300-Philips Norelco multigroom

philips-norelco-electric-shaver-9700-3-philips-norelco-electric-shaverThis particular Philips Norelco beard trimmer offers perfection in every pass. As one of the most advanced electric shavers from Philips, it comes with a variety of newest and most advanced features. The features include Counter Detect Technology which allows the shaver head to move independently in 8 different directions. This is useful as it can follow every curve of your face. It also gives another advantage of being able to cut 20% more hair within single pass. Another feature is V-Track Precision Blades that becomes special feature to collect more hair. It is possible because it comes in optimal cutting position. So the result is 30% closer shave.

Inside the box, there are the Shaver 9700, cleaning cartridge, SmartClean Pro, travel, power cord and the SmartClick precision trimmer. This shaver also has advanced Personal Comfort Settings to allow you choosing one between the three different speed settings. Thanks to its advanced LED display that you can monitor the battery status.

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Philips Norelco 2D Shaver with SensoTouch and Jet Clean System


Here comes another excellent Philips Norelco beard trimmer. This particular shaver comes with a variety of super functional features to allow the shaver to provide soft and smooth shave. This shaver can certainly provide superior shaving experience thanks to GyroFlex 2D technology and skin glide. This combination of feature can lift and cut every hair precisely. And it doesn’t cause any irritation while it can even clean the shortest stubble. This shaver is designated for any types of skin. To support the operation, it comes with lithium ion battery so it can be used for cordless operation. Meanwhile, the precision trimmer is what you need to most to perfectly groom the sideburns and mustaches. Even more, this shaver can also clean and lubricate the razor itself. It allows you to enjoy premium shaving experience. Meanwhile, this shaver also comes with two dimensional contouring which tilts inward and pivots around. As a result, it can minimize the pressure and can adjust to your face’ curves.


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Philips Norelco Shaver 7700


Here is the last product on the list. Known as Philips Norelco Shaver 7700, this is an ideal shaver for sensitive skin. It always delivers comfortable and smooth shave including for men with sensitive skin. While operating, it can reduce friction with the skin thanks to the comfort rings. Meanwhile, the shave result will be smoother thanks to the Gentle Precision blades. This shaver can also follow every face’s curve you have thanks to its DynamicFlex shaving heads contour that can flex in 5 different directions.

5-philips-norelco-shaver-7700-Philips Norelco multigroom

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Philips Norelco Shaver 7700 is also offered with multilevel LED interface that displays the shaver’s battery status. This way, you can find out when you have to charge it. Just like most shavers from Philips, this particular shaver also comes with SmartClean system which doesn’t only clean and lubricate the shaver but also charges it. Since it also comes with 5 different length shaving settings, you have more choices of beard styles to pick. You can appear with full long beard of short neatly trimmed beard. The choice is yours so you can appear perfect. Inside the box, you will get several items including the shaver, cleaning cartridge, travel case, SmartClean, power cord and SmartClick beard styler.

5-philips-norelco-shaver-7700-Philips Norelco multigroom

The great deals are not over yet. By buying any of the shavers here, you can get the best price. Exactly, this best price means lower price compared to what other places offer. With this kind of multi features and functions, Philips Norelco multigroom electric shavers will definitely be great long term investment.

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