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9293 S of Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 9293s

Braun Series 9 becomes one of the options people can choose as their shaver. There are lots of options from this series which can be chosen. As many people already knew that there are various series of Braun shaver which will come to you as the options why looking for the right choice of shaver product. One of the most favourite choices among all is the 9293 S. That is a kind of men’s shaver for the dry and wet use. That offers some features which may be totally important to be noticed in order to find the best one for you. Sure, as a man finding the best shaver will be something necessary since it will be the key of their appearance as well. That is why sometimes picking the right men’s shaver can be a bit tricky. This 9293 S can be one of the recommendations for you in choosing the right product of men’s shaver for the type of dry and wet. This offers the full package which consists of the shaver, charging stand, trimmer in pop up type, and including the travelling case for giving the users simplicity in bringing it anywhere.

Braun Series 9 9293s

This dry and wet Braun razor offers some great features.  One of them is that this cordless shaver is completely waterproof. That is actually the same as other kinds of Braun shavers, including the products of Braun shaver series 9. That is because of the great quality of material. That is waterproof until about five metres. It means, the shaver can be easily cleaned in the water, even under the flowing water. As like other shavers of Braun Series 9, this product can be used for the wet or dry shaving method. This shaver has 5 great elements of shaving which are great in capturing the more effective and efficient hair in only one stroke. This is aimed at giving the less risk of the irritation of the skin and also for the fewer strokes. This also uses the technology called Syncro Sonic which is able to adapt and read the beard properly about 160 times/second.
That is also able providing the additional power when it detects the needed extra power there. That means, the user will be able to get the perfectly eat result in the faster time you can obtain. This shaver from the Braun Series 9 offers the quality in providing the simplicity and effectiveness while enjoying shaving.
Braun Series 9 9293s

The design which is cordless also makes it really easy to be used and brought anywhere with the perfect neat result for men. The simple design with the ergonomic handle make the design is great to give the comfort as well. That will also be great as the choice for them who love to travel. The case to bring the shaver will also make it simpler. The charging stand will also give the good point as well in getting simplicity in recharging your shaving device easily anytime. All of those parts are included in the package of this 9293 S shaver of Braun Series 9. For the durability, this shaver is great and last longer for at least seven years. Sure, that can be much longer so that the users would not need to buy more shavers again and again. It means they will be able to save much of the budget.

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9090 CC of Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 9090cc

Various types of shaver products from the range of Braun Series 9 may make you feel a little bit frustrated in choosing one of them which will be suitable the most for your need. All men always want to have the perfect shaver to make their face clean and smooth easily and quickly. That is why finding the right product of the men’s razor becomes the essential thing for the men. That is like choosing the right make up for women. One of the products from the range of Braun shaver series 9 is the 9090 CC. This is the kind of electric foil razor from Braun which has the system of cordless shaving for the versatility and effectiveness in the use. There are various great points the men shall notice about this shave since it becomes one to know shaver products which men need to know.

Various features are there to make this shaver of Braun Series 9 becomes what the men need. One of the great features is about the design which is not only stylish but also really great to give the great performance as well, as like the design of the head which is fully pivoting. That becomes perfect with the cutting elements which are flexible. The technology in combining the Macro Motion and also the Micro Motion applied on this product makes everything is great. That helps shaving properly by maintaining the better contact of the skin. That is aimed at giving the thorough great result and also the better facial adaptation. It means this Braun shaver is designed to meet the need of any men’s facial characteristic and shape.

Braun Series 9 9090cc

Another good thing the men will see from this Braun razor is about the use of the intelligent technologies called the Syncro-Sonic. What is that anyway? That is the technology which uses the synergies of the 4 different yet special elements of cutting which is applied with the great Sonic-Technology which are able to deliver about 40 thousands of cross cutting actions in a minute. That is aimed at capturing the various types and sizes of the hair effectively. It is a good technology which will give the thorough result of shaving for men no matter what type of hair which they have. That is the unique technology which we would not find in other products except the Braun Series 9. It becomes one of the factors why it is really wanted by a lot of men.

The next good point about this Braun shaver is the clean and charge station which is alcohol based and offers the 5 great actions. That is hygienically yet effectively charging, cleaning, and also lubricating the device of the shaving from only a button to press. That is the great and is included in the package for the simplicity. In addition, this is also able selecting the program of cleaning properly, and then drying the device properly. That is only from one button for the perfect solution of the razor. This is the special technology as well which is applied to the shaver products of Braun Series 9, including this 9090 CC. If you always need the best product which has been proven, this is one of the recommendations for you to choose since it is the best Foil Shave Brand in the world which anyone can notice.

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9095 CC of Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9-9095cc

Talking about the Braun shaver products, there will be wide ranges of the shaver you will find. They may make you feel a bit confused making a right decision since almost all of them look the same. No matter what the various ranges of types also have some various types of the shavers. That is also in the range of Braun Series 9 which offers some various products of shavers. You are able to find various choices there including the type of 9095 CC which is also one of the most favourite type of the product of Braun shaver series 9. This type also has some specs and features which are really special among others. Sure, each of the types of the series has its own special features which make them totally special even though any of them can be the good options for men to deal with their shaving duties. For the type of 9095 CC, it is said that this shaver or razor is designed to give the most comfort and efficiencies for the men’s skin. That is also said that it has been proven on the three-day-beard. This is what makes this shaver is special among others. This is said to be the most comfortable ones.

There are so many great features or specs which are offered by the products of Braun Series 9. It is including what we can find from the type of this 9095 CC. One of the great technologies which are applied in this shave product is the cutting system of the quadruple action. That offers the great adaptability regarding to the face shape and type. This Braun shaver is made and designed to give the comfort on the skin with effective result. Sure, this shaver also uses the Syncro Sonic technology as like other shavers of the Braun Series 9. The Opti-Foil is the foil structure of the shaver which is the most advanced one from Braun. That is one of the great features of this Braun razor which helps getting the perfect yet proper closeness which will also give the last longer  result. This is also another good feature which is offered by the Braun Series 9 and makes it special for the men.

Braun Series 9-9095cc

This type of the razor also has the great design of the shaver. Sure, from its outside, it offers the stylish design which looks really sleek, shiny, yet simpler. However, besides those good design which looks really trendy, this razor is also completed with the LED display. That will show some information which will be really helpful for the users, including the information of the status of your shaver battery, the indication of hygiene, and also the indicators of the travel lock. Those are totally great since it means we do not need to wait till the battery runs out to charge it because we can see the status of the battery there. That is including great for ensuring the hygiene of the razor. This product as one of the Braun Series 9 shavers is also completed with the Clean and Charge station in the package. That is great for some great  roles. They are charging, cleaning, lubricating, drying, and also selecting the right program for the shaver cleaning. Those duties can be easily done only by touching only a button on it. Then, you will get the ready to use shaver in the perfect condition.

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9093 S of Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 9093s

Another idea of the shave type from Braun Series 9 is the type of 9093 S. That is one of the well known razors from Braun which makes a lot of men are interested in trying and using it to fulfil their need in having the perfect yet easy shaving. Surely, for men shaving is completely essential and becomes the great routines to do almost daily. That is why finding the right choice of the razor is totally essential for all men. The product of Braun shaver becomes one of the options as like this type of 9093-s. This razor becomes the first best brand which offers the perfect comfort of the skin with the good efficiency. That has been proven on the three-day-beard which is shaved. Thus, if you are really in need of the product of men’s razor which offers not only the effective result but also the good comfort, this may be one of the options you can try. This is also said to be the Braun razor product which has won the 2016 GQ Grooming awards. That is the award as the official electric shaver and quickest shaver. So, if you often feel really need to get proof, that may be the great proof to consider in finding the right men’s shaver. Sure, this shaver product does not only offer the popularity but also the great performance, design, and technology.

Braun Series 9 9093s

This type of the Braun shaver has some great features as the good points. Sure since it is one of the Braun Series 9, it also has the magnificent technology which becomes the signature. This is the Syncro-sonic as the intelligent technology. That is about applying 4 different elements of cutting in synergy with the technology of Sonic which are able in creating the 40 thousands actions of cross cuttings in one minutes. This technology is created in order to support any types and kinds of the hair. Sure, that will be completely helpful since all men do not have the same types of hair. Sometimes, particular shaver or razor is great and work only for one type of hair but this Braun shaver is designed properly to work well for any kinds of hair. You do not need worrying about your unique type of the hair anymore then. The head of the shaver which is fully pivoting becomes really perfect with its cutting element which is totally flexible. That offers the perfect comfort for the users while shaving. The combination of Macro-Motion and the Micro-Motion becomes really perfect since it helps maintaining the more contact of the skin in getting the maximum adaptation of the face.

That is also great for getting the result which is most thorough for the men. This is the good technology specializes in this product of Braun Series 9, which give the result of the great efficiencies and also better comfort in shaving. The perfect finish of the shaver is obtained as well from the 2x Opti-Foil use. This also makes this shaver is waterproof since it is able to be submerged in the water. Even, it is still safe in the depth of 5 meters of the water. It means, we can conclude that this men’s shaver of the Braun Series 9 is totally waterproof. You do not need to worry even to use it under the shower. Both dry and even wet shaving can be done with this razor.

Last update was on: June 1, 2020 1:40 am

9290 CC of Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Braun series 9 has a lot of ranges of the products of shavers. Sure, that has been well known as the men’s shaver products which apply the great technology which is really unique yet helpful. It is a good idea for the men to know much more about the product. One of the well known products of the Series 9 by Braun is the type of 9290 CC. This Braun shaver will be what we need to know then in the range of the series 9 from Braun. Sure, since this is in the premium range of the shaver, it has the various great technologies and also features which are applied to meet the need of the proper yet comfortable shaving for the men. This razor has the design which is really simple yet modern with its sleek look. The razor has the cordless design which is suitable for the wet shaving or even dry shaving. So, you can find which the most favourite way to shave is whether it is the dry or even wet one. That can be done only through one shaver. This shaver has some stuff inside its package. They are a brush for cleaning, cleaning cartridge which is alcohol based, station for Clean and Charge (5-action feature), and the razor. They are the complete stuff in one package which will also be a good point for the men who are always mobile or love travelling. The case will help you keeping the razor neat in your bag, while the station for cleaning and charging is great to charge the battery of the shaver and even to clean it properly yet quickly in one simple way.

Some features are attached to the 9290 CC as one of the products of Braun series 9. That is including using the technology which becomes the main feature of this range, which is the Syncro-Sonic. That is able to give the power which is much more to the part which is needed. That is able to read and also to adapt there while shaving. It applies the 5 elements of shavings which are different. That is effective in capturing the more pieces of the hairs per strokes. The fewer amount of the strokes in shaving will help reducing the risk of the irritation of skin effectively which often happen while shaving. It means, this technology offered by this Braun razor offers not only the more effective result but also the better comfort.

Braun Series 9 9290cc

The station of the Clean&Charge offers the great solution in lubricating, cleaning, and even drying the razor effectively and quickly only through a button which needs to be pushed. Then, it is ready to be used. The selection of the program in cleaning the razor is also automatically chosen. So, that offers the simplicity in maintaining the device and would not take much of your time and energy. That is why it is also the main interesting point of the Braun shaver series 9. The product is made to be really great since it is in the range of Braun series 9 which becomes the line of the premium quality shavers. This type of the Braun shaver also still has the shiny elegant design of the body with the simple look. The ergonomic design is made to meet the need of the comfort while shaving.

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Brief Comparison of Braun Series 9

Braun series 9 comparison

As people have known, especially it has been stated in the previous parts, that the Braun series 9 has the wide ranges of types of the shavers, and then many of you may be so confused in making a decision. That is because almost all of them are similar on its features. However, here, we are going to share the important information which can give you some helpful considerations in making a decision. That is especially in dealing with the right choice between the Braun shaver series 9 of 9293 S, 9090 CC, and also 9095 CC.

The three different types of the shavers of Braun series 9 mentioned above have some similarities and also the differences as well. That is including related to the dry and wet shaving capabilities. The 9293 S and 9095 CC are able to be used as the shaver for the dry and also wet style, but the 9090 CC does not. So, if it is essential for you to be able shaving in the wet way, you need to consider this point so much in selecting the right Braun razor type.

Then, another main point to notice as well is about the availability of the Clean-and-Charge station. That is only available on some specific types of the Braun series 9 only. That is including for the 9090 CC and also 9095 CC which include the station of ‘Clean and Charge’ in the package. Then, for the series of 9293 S, there is no such that station in the package of the Braun shaver.

In comparing those three different models of the Braun series 9, we can also notice the shaving elements which are applied. The 9090 CC and 9095 CC apply 4 shaving elements in synergy, while the Braun shaver type of 9293 S has the 5 elements of shaving in synergy. Sure, those are some essential points which may differentiate those three different models of Braun series 9, so that you can choose one based on your need.

What to Consider in Selecting a Braun Shaver ?

Choosing the right shaving devices for men can be really tricky because of course each man has his own considerations with his own need and conditions. That is the reason why choosing the right shaver can be a bit challenging for them so that some trials and errors are often done to find the right one. Then, when we are talking about the Braun series 9, what are the considerations to notice while choosing that brand? Sure, we then notice why choosing the brand and what to consider in dealing with that brand since there are some other brands which are available to pick as well besides the products of Braun shaver.

Having some ideas about the considerations in picking the Braun razor is such the good thing. The first one which needs to be considers is that the products of shavers by Braun have been well known as the credible brand with their great quality. Then, they also have the great technology and also features which are applied in their shaving products. That is especially for the products of shavers which are involved in the types of Braun series 9.

The wide ranges of the products for each of the series are also varied with some different combination of the features, and even for the specs. Thus, we have the freedom to choose the product of razor which has the specs and features that are suitable the most to our need and also condition. Braun also has a lot of series of the shavers with the various choices of products in each series. That is including the Braun shaver series 9 which offer some different models to choose.

Braun Shavers Characteristics

Talking about finding the right choice of the product of shavers for men, there will be wide ranges of products which can be chosen. That is including the various choices of the products of Braun series 9. Sure, the shaver brand of Braun is always mentioned when we are talking about the men’s shaver products. That is because this brand is already well known among the people especially the men. Then, what makes this brand becomes really popular among the men? What are the characteristics which this brand has actually? Sure, anyone wants to know much about the information related to the brand and also their products of the shavers. Braun actually has been well known because of its various types of the products. Almost all of them have the great quality and performance with the new technology which is applied. That drives Braun as one of the well known brands for men’s shavers. In addition, they also have some different series in order to differentiate their products of shavers. One of them is the Braun shaver series 9. Each of the series of shavers from Braun also consists of some different models or types of the shavers. Thus, you will have the simplicity in finding the right product which has the features and specs that will be suitable the most to your need.

Besides the series of Braun series 9, we can see other series which are also interesting and popular. All of the shavers by Braun, in any series, offer the stylish yet simple design which looks so elegant. This is also the German craftsmanship which offers the precision shavers with the great design and quality. The premium Braun shaver products also offer the great quality which can last at least seven years of use. Sure, that is the minimum term which can be obtained. All products of shavers from Braun are also designed properly to meet the need of the men, including the need of the comfort while shaving, and also the perfect result and finish after shaving.

Since we are talking about the Braun shavers which are in the series 9, then we are going to talk about the characteristics of the series. Sure, there are a lot of great characteristics which make the shavers of Braun series 9 become really attractive among the people. What makes the people are interesting in choosing the product in this series is about the character of the specs and technology which are totally premium. The series offer the premium technology, as like the use of the advanced technology entitled Syncro Sonic. That offers the better comfort while shaving with the great efficiencies as well. That is including the use of the head of the shaver which has 4 elements for shaving. Another great characteristic of the Braun series 9 is about the wet and also dry shaving mode which is available in some particular models in the series 9. The feature of the station of ‘Clean and Charge’ is also available for some models in this series.


Here, we are going to talk about the conclusion related to what we have discussed here regarding to the products of Braun series 9. Sure, actually, there are various models or types in this series. Here, we are talking five of the models of series 9. The Braun shaver products in the series are actually really varied. We have 5 which are already reviewed above. Then, in conclusion, we can see that almost all of them have some similarities, and even all of them feel so similar. That is including the technology of Syncro-Sonic which is applied to all of the models.

Then, what we need to notice before making a decision is considering whether you need to get the simplicity in maintaining the Braun razor or not. If it is the necessary point for you, then go on to choose the models in Braun series 9 which have the station of ‘Clean-and-Charge’. Some of the ideas are 9095 CC, 9290 CC, and 9090 CC.

Another thing you need to consider is regarding to the features of the ability of dry and wet shaving. If that is the necessary point for you in shaving, then you need to choose the Braun shaver series 9 which are able for both dry and also wet shaving, as like 9290 CC, 9095 CC, and 9093 S. Still, you need to consider other conditions when you are going to decide which one of the Braun series 9 is the best one for you.

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