Choosing The Right Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer in 2019

A hair trimmer is becoming an essential tool for facial care. This small tool is usually needed by men who groan and bemoaning at the hair growth on nose and ears. Nowadays, more trimmers can be found and many of them are the modern electric trimmers in addition of the manual trimmers. They come in a variety of designs, features and prices as well as produced by different manufacturers. It’s interesting to check on the available options for the differences and similarities they share. As buyers get overwhelmed by the amount of hair trimmers, a set of recommendations will be well appreciated.

Some Things to Be Considered Before Buying a Hair Trimmer

Before checking the recommendations, it’s wise to check on some key things in choosing trimmers. First of all, let’s take a look at what’s important for the electric options. There are several things to be considered in order to get best electric hair trimmer. When it comes to electric options, check the following points:

  • Cutting Heads – Choose a trimmer with good cutting head that allows cutting hairs in areas like ear canals and nostrils with the sharp stainless steel or sharp titanium blades to get neat and easy cut.
  • Built-In Light – Modern electric trimmers come with various features and built-in lights are useful. These lights can help in getting better view of ears and nose.
  • Power Source – An electric hair trimmer might be rechargeable or will need the traditional batteries. Both are good.
  • Trimming Function – Some of the available trimmers can be used not only to trim the hair grow inside of nostril or ear canals but also to trim other facial hair such as the eyebrows or beards and sideburns.

For those who are searching for manual trimmer, there’s not much to be considered properly. What need to be check are the cutting head and the model of the trimmer. It’s also important to check on how the trimmer it’s constructed, what material being used and how to operate the trimmer and whether it will be comfortable, safe or not. After considering these things, one can start checking the following recommendations.

Toilet Free Professional Nose TrimmerToilet Free Professional Nose Trimmer

This modern looking electric hair trimmer has good design and need only an AA battery to work. This trimmer is particularly made with high quality steel for the body with the high quality cutting head. The stainless steel blades will help in getting clean and smooth cut. Its built-in light will be useful to help finding and reaching the hairs meant to be cut. This trimmer is designed for convenient as it is water resistant and can be used while being in a shower. Cleaning the trimmer

will certainly be as piece of cake and to top it all, a lifetime replacement warranty is available.

Braun Ear and nose Hair TrimmerBraun Ear and nose Hair Trimmer

Coming from the infamous brand, this hair trimmer is designed to provide precision while also putting safety ahead of anything. It has a system of circular-blade for the high performance that guarantees hair removal of nose and ear without unnecessary tugging and pulling. Its shape is meant for convenient, durability as well as the ease of usage. Users don’t need to worry about how to keep it clean as it can be easily washed under running water. It is an electric trimmer and naturally need power source. In this case, it needs an AA battery. The included battery is claimed to enable the trimmer to be used for 120 minutes.

Panasonic ER-GN25VPPanasonic ER-GN25VP

Who said that guys are the only ones using hair trimmer meant for facial hair? Women will also need one and this trimmer by Panasonic can be a good option. The design itself cannot be more obvious on how it is meant for women. It has vivid fuschia color combine with white. The good look is complemented by the good features and performance. The sharp dual-edge blade will cut and trim without tugging and pulling. This trimmer is truly meant for women as it can also be used as bikini razor and cleaning and simple maintenance can be done easily. It’s an ideal trimmer for a trip and need only one AAA battery to work.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Trimmer

Groom Mate Platinum XL

Not all of the hair trimmers have fancy designs. This one is looking very simple but at the same time, it looks very fine. This is the only manual hair trimmer in this list and one may want to consider it. This trimmer doesn’t need to be maintained in the slightly more complicated way. It is compact and super easy to be taken anywhere. Users don’t need to worry about battery as none needs to be prepared. It is made from solid material with lifetime warranty attached to it. This trimmer is a real good one once users get used to work with it.

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Braun Exact SeriesBraun Exact Series nose trimmer

The last hair trimmer is yet another electric trimmer and yet another one from Braun. At a glance, this looks similar to the previously mentioned Braun trimmer. And taking a look closer, it does have more similarities than differences. This one also needs an AA battery to work. It is made with similar features of circular blade system with blades made of stainless steel for high performance. It is designed to provide comfort and safety while trimming hair. And it can be cleaned easily under the running water.


There are a lot of hair trimmers available in the shops. Choosing the right one can get a little overwhelming but one can always puts an effort in finding out the best by doing a proper research on the available options. Some people feel comfortable with the electric options. Some others will want to get the manual ones. Everyone has personal preferences and thus the best hair trimmer for every individual can be different. Just remember to consider all things mentioned earlier in order to get the best possible option.

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