Best Options of Beard Trimmer For Men

For most men in the world, beard grooming is a must to do activity every day. It is a part of the self-cleaning process before or after shower. By grooming yourself every day, you must always become a good looking guy with clean, tidy as well as elegant performance. To complete the grooming process, you should have the best trimmer that makes easier the process and never make any problems. Make sure that the tool will work well to give perfect result, fast working, and also easy to maintain. So you can make the trimmer as a great tool to use in daily basis. It will be more effective and efficient to use electric beard trimmer that commonly works faster, easy to maintain and more durable.

For those who are looking for the best beard trimmers that support the grooming process well, you can find the best options below.


Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 73005.Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 (Model QT4070-41)

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is another vacuum trimmer that also comes with adjustable settings of the length. This model QT4070/41 was called Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Mustache Trimmer Pro. In the new release with the new name, there is no change given to the product except the packaging.

As a vacuum beard trimmer, this product certainly comes with a vacuum system that will capture the hairs automatically during the trimming process. It will solve the messy area after beard and mustache trimming process. By using this trimmer product, you also can adjust the length of face hair trimming by setting it in 18 length options; from 1 mm to 18 mm or 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch. You can also have the stubble setting with this trimmer; about 1/64 inch or 5 mm. In this product, you can also find a button for turbo power boosting, so that the fan speed and the cutting power can be boosted.

The Features of Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300

Vacuum System and Maintenance Free Blades

As the main feature, the vacuum system of this electric beard trimmer will certainly provide grooming results that are always mess free and also maintenance free. There is no more sink covered by face hair because the integrated vacuum will suck the hairs automatically as they are cut. The sharp blades will work well and powerfully whilst you don’t need to maintain the blades by applying certain oil. The blades will be still sharp all the time.

LED Display of Settings

To see the battery life indicator as well as in what length setting the trimmer is, you can see the multifunctional LED display on the beard trimmer. Look at the display to find to know the recent settings and reset the trimmer to be like your favorite settings. Choose any of the 18 settings of length to trim your face hairs in your most desired look. You can adjust the length from 1 millimeter up to 18 millimeters based on what length you like best for most favorite look. Use the zoom lock wheel to keep the setting you have chosen.

Set the stubble conveniently whilst trimming your beard and mustache; thanks to the adjustable comb. It will guide the trimmer’s blades gently to follow the face curves of the users. This feature will also trim down until ½ millimeter so that the trimming result can create the look of 5 o’clock shadow.

Turbo Power Button

Whenever you need to make the beard and mustache trimmer work faster and more powerful, you can press the button of turbo power to boost the fan speed and cutting ability. It will be very functional when you find beards or mustache area with more density and thickness. The turbo power button will command the beard trimmer to work faster and more powerful to hit the face hairs.

Long Lasting Battery Power and Portable Design

For those who love traveling and never go without a trimmer, you will love having this product because the lithium-ion battery can give quite long life so you don’t need to recharge it too many times. Otherwise, you may need to recharge sometimes, but don’t need much time to wait the battery power full again. One hour of recharging will provide you 50 minutes of trimming time. See the LED display of the beard trimmer to make sure that you have enough power for trimming. Besides, the travel lock feature makes the trimmer gets the easy portability. It will lock the trimmer so it will not turn on by itself during it is inside your traveling luggage.

Even you have used this best beard trimmer for years, you will prove that the blades will stay sharp all the time even it doesn’t need special treatment of oil application for the maintenance. The two years warranty from the manufacturer can be used to cover any damage during the period.


2.Braun Rechargeable Hair and Beard TrimmerWahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer

This is a beard trimmer that will groom you perfectly every day. It is designed with blades that can sharpen themselves so you will never need to sharpen the trimmer in regular basis. Just use the trimmer anytime you need and it will work best to trim your beards.

For the most comfortable experiences of beard grooming, this trimmer is designed with elements that are soft to touch and comfortable to grip. The battery is rechargeable and has long lifetime so you can use the trimmer much longer and don’t need any new battery purchase since you can recharge the battery anytime. Besides, enjoy the ergonomic design of the contour that will make the beard grooming process more enjoyable.


Philips QT4013/23 Series 3000 Beard Trimmer4.Philips QT4013-23 Series 3000 Beard Trimmer

This is another electric trimmer product launched by Philips as one of your best choices for daily beard trimming. The series 3000 comes with more and better features that will provide you the best trimming experiences.

Firstly, the newer and better feature of Philips QT4013/23 is the 20 lock-in length settings; that are more than the previous trimmer products. The length settings will let you to adjust the beard and mustache trimming from 0.5mm to 10mm of length. You can choose the setting easily by selecting the button and then start operating the trimmer to style the beard and mustache to become the best stubble as desired. The large selections of hair length will provide precision results of styling.

In the process of trimming, you can enjoy the great performance of cutting for the amazing blades coated by titanium. Yet the blades are also skin-friendly so it will also prevent skin irritation. The enjoyable experiences of beard trimming can also be had while you are in a trip. You only need to charge the beard trimmer before you can use it cordless in about 60 minutes. The battery life is easy to indicate with the indicator light. The light will be green when the battery is full. It will blink in orange color if the battery power is low and blink in green light color when the battery power is being charged.

After you finish trimming the beard and mustache, you can clean the beard trimmers easily. Remove the head easily and then clean under the tap by using the cleaning brush. This trimmer comes with UK plug with the 3-pin as well as an adapter for corded using. This product also comes with a travel pouch that will be perfect to bring while traveling.


1.Wahl Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer Recharging CordlessBraun Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer

This product will not only become your favorite beard and mustache trimmer but also your hair. It means that those who have full and dense beards will find it as the best option for daily grooming at home. The Braun Hair and Beard Trimer Series 7 is a powerful trimmer to style the beard as needed. It comes with a special functionality of click and lock feature and firmly stayed adjustable comb; the features that make easier the hair trimming in certain length desired. It uses dual and long life battery system so you can use the power in a longer time for beard cutting or even hair clipping.

Special features of Braun Beard Trimmer

  1. The slide and style system that is unique. This feature enables you to style your beard by doing simple sliding, including in the time the comb is on.
  2. The combs are easy to click and lock. The process of beard trimming is now much easier since you can change the length setting easily by moving one finger while trimming.
  3. You can set up to 12 different length. Thanks to a couple of trimming attachments featured in this trimmer so that the style and the trimming length result is customizable based on your taste.
  4. Washable trimmer. Even though it is an electric trimmer, this product is fully washable so you can clean it easily anytime. You only need to rinse the trimmer under a tap, then it will be clean soon.
  5. Constant power. Thanks to the dual battery system that will work with constant power to make perfect stubble or beautiful result of full beard.
  6. The NI-Ca Battery is long lasting. After recharge the battery for about one hour, you can use the power to trim beards up to 40 minutes.
  7. Smart Plug with worldwide automatic adjustable voltage from 100v to 240v. It will conveniently become your best trimmer both at home and in traveling.
  8. This beard trimmer also comes with charging stand and travel case that will protect it well during your trip.

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Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7100-Vacuum Trimmer3.Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7100, Vacuum Trimmer

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer is a perfect product for those who always to easily and fast clean the mess area after grooming. It is very interesting because this electric trimmer comes with vacuum system that can help capturing the cut hairs so that no more messy area after beard trimming. This product is featured by contour follow comb that can result even and precise trims. To adjust the trim result as desired, you can choose from 1/32 inch length to 23/32 inch length. The 18 length setting options are amazing to fit your need. Besides, the blades of the beard trimmer don’t need maintenance to keep them sharp and no oil needed.

Features of Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

If you always need certain time to clean up the sink after beard trimming, you will not need to waste time to clean the hairs anymore. Since this products comes with a vacuum system that is uniquely integrated inside the trimmer. The vacuum will automatically capture the hairs as the process of the cutting so they come into the hair waste container inside the trimmer’s handle. On the other hand, you don’t need to maintain the beard and mustache trimmer difficulty since the blades will stay sharp all the time and you don’t need to oil the blades.

Trim the Beard Evenly

This Philips trimer product is designer with 18 secured settings of length; from 1 to 18 millimeter long. The Setting can be zoomed lock with the special wheel that secure the selected length. Then the trimming process will be enjoyable and give the best results. Thanks to the comb that follows the face curves contour so that the cutting results will be always even with this trimmer.

Long Battery Life and Portable Trimmer Design

The lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to provide you up to 60 minutes of trimming after the eight hours charging. This trimmer design is also made can be operated with cord and without cord so it is portable and can trim the beard and mustache conveniently anytime anywhere. When the battery power is low, you will know it soon for the indicator light. So you will know whether the beard trimmer is ready to use or need some power boosting. Enjoy using the trimmer all the time since the 2 year warranty from the manufacturer will back up whenever it is broken.

Customer Reviews for Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7100

You can say this product as the best trimmer for men because many users give five-star rating for it. Most of the users love the vacuum system that doesn’t make the sink or other trimming area messily covered by the beard hairs. The beard trimmer is also lovely for the durable machine; even many users can use it without any problems after 10 years. Besides, the trimmer that comes with lithium-ion battery and international charger are also the most loved features. The battery provides great powers to help trimming your beards much longer and the international charger makes it perfect to become a portable or travel trimmer.

On the other hand, the cons written by the users are such as the trimmer that doesn’t come with travel case so they need to use other box to become a safe casing. A few users also write about the costly price, but it isn’t a big deal since this product is worth.






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