Top Rated Safety Razor Based on Your Needs

Finding top rated safety razor must be one of your needs to get a perfect grooming time every day. The best products must have high quality and give comfort to you while enjoying shaving time. Here you will get some items of shaving razor that can be chosen based on your needs.

Shaveology Complete Shaving Set

1-shaveology-complete-shaving-set-includes-safety-razor-pre-shave-oil-shave-lather-after-shave-silvertip-shave-brush-and-stand-top rated safety razor

This shaving set from Shaveology could become the best item to choose by every man who always wants to enjoy the best shaving experiences. This product will give you the needs and a guarantee is given. Inside the shaving set, there are a double edged safety razor in chrome finishing and a handle in black acrylic color. It also comes with pre-shave oil, shave lather that contains anti-aging formula, and also after shave oil. Golden seaweed is the ingredient infused to the shave oils; containing anti-aging properties that have been clinically tested. The shaving set also contains silvertip badger hair shave brush as well as a stainless steel stand in highest quality. Those items are included in one leather toiletry bag. Such awesome package will be a perfect choice for a gift.

Product Description

Shaveology complete shaving set is a perfect item that can be chosen as a gift or only for yourself. This product is engineered by the experts in order to bring high quality shaving result consistently every time. The high quality is not only in the safety razor, but also on the silvertip brush as well as the stainless steel stand, which is also completed by the amazing skin care line.

Customer Review

All customers that have used this give five star rating for this shaving set product from Shaveology. They write de razor reviews and describe that they love the design that makes easy cartridge transition of the shaving razor. Besides, the customers also love the smoother move of the shaving razor so they enjoy using it so much.

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Feather-Double Edge Safety Razor (AS-D2)

2-seki-edge-feather-all-stainless-steel-double-edge-safety-razor-as-d2-top rated safety razor

Seki Edge is a shaving razor that is designed with a handle grip that gives comfortable shaving experiences. This high quality product doesn’t need multi-blade cartridges that are mostly expensive. The stainless steel model makes this product look elegant.

Product Description

This feather double edge razor in stainless steel model is the new razor item from Seki. The double edge blades will enable you saving money whilst you don’t need multi-blade cartridges that are more expensive. It is a product that can make your shaving time more fun. Firstly, start from face scrubbing by using a badger haired shaving brush and lather with its nice smell.

This shaving razor will also let you learning how to shave in traditional way; something that needs certain skill to do well. It will bring you to a sensation of how the straight razor shaving and do it like your grandfather did; bringing you to the memory of tradition and the years past.

Customer Review

Customers who give five star rating are in highest number for this product. Most users who write the safety razor reviews love it for it is less aggressive than other products. It means that it has great safety and less likely to hurt your skin so that you will not experience skin irritation. The comfortable shaving will make you feel like no blades inside the razor, but you can make the beard disappear. It has right size of head and the weight is perfect to handle. Even the users invest quite high amount of money on this product, but is a fair expense since the great durability will enable you to use the razor in much longer time. Besides, the other needs such as soap, blades and alum are cheaper.

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Muhle-R41 Grande Safety Razor


Muhle R41 is a safety razor product that is designed with wider and longer handle than the first version. It has chrome plate with 14mm of handle diameter. This Germany product is weighed about 80 grams.

Product Description

This new Muhle R41 safety razor is specially designed for men with stronger, denser growth of beard or those who need to shave three-day beard. This safety razor model come in some variants such as one model with white and black handles made from high grade resin with or without chrome plated chasing. Meanwhile, the GRANDE model got wider and longer handle than the first version. However, this model still fits to the safety razor stand RHM SR.



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Edwin Jagger-Chrome Lined Double Edge Razor   

top rated safety razor

Edwin Jagger safety razor comes with a very long handle that is available either in acrylic or metal variants. The chrome handle with its sleek line gets a measurement 99mm and got matching cover brass in chrome too. This safety razor is perfect for a beginner; both men and women, that need very close shave without making any irritation to skin.

Customer Review

This England manufactured safety razor also gets five star rating from all of the customers. Based on the safety razor reviews, this product is loved by the beginners that need more affordable option rather than a shaving cartridge. Even though it is not a shaving cartridge, it is a less aggressive razor that is well designed for quite close shaving. Most users feel much comfortable and confidence after knowing the perfect technique to use this safety razor.

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Merkur-3 Piece Travel Razor

5-merkur-3-piece-travel-razor-with-blades-in-black-leather-case-top rated safety razor

This one of safety razor products from Merkur brand that can be your perfect grooming partner while traveling. This shaving set consists of three pieces and packed in one black leather case. This Germany branded also gets five star rating from the customers. The users love the design, which is compact, sturdy, easy to clean as well as packed in great carrying case.

Therefore, now you have known the top rated safety razor options and then choose the best one for your need and budget to fulfill this grooming need. Read out : Top 5 Best Body Groomers for Men 2016

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