The Ideas for Some Best Straight Razors 

Update - 2018.03.18

Getting the best straight razors will be something helpful for any men who want to always get the clean and also perfect look anytime. Of course, all men have mostly tried a lot of kinds of the products of razors and still finding the right and best one is still ongoing. That is the reason why it is something good for you to find some ideas regarding to find the best choice of the straight razors. Still, perhaps some of you are still confused in making the right decision regarding to the choice of the right straight razors. That is reasonable since you will find the wide ranges of products of straight razors in the market. For sure, it can be such the interesting thing but you need to be smart on choosing them in which you will get the effect while you are using the razors, including in getting the result. That is the reason why you need to be really smart in choosing one of the products so that you will get the perfect result ones. If you still have no idea for what you are going to try regarding to get the best choice ones, the idea of the top straight razors below might be really helpful for you.


Chevalier 6/8 by Wacker


One of the ideas of the best straight razors is the product by Wacker. The Chevalier 6/8 can be one of the ideas for any of you to know and try to get the best one. The hollow ground blade which is made from the carbon steel offers the great quality. The nose of this straight razor is in the French style. The scale of this razor has the buffalo horn style which is available in various colours. That is designed properly for giving the comfort to its user. Then, there is also the notch for the thumb which is designed for giving the comfort while gripping. This product of the straight razor from Wacker is Germany made. This device offers the comfort for the manual shavings which can provide the better result of shaving as well.


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Best Tradition 6 / 8 Straight Razor by Wacker

2-best-tradition-6-8-straight-razor-by-wacker-best straight razors

Another idea of the top straight razors is still from Wacker. That is the type of the Best Tradition in the type of 6 / 8. That is the straight razor which is also recommended by many people for them who are interested in getting the better one for the manual shaving. The blade has the wide which is about 1.9cm or about 0.75 inch. The blade has the tip which is round. The spine of the razor is also that stunning with the decoration. Surely, the design of this straight razor is something which becomes one of its plus points. That is including for the etched blade of the razor which is in gold. It also uses the full hollow in 1 / 1 with the heelless style. The horn scale of this straight razor is made in natural way which is unique. The great thing from this straight razor is about the design for the comfort and also the effectiveness in the use.

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Thiers Issard 6/8 Evide Sonnant 


The next idea regarding to the best straight razors is still in the size 6/8inch or about 1.9 cm width of the blade. That is made from the carbon steel with the ground of the full hollow design. That will offer the great control for any of you in manual shaving which can be so tricky sometimes. That also offers the feedback and agility the best one. The blade of this straight razor is polished in satin and of course there is the statement of the brand or series on the etched. If you really care about where it is made, it is from France then you can simply get the overview regarding to the quality of this product so much. This can be one of the ideas for you to choose.


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Straight American in Full Set


This product can be a good idea for any of you who are looking for the top straight razors in the full set of shaving. Surely, right after you are receiving the package of this product, you can directly use it for your manual shaving experience. That is why it is stated as the shave ready since you can shave and get ready from this full set product in one package. This straight razor product is from Germany and is made there. In the package, you will of course get the straight razor and other complimentary stuff as like the shaving soap, bowl, shaving brush, cloth and leather strop, and so on. It offers the users the lifetime quality regarding to this great quality straight razor. It will be a good idea for you who are looking for you who are looking for the best durability.


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Deluxe All Wood Dovo Scales Straight Razor


The next idea regarding to the best straight razors is still in the kind of the shaving set in ultimate series. In the package of this set, you will get the straight razor which uses the scales made with ebony wood. You will also find the alum block, strop paste, leather strop, ceramic bowl, natural shaving soap, and also the brush. That is the full package for you great experience of manual shaving all time you need. That can be another idea if you are looking for the full set of the manual shaving with the straight razor. That offers the great experience for dealing with the quality, durability, simplicity, and of course the result of the manual shaving.

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Those are the ideas regarding to the options for the top choice straight razor which you can have a try. You can choose one of them which might be suitable to your need the most. That is the reason why you need to find some complete information regarding to the straight razor products including the full set one for the simplicity in using them. Still with the unique conditions of each individual, you can consider the suitable one for your condition by dealing with the options of the top straight razors above.

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