Removal Your Hair Skin with Epilator for Underarms

Every one wants to clear off their hair skins that can affect for their appearance. Hair skin is good and has a function but sometimes there are some parts that we want to clear off, such as in underarms area. Especially for woman’s, the hair in your underarms can give bad impact of their appearance. As we know that women’s usually consider from the small detail of their looks because they want to look perfect and beautiful. There are many treatments for removing hair skin permanently, but it will take several cost as well. Your hair skin has function to protect your skin as well, so it will be harm when you get rid off your hair skin permanently. It would be give bad effect for you. The save solution is using epilator for underarms. Almost every peoples have epilator in their bathroom. Epilator is electrical equipment tat has function to remove your hair skin through mechanically with catch and pull of your hair skin in the same time. The epilator work similar with the waxing but the epilator does not pull off your epidermis cells completely. Epidermis is necessary to protect your skin. Usually, the epilator need battery as an energy sources. It is can make the epilator able to use when in wet or dry. Sometimes, epilation process will be pain for some peoples like when you got waxing. It is because your hair root becomes pull of from your skin. So it possible that some peoples tend to use the razor than epilator, it is all based on your capability and your need. While you use the razor, it can be possible that your hair skin will grow faster than using the epilator.

After we know the some information’s about epilator, you have to know the are several types of epilator that you can use based on your needs, they are:

Spring Epilator

This spring epilator has a curve shape which can make this epilator more flexible to use. This spring epilator able to spin around and more flexible. This spring will move around and pull of your hair skin. Because this spring use to spinning, so sometimes the spinner can be broken and make this spring devices is sold separately. You can get a new spinner without get the new spring epilator. This spring epilator is suit for hair face and does not use battery supply and has 2 handlers. Because this is does not use the battery, it is only suit for dry conditions.

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Tweezer Epilator

This epilator has 2 different heads that has a function as a brusher and adaptor power. In this epilator design, it use the friendly metal and the corner of plates usually getting each with others. as a spinner head, the plates will move together and separate in each rotation. It can make the tweezing feel, where your hair skin is  trapped between the plates and had been pull of from the skin then release it separately. The movement similar with pulling and gripping in the same time.

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Wet Use Epilator

The very common use is wet use epilator that use the battery as energy supplies. It can use in wet or dry conditions. this type is made while you use inside or outside bathroom and you can use it everywhere. While you use this epilator, it is better to get gel or cream that can reduce your pain and avoid you from the skin irritation.

After we know some types of epilator, the very familiar and common epilator is wet use epilator which use modern design and suitable for any conditions that you want. The next question is, what the good product brand of epilator for you? Now, we consider about the product and their quality. There are several brand products of best epilator for underarms and other parts that you can choose based on your need, some of them are:

Firstly, Braun SE7681.


It is made for wet and dry and get the best result for smoother skin. This epilator is designed with 40 of close grip that can remove your hair skin better from the shortest hair as well. you will get you smoother skin during 4 weeks and completed with 5 attachments that very useful. You also able to arrange your speed and have the massager. This product gives you the complete feature of modern epilator. The price is around $109.8.

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Secondly is Panasonic ES-ED90-P including Pedicure Buffer for Foot Care.


This epilator is made for woman’s and has 6 devices for hair skin removal. It can be use as complete hair removal in any parts and your pedicure as well. this epilator is suit for sensitive skin and save. The 6 attachment is can give you the best result for your hair removal. This type is available in 3 colors and able to use in wet or dry. You can buy it for $79.99.


Thridly is Emjoi AP-18.

3emjoi-ap-18-best epilator for underarms

This epilator cost is $74.95. this product is friendly in any hair skin from any parts and completed with 72 of tweezers and glade technology. This is the first epilator that offer you with silver ion technology and able for wet or dry as well. this product is easy to use and give you the new experience for with new technology.

The fourth is Remington iLIGHT Pro.


This product able to get fewer hairs until 94% after 3 treatments and reduce your hair skin permanently. This technology similar with the use of dermatologist and easier. It is suit for man or woman and the cost is $308.00.

The fifth is Philips HP6576.


The designed is made from ceramics disc that avoid you from allergy and remove your hair. There is massage that can reduce you pain and completed with 4 attachments. The price is around $105.59.


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