How To Style a Beard Based of Face Shape

Update - 2018.04.24

When you have decided to play with some beard for the first time, you must know how to grow beard before you try how to style a beard. Why is it important to know the right to grow a beard anyway? Well, that’s mostly because you want your beard to be growing properly and healthily. Sometimes, skin irritation will occur when your beard starts to grow so you need to know how to take care of such thing.

The first thing is to exfoliate your beard area like neck, chin and jaw. It’s crucial to remove dead cells and grease from the ski. And it is also useful to allow smoother shave with the safety razor. Now that your beard area is as smooth as baby’s skin, it’s time to grow some beard. It can actually be simple as let the beard grows by itself. However, to speed up the growth since some people find it so long to have their beard grows; you can try having certain diet. Diet means getting good and necessary nutrition to improve the growth. Nutrition is the key to ideal beard. The diet usually involves more amount of protein from various meats. Balance it with regular exercise as well. Don’t forget to eat vegetables that are high in protein such as chickpeas, broccoli, spinach and peas. Supplements are also good options.

Suppose you have planned your diet, what you need to do next is to let your beard grow for around 30 days without trimming at all. It’s important so you can see the type of coverage that your beard has. It is also crucial to help you decide on the right style to go with based on your natural beard’s coverage. So, now you have your beard grows and what you want to do next is to treat and maintain it properly before you cutting it in a certain style. If you plan to go with long beard style, consider using special beard shampoo and conditioner. This treatment will make sure your beard in perfect state.

Check Out The Following Options Based on Your Facial Shape :

Beard Style for Long Narrow Face

1-how-to-style-a-beard-how to style a beard

Take a look at mirror and see whether your face is long narrow or not. If it is a yes, consider this ideal beard style. It refers to a style with minimum length of hair on the chin. This is recommended because if you grow the beard too long, then your face will look too long as well. That’s why the shorter beard is recommended to shorter your face. Usually, this beard style will look at its best after 2 days of trimming. And you should be glad because this beard style is minimal in treatment and maintenance, You will also get perfect results using the best electric shaver.

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Round Face


Is your face round? Well, if it is, you certainly think that the best beard style is long full beard as it can elongate your face. You’ve guessed it wrong. Apparently, long full beard will only make your round face appear more round and heavier. So, which style should you go for? Consider the nice goatees styling for a perfect beard style for men with round face. This style works great to narrow your face at its sides. At the same time, it also makes it longer. It’s also a great idea to grow mustache as well but it shouldn’t extend past your month’s corner. And make sure the mustache meets the goatee. This significant beard style will transform your physical look.

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Square Face


There is nothing difficult for men with square face to grow and style beard. In this case, men should be thankful being born with strong jaw line that can accentuate their look. But, the jaw line cannot be too strong. And that’s why the beard style should be able to soften it. To do this, what you need to choose is a style with clipped all over beard that is close to your face. This way, your jaw line will be appearing softer and your face will be looking more rounded.

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Short Face With Pointed Chin


For men born with short face and pointed narrow chin, a certain beard style is required. The right style has to be able to make to face having more triangular look. To have this style, full beard styling is needed. And make sure it extends beyond the face to make chin looking more rounded. However, the beard should be exceeded the chin.

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Longer Face With Pointed Chin


Here is another style specifically designated for men with longer face and pointed chin. The truth is this kind of face doesn’t suit the longer full beard. Your face will look longer if your beard round out your chin. Therefore, what you should choose is nice goatee style. You can copy the Van Dyke beard style for instance. This way, the chin will look more rounded and the face will look softer and less narrow.

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Rectangular Face


What if you have rectangular face? Don’t worry because there is always the right beard style for you. This time you can go with chin curtain beard style. There is also another style with a short box beard. This style will give your face less elongated look which is just the thing you need.

But, what should you do if your face is a mix of several face shapes? Well, then you have to mix the style. Try growing out the beard longer though, so you can decide which style fits you the best. If it’s the first time to trimming your beard, it’s better to get professional’s help. At least, you can learn the basic techniques so you can do it by yourself later. Don’t forget to apply proper treatment and maintenance so your beard will stay at its best appearance. Do not mind to buy special beard shampoo and conditioner to do the treatment properly.

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