How to Wear a Beard for Men In 2019

Update - 2019.01.15

Wearing a beard can be a great way to improve the overall look of your face. Beard is not only an embellishment that makes you look manlier and more virile, but also a facial accessory that you can use to improve its shape. Before you try to grow your beard and to wear it, there are some rules that you have to abide by. Depending on your physical features, beard may be either good or bad for you. Before you grow your beard and sculpt it using equipment. We suggest that you check your facial features and determine whether wearing beard is good for you. You may also need to pay attention to what you wear on your body to make sure that your beard can truly enhance your overall look and charisma. Here are some tips of how to wear a beard and to make it the best accessory to improve your look.

Option Must be Wear a Beard

Mind Your Hair

What we mean here is the hair that lies on your head. No matter what style you want to choose for your beard, you have to make sure that your beard matches your hair perfectly. One important thing to mind is that your hair must still be the center of focus, regardless of the style of your beard. If you have little to no hair, wearing beard might not be your best choice, unless you want to look older or weirder than you currently are. In a nutshell, style your hair first and then you can style your beard.

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Mind Your Eyebrows

How to Wear Beard

What if you are bald but you want to wear a beard? Well, if you have thick and dark eyebrows, you can forget about the rule above. Your thick and dark eyebrows can balance out your lack of hair. With thick eyebrows resting on your forehead, you are ready to grow and wear your beard, regardless of whether you have head hair or not. If you have thin eyebrows and head hair, you may need to rethink your decision to wear a beard.

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Mind Your Hair Color

How to Wear Beard

Your hair color also determines whether beard will be suitable for you or not. Generally speaking, men with blonde hair rarely look great with beard. For them, clean-shaven face is much better than bearded one. Even moustache will not look good on your face if you are blonde, so wear a beard only if you have dark-colored hair.

This, however, doesn’t mean that beard is not suitable for aged men with grey or white-colored hair. In fact, beard looks excellent if you have white or grey hair. Think about Sean Connery and Gandalf and how they look elegant and sophisticated with their lush hair.

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Mind Your Face Shape

How to Wear Beard

One important factor to mind when you are learning how to wear your beard is the shape of your face. Remember that specific beard styles will look perfect only on a face with a specific face. Before you try to style your beard, be sure that you are already familiar with the shape of your face and then choose your best beard style accordingly. Read below to see which styles are the most suitable for specific face shapes.

  1. Square face        : Goatee, petite goatee, circle,     Royale
  2. Round face        : Van Dyke, Balbo, Boxed
  3. Oval face        : Stubble, horseshoe
  4. Rectangular face    : Mutton chops, chin strip, gunslinger
  5. Triangular face        : Full beard
  6. Diamond-shaped face    : Goatee, full beard
  7. Heart-shaped face    : Full beard, scruffy beard
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Mind Your Clothes

This is actually about how to choose the right clothes to be paired with your beard. If you have picked a particular beard style, you have to make sure that you wear clothes that will look perfect when matched with your beard. On the other hand, if you plan to wear a certain type of apparel in a particular event that you want to attend, you have to be ready to apply a specific style to your beard. Pair wrong apparel with your beard and you will look weird: your head will look enormously large, your neck will disappear, etc.

There are some important things to mind when you choose the right suit when you are bearded. The closest part of the apparel to your beard is the collar, so make sure that you choose the right suit with the right collar. Wearing a long point collar, especially if you have full and lush beard, is recommended to ensure that the collar will be visible and not be obscured by the beard. Collars that are mostly hidden behind the beard, such as round and cutaway, must be avoided.

Normally attached to the collar is a tie. With full beard hanging on your chin, you actually already have a natural tie, so if you are not required to wear a tie, you’d better take off your tie. If you are going to attend a formal event in which a tie is required, be sure to wear plain tie that doesn’t look too bold.

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Maintain Perfect Balance

Beard is just a piece of puzzle that, together with the others, makes up your entire facial appearance. The key of knowing how to wear your beard is knowing how to make your beard match your other facial features. As long as you can maintain perfect balance, you will look great with your beard. With this understanding, you should already know why Saddam Hussein appears elegant and graceful in his deadly court whereas Mel Gibson looks bizarre during the premiere of his newest film, Hacksaw Ridge.

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If you want to know how to wear a beard, you have to know how to make it match with your physical features. There are many things to mind before you wear and style your beard, including your head hair, eyebrows, hair color, face shape, and outfit. Only if you can guarantee that beard will look great on your face that you can start styling and sculpting your beard using equipment.

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