How to Groom Style Your Sideburns 2019

Update - 2019.01.15
Sideburns may be less visible than your moustache and beard, but they can truly accentuate your unique personality. Celebrities like Elvis Presley and Peter Fonda are known for their enchanting sideburns, which are proven to play more significant role in accentuating their personality than their other facial features. If taken care of perfectly, your sideburns can become your facial landmarks. People will remember you because of your unique sideburns instead of anything else.

If you want to know how to style sideburns, here you will read about some tips that you can follow to make your sideburns the most eye-catching ones. Basically, you need to know which sideburns appear perfect on your particularly shaped face and the types of tool to use to groom your sideburns. Gazblogs has a large selection of shavers and trimmers that you can use to modify your sideburns. You need to know which tools are the most convenient and versatile to use when it comes to making your sideburns look great.

How to Style Sideburns Based on the Shape of Your Face

You can shape and detail your sideburns anyway you want, but one important thing to mind is that you have to match your  style with the shape of your face. Here we will show you the right sideburns styles for different face shapes.

Square Face

square face

If you have square face like that of Brad Pitt or David Beckham, your main focus is to give dimension to your face by complementing your square jawline and offsetting it. Long sideburns that extend to the bottom of your ear will mostly work if you have square face. Keep the sideburns thin enough but still visible by trimming them at an appropriate level of length.

Round Face

round face

If you have round face, you have a pair of too broad cheeks that you have to deal with. Keeping long and lush sideburns, coupled with lush beard, will reduce the unwanted expanse excellently. Narrow down your cheeks with lush facial hair so that your round face will appear slimmer.

Oval Face

oval face

Oval face is widely recognized as a versatile face. With this face, you can try various styles when it comes to grooming not only your sideburns, but also your beard and moustache. In other words, any styles that you apply to your sideburns will work. However, if you don’t want your face to appear too long, you may want to avoid too long sideburns and cut them right in the middle of your ear area.

Triangle Face

triangle face

Triangle face includes narrow forehead and wider chin area. You can use short, medium and long sideburns for different purpose. If you want more balanced look, you can go with short or medium sideburns. If you want your jaw and chin to look narrower, you can go with longer sideburns with tapered or fading end.

Diamond Face

diamond face

If your face is widest at the cheekbones, your focus is to narrow down your cheekbone area with medium-length sideburns that stop right in the middle of your ear or slightly above it. The most important thing to mind is that you should keep your sideburns trimmed. Bushy sideburns will make your face’s center area even wider.

Oblong Face

oblong face

Oblong face is long like oval face but angular like square. You may call it rectangular. There are two options available if you have oblong face. If you think that your face is too narrow, keep long and thick sideburns to add width to your face. If your face is too long, you can keep shorter sideburns instead to make your face look shorter.

Heart Face

heart face

If your face is wide on forehead and narrow on chin, styling your sideburns can be a challenging task. If you keep short but fluffy sideburns, the upper part of your face, which is already wide, will look even wider. You may want to try longer sideburns with bushier end to give more volume to your narrow bottom; however, be sure to do this cautiously because if your sideburns’ end is too fluffy, you will draw attention to your narrow and less attractive bottom. No matter what the shape of your face is, it is recommended that you do your first styling trial with a professional, especially if you have heart-shaped face with sideburns that are somewhat challenging to style. Once you find your best style, you can practice styling your sideburns at home. Just make sure that you use the right tools to groom your sideburns. We will talk about that below.

The Best Tools for Grooming Your Sideburns

We can show you a large selection of grooming equipment that you can use to style your facial hair, but if you are dealing with sideburns, here are tools that you should familiarize yourself with.

Manual Razor

Manual Razor

Straight or safety razor is your best friend when it comes to styling your sideburns. Razor is especially useful when you want to define the length of your sideburns. It determines where your sideburns should end.

Electric Razor

Electric Razor

Electric razor is more convenient to use than straight or safety razor and if you can master its use, you can achieve similar level of precision to the one you achieve using manual razor.

Clipper or Trimmer

Clipper or Trimmer

You can use this equipment to reduce the volume of your sideburns. You may need to use a comb as a helper when using this equipment, but because it already has included a built-in comb, use separate comb only if you deem it necessary. Trimmer, including sideburns trimmer that pops out from most modern beard trimmer, is useful especially if you want to style tapered or fading sideburns. With the right styling methods and tools, you should be ready to stand out with your amazing sideburns.

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