7 Perfect Beard Styles For Round Faces

Update - 2019.08.19

Beard is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. When you want to look more manly, fierce and stronger, just grow your beard and all will be settled. But there are so many beard styles for men in this world and unfortunately, not all of them will look good on your face. So, you can’t just sit and watch your beard grows uncontrollably. “You need to trim it, style it, and most importantly, choose one style that will make you look more attractive.

Choosing the right style is even more important when you have round face. If you choose wrong style of beard, your round face will look too small or too fat. When you have round face, you need to choose a beard style that can draw the attention to your chin so your face will look longer. Furthermore, you need to avoid heavy and long sideburns because they will hide your handsome facial features. So, no matter how interesting it looks, muttonchops are not your friend and never will be. Now, to help you choose the best beard style that will captivate the ladies, here are the top 8 beard styles for round faces that you can try.

Top 8 Beard Styles for Round Faces

When in doubt, just go with a goatee. It is one of the safest beard styles for men that will look good not only on round face, but almost every face shape. Since this beard style only grows on the chin, your face will look longer, masculine, but still clean. There is a reason why goatee is a very popular beard style. Because it works. Famous people from Ben Affleck, Thomas Downey Jr. to Jesse James have been spotted with this type of beard and they look stunning. Goatee is very low maintenance but you still need to maintain your beard to make sure the beard only grows on the chin area. You can grow a mustache as well if you like. But if you don’t, the beard can slay on its own.

Soul Patch

soul patch beard style

Soul patch is clearly one of the simplest beard styles for round faces. This style is also called mouche or jazz dot because it gains its popularity from the jazz scene. Even though this style only requires small patch of facial hair below your lower lip, it makes a very strong style statement. Besides the simplicity, it is perfect for round faces because it immediately draws attention to your chin. Soul patch is usually grown without mustache but it will be gorgeous with one as well. John Travolta, Howie Mandel and Ricky Martins are some celebrities that look good with soul patch.

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Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble beard style

It is safe to say that stubble is one of the sexiest beard styles for men. It is elegant, intriguing and most importantly, women dig this look. Stubble can come with plenty of styles, but for round face, designer stubble is definitely the best. This type of beard can give you masculine, rugged and young appearance without going full beard. Designer stubble is also called “shadow” because it really looks like one. The beard is there, it is obvious but your face still looks clean and youthful. Furthermore, since it doesn’t involve heavy sideburns, people with round face can easily pull off this style.

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Short Full Beard

short full beard style

From all beard styles for men in this world, there is nothing that can defeat the proud feeling of growing full beard. Even though this is not the best style for men with round face, you can still pull off this look perfectly, but with some conditions. Make sure you keep it trim short beard well so the beard doesn’t cover most of your cheeks. Most importantly, pay attention to your hair style as well. Grab some hair gel and style your hair up. The last thing you want when you have a full beard on round face is another hair covering your forehead.

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Anchor Beard

Anchor Beard style

Well, anchor beard is not the easiest to create but it is one of the best beard styles for round faces so your effort will be paid off. Just like what the name suggests, this beard style looks like an anchor, so it is basically a mix between a goatee and chinstrap style that traces your jaw line. This style is usually complimented with mustache trimmer. If you do it right, you will not only look masculine and elegant, but very formal and business-like.

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Musketeer Beard

Musketeer Beard style

If you are looking for beard styles for men that can give you clean, trendy and mature look, this is the answer for you. In this style, the hair is grown on the lower chin area. It is more than just a patch but it is also not too thick. This style can be combined with a soul patch and most people also grow mustache to complete this look.

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Circle Beard

Circle Beard style

Circle beard is one of the most perfect beard styles for round faces, especially for those who want classic look with slightly thicker beard. Since you are growing thicker beard, which is not always work for round faces, you need to make sure to cleanly shave the facial hair on your cheeks and don’t forget to neat your sideburns as well. The purpose of the circle beard is to draw attention to your mouth and to elongate your face. Mustache is a must in this style since it will complete the look and make you appear more mature.

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Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard style

Just like goatee, Van Dyke beard only grows on the chin area and the facial hair on the cheeks needs to be completely shaven. Because it focuses the attention to the chin, Van Dyke is one of the most suitable beard styles for round faces. Unlike goatee that can be grown without mustache, mustache is the characteristic of Van Dyke style. A simple non-curled mustache will suffice. But if you want to say true to its roots and follow the step of Anthony Van Dyke himself, curled mustache can be a great way to grab attentions.

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