How to Groom Body Hair for Man 2019

Update - 2019.01.15

Hair is men’s biggest asset to accentuate their masculinity and virility. Fortunately, men have a lot of it, not only the one that grows on her head, but also the one growing on almost their entire body. With simple treatment, your secondary sex characteristic will become your primary advantage to be a sexy and gorgeous man. You may have read a lot about how to groom your hair and facial hair, but do you know that your body hair can also give you an edge? Here you will read about how to groom body hair and to take care of it so that you will always look sexy and confident especially on shirtless occasions like when swimming, sunbathing, biking, or running.

The main point of grooming and care of the body is understanding which body hair to remove, which one to keep, and how to groom body hair that you decide to keep. Generally, women love to see men with hair present even in the most unimaginable areas, such as armpit. Therefore, if you are thinking about shaving the hair of a particular area on your body, you may need to think again. You definitely have to be wise enough when deciding which body part that you want to clean shave and which one should stay bushy. Once you have made the right decision, you can pick your best tools to take care of your body hair. You can use to deal with grooming and care of the body.


Body Parts that Are Better Kept Hairless

Generally speaking, women love hair that grows on almost every part of your body; however, for preference, aesthetic and hygienic reasons, here are certain areas on your body that are better kept hairless.

1.Back and shoulder

Women love to see hairy chest, but when you turn around and show your hairy back and shoulder, most women will think that you are a freak. Although it seems to be a generalization, but most women seem to be unwilling to snuggle with a werewolf, so if your back and shoulder are hairy, it is highly recommended that you shave them clean.


There are both good and bad reasons to clean shave your groin. We’ll start with the bad. Unlike women’s distaste to back and shoulder hair, which can be generalized, their taste to bushy groin can never be generalized. There are women who like to see your genital area clean and hairless like a Brazilian, but there are also women who like to see your bushy part. Another reason why keeping your groin area haired can be good is because women tend to see men with hairless manhood as sex addicts.

However, despite the cons of keeping your groin hairless, there are actually some pros associated with it. Hygienic reason is the biggest one. A dirty and putrid pubic area can truly ruin sexual enjoyment. Besides, if you want your “tree” to look taller, you definitely need to cut the grass as short as possible, right? If you cannot convince yourself whether to shave your pubic hair or to leave it unshaven, just trim it as perfectly trimmed pubic hair not only looks sexy, but also looks clean.

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Body Parts that Should Remain Hairy

Some areas on your body look sexier with hair growing on them, so if you think that you can use your hair as an asset to attract women, keep the following parts of your body hairy.

1.Arms and Legs

Never ever shave your arm and leg hair, let alone wax it. Hair that grows on your arms and legs is the true symbol of masculinity.


If you grow up with hair on your chest, leave it because it truly looks sexy. Just make sure that it is properly trimmed because you certainly don’t want to look like a carpet when lying down on the beach, right?


Surprisingly, many women love to see hair under your arms, so if you have one there, you should keep it. If you care about hygiene, just keep your armpit properly trimmed to make sure that it will look sexy while still clean and odorless.

We have mentioned above about shaving your ball. You can weigh the pros and cons of shaving your groin to decide whether you should keep your private lawn trimmed or not.

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Once you know which hair to keep and which one to remove, you need to know the right way to groom your body hair. The point here is that you know the right tool to groom your hair. For your facial hair, you may be able to use a straight razor or disposable safety razor, but such traditional tools are hardly usable if your chest is covered with carpet. can show you some of the best electric razors and trimmers that you can use to take care of your body hair. They are convenient and painless to use and they will cut your body hair evenly. You can use razor to remove hair from unwanted areas completely and trimmer to make sure that hair on your prized areas will be neat, clean and odorless.

If you try to groom your body hair for the first time, it is recommended that you let a professional do it. A professional will not only do the grooming job perfectly, but also show you the right way to make your body hair appear great and appealing. If waxing is needed, you may also need to hire a professional to do it because waxing at home is not always as successful as waxing at a place that offers professional grooming and care of the body.

Generally speaking, grooming is a fun activity. Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you cannot spend much time inside your bathroom just like women usually do. Keep your body hair perfectly groomed and you will be the sexiest man with your lush hair.

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  1. Hi, I think a guy can express his masculinity the way he sees fit and like women, he can be so in his individual way, more or less traditional depending on his preferences.
    Confidence, without arrogance is the jolly, though, although it’s an attractive and sexy trait in both men and women in slightly different ways. Hair or no hair are hence aesthetical choices, trimmed hair can be certainly a way to express a masculinity in control, while shaving most of body hair might express being more unconventional or just showing the body shape more clearly, though you don’t need to be Schwarzenegger for that, also means confidently not relying on hair to express masculinity, otherwise men without beards which shiny smooth faces would be less of men. Also embracing androginy is confident, I can say that if something is perceived or coded feminine for current and evolving conventions so be it, for example I can have black nails and a bit of eyeliner if I think it fits my aesthetics. There are many ways to express this doesn’t make one an overly narcissist self absorbed person. It’s like a woman wearning pants or short hair, comfortable but smart shoes, she can be hella sexy just like one with long hair and a dress, it depends on how she pulls it off. It can be “trickier” and less safe, but that’s relative and anyway that’s the challenge and signals you accept that challenge.

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