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How To Choose Your Razor with Best de Razor

A razor is tools that has a blade and has a function to clear off your hair skin or shaving. Some peoples want to get their best de razor for their comfort while shaving. For mans, razor is important stuffs that you should have to increase your look. Almost everyday, the razor has been used so it push there are a lot of type and product of the razors. As you know that the blade already been used since the Bronze Age, and the modern design start occur i 18th century. When in the year of 1930 there is new research of electric razor then in the 21st century the electric razor and safety razor become the most common use for the mans or women. Before we talk further about razor, there are several razor type that you should know:

Straight razor

Straight razor also know as old school razor. The blade can be fold inside. Usually the blade is made from steel with the handle. The handle usually made from the leather or olivewood that can give the vintage looks. If you want to use this razor, you should have good shaving ability and fully concentration.

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Safety razor

In modern era, some peoples tend to get the safety razor because easier to use. Usually women will choose this razor to clear off the skin hair. There are several types of the safety razor. Firstly is removable-blade razor. This type is the blade able to take off and completed with the blade space if you want to change the new blade. The handle usually made from fabric and does not give a good durable. The second type is cartridge razor. This razor is modern razor with the cartridge change. This head razor can spin around according your shave movement. The cartridge can be thrown and fill with the new one. The last is one use of safety razor. This type only able in one use and you cannot use again. This made from the cheap material so it is the cheapest razor.

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Electric razor

This electric razor has a spinner blade according your structure and movements, the electric razor usually do not need shaving cram, soap or waters. This razor is supported with the battery as a main power. Some of them include of recharge battery or electro mechanic from the AC that can be used as well. this is the common use of the razor because easier and practice.

After we know about the razor, now we talk about the razor products that you can use as a reference. In this era, there are tons of razor products from any brands and types that you can choose. But you have to remember that buy a razor based on your need and your capability. If you are man who loves shaving everyday, you can choose the razor from the beginner level and so on. It is to avoid that you will misuse and uncomforting feel while shaving so you can get your maximum satisfied.

kolux uk best de razor

1. DE Shaving Razor & Badger hair Shaving Brush GIFT SET FOR MEN XMAS PRESENT 2 pc by KOLUX UK. This razor product is made from 100% of natural hair shaving brush and double blades in one set. It can produce more foam for wet shaving. You can massage and peeling your skin during the lathering. It also can soften your skin and long last shaving. Rinse with the warm water before use the product for the first time. The price is around $186.17 through your trusted online shop. This product also provides warranty for the user.

feather double edge razor

2. Double Edge Shaving Razor. This product is perfect combination from the Japanese worker and gives the maximal performance as well. the feather from this product is durable and stay longer. This product can show the classic looks and high quality with the double blades. The price is $178.00.

edwin jagger safety razor set

3. EDWIN JAGGER DIFFUSION COLLECTION 3D BLACK DIAMOND EFFECT & CHROME DE SAFETY RAZOR SET – S81M3DBC15. This product is cover by Chrome with DE as a head razor and completed with badger hair brush. The chrome coverage and free of 5 pack stainless blades. This razor is made from handmade of Sheffield in UK and design for lifetime. The brusher can give you the best foam if you use the good quality of shave cream or soap. The cost is $173.00.


4. Complete Shaving Kit with Brush Mug DE Safety Razor & Soap Gift set by Haryali London. When you look this product for the first time, the design is so vintage and unique as well. the price is adjustable around of $154.82. this product is so traditional and completed with th KIT,Brusher and DE safety razor. All the color is black that can give elegance look.

edwin jagger safety razor

5. EDWIN JAGGER DIFFUSION COLLECTION IMITATION EBONY & CHROME DE SAFETY RAZOR SET. This product is cost around $167.00. it is contain of 100% of the finest material of handcrafted and it has medium weight. It originally made from Great Britain. This product is completed with 3 pieces of set, the DE safety razor, brusher and stand set which balance and stylish.After you get your best de razor, you have to able to keep your razor:

1. Clean your razor after use it. Beside rinse your razor after you use it, you have to brush your razor as well. you can use the tooth brusher and brush all of your blade in many times then rinse with the water.

2. Dry your whole razor parts properly. The blade is easy to corrosive, so it is essential to dry first before store your razor.

3. Always tore your razor in drier place. Avoid place your razor inside your bathroom because can get wet easily. Place it in drier place with coverage as well.

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