The Best Way to Shave Chest Hair for Men

Update - 2019.01.15

Every man must know about the best way to shave chest that they can do themselves. Shaving is the way to reduce their hair in some parts of their body. In our childhood, everyone includes women have chest hair that is called vellus hair. However, in the development, only men who have thick hair on their chest. Chest hair is normally grow up only on mens chest after they have passed their puberty time. Sometimes it happens on the ages of 12 up to 18, but it can also be late for some men. They will get their chest hair become thicker and grow faster on the ages of 20 or more.

The growth of men’s chest hair is normally caused by the rising of testosterone hormone and also androgens hormone. Those hormones’ level are rising after the puberty time. It is normal when most of men have mustaches, beards, and chest hair on their faces and their chests. Although every man has possibilities to get chest hair, but it also depends on their genes. Genetic factors are most dominant rather than other factors. You have big chances to get your chest hair if your family members also have it. The researcher often find the unique facts about chest hair. Some of them conclude that the men whose men in their family are mostly have chest hair, they will also inherit the genes from their father or grandfather.

best way to shave chest

Shaving is the best way to remove your chest hair. Shaving is useful to clean your chest from the annoying hair. You can do it yourselves by using shaver. It is more efficient, cheaper, and easier to do. there are some ways that you can follow before you shave the hair. You can read the explanation below. You can also find some benefits of shaving your chest hair.

Tips to Shave Your Chest Hair

Choose The Most Suitable Shaver

You cannot use any shaver that are not suitable with your needs. The best shaver can be chosen based on your chest’s patterns, characteristics, and skin sensitivity. It is important for you to pay attention about the shaver that you are going to use. If your skin is more sensitive rather than others, you are not allowed to use the shaver that has rough surface because it can hurt your skin. Choose a shaver with smooth surface.

Always Use A Good Quality Razor

It is recommended for you to use the good quality razor that has sharp and smooth razor. Do not always look for the cheap razor because you will never know the quality of the razor. Use the multiple blades razor to get the perfect final result.

Trim Your Hair Carefully

If you never do the shaving activity, it is good for you to start by cutting your longest chest hair then you can move to the shorter one. Do them sequentially and patiently. You can trim the hair with scissors.

Relax Your Chest Hair

You can take a bath with warm water that is useful to make your hair and skin become softer. It will be easier for you to trim your chest hair. By taking a bath, you can also throw the dead skin from your body and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. By removing your dead skin, you can minimize the growth of your hair.

Apply The Shaving Oil

Shaving oil can help you to drag down your shaver. You just need two or three drops of the oil that you rub to your chest hair. This oil is not only as moisturizer for your skin, you can reduce the skin irritation and also the burning effect after the shaving activities.

Use The Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is almost similar with the shaving oil. If your skin includes as dry skin type, you can use both the oil and the cream. This cream is used to soften your skin and your hair. If your skin is too wet, this cream can help you to shave well.

Benefits of Shaving Your Chest Hair

Support The Swimmers

It is very beneficial for swimmers to shave their chest hair. Shaving your chest hair can increase your track records. You can add your swimming distance because the more less your hair the more faster you swim.

Good for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders are the person who like to remove their chest hair. The reasson is because the hair can hinder their motion. It can also decrease the aesthetic values of their muscles. That is why they tend to remove all of the chest hair by shaving them.

Increase Body Hygiene

Having a thick chest hair sometimes can decrease your hygiene level. It is because men are easy to get sweating. When you are sweating, you are easily to produce the body odor. By shaving your chest hair, you can reduce the possibilities of perspiration and it will make your body cleaner.

Improve The Aesthetic Advantages

Sometiemes you feel uncomfortable with your style because you have chest hair. That is why, you can shave your chest hair to show your body shape.

Attract Other’s Attention

This is what the men usually do. They want to attrack other’s attention especially women’s attention. They will look more handsome, clean, and neat after thay shave their chest hair. It is the fact that we cannot deny easily. Groomed men are more attractive rather then the messy one. People’s attention will automatically focus on them.

It can be concluded that shaving the chest hair is not too difficult to do. However, you have to pay attention about the rightest ways of shaving. It will be hard for you to do the shaving activities without guidance. On the first time you shave, you will find some difficulties while doing it. You can also get many benefits by shaving your chest hair. The most important information is that men’s chest hair is easy to shave if the men really know how to do it.

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