How to Choose the Best Most Expensive Straight Razor

Update - 2018.04.24

The sign of manly side is a razor. One of the most common uses is straight razor and has most expensive straight razor, but it is all depend on your need and what you make comfort while you shaving. Straight razor is razor with the knife that can fold the handles. The straight razor as know as open razor or cutting throat razor. As we know that for very first time the straight razor using manual method, it is usually use the one use of blade. In the modern era, electric razors from many brands become the alternative razor. However, some peoples still tend to get the straight razor, the type also develop as well. When you use the straight razor, you should have the good ability when you are saving and need more cares during shaving time. There are several parts and function of the straight razor. The there is a blade which can fold as known as pivot. The part between the protection as known as handle. The curve metal from the narrow space from the pivot as known as a tang, it is use as a lever to push up the blade from the handle. Your two fingers can lay down on the tang to help make the blade stable.

Several Benefits Use the Straight Razor

Get the Better Shaver

Some peoples may think that the straight razor is an old school razor and so conventional. As you know that, if you shaving using the straight razor, it can make your face skin is smooth and cleaner. You will notice if you using the straight razor now.

Efficient Cost

You may feel expensive when you start to buy the straight razor. If you buy the complete set of your straight razor, you do not need to buy the razor cartridges and double eye blade anymore. You can use it all of the time. You just take your straight razor to the good stropping. The only need that you have to buy is shave cream. So is logically can save your cost.

Eco Friendly

The modern razor can create the useless waste. After you have done with your cartridge, you will throw it. When you buy the new cartridge, it will cover with the package. From the small things, if you shave using straight razor, it is automatically reduce the useless waste as well.

As a Meditation

The straight razor has a meditation function because you have to really focus when you shaving. It can help you meditation and stay focus as well. After you know the several benefits from the straight razor above, we move talk about the straight razor brand. As we know that there are tons of brand from the straight razor. You may feel confuse and do not understand. There are most expensive straight razor with a good quality that you can choose.


Dovo 5/8″ Straight Razor Shaving Set

firstly-is-dovo-5-8-half-hollow-best-quality-straight-razor-shaving-set-most expensive straight razor

It is contain of kit that makes this straight razor is perfect and this product originally made from German with the best features and quality. This is very suitable for the beginner razor with 5/8” of blade with the kit that made from original leather. You can get the badger brush, Old Bond Street shave cream, the shaving stand and alum pen as well. the price of this product is around of $220.00 and free shipping. This product claimed that the blade is stand for the durable time and ideal for the shaving beginner.

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Dovo “Diamant” Straight Razor 5/8″


The product detail is black blade with the 5/8”. The handles made from olivewood that can make this product more exclusive and elegance as well. It complete with full hollow and carbon steel. The price is around of $204.60 and you can buy through online shop. Though the price is expensive but this straight razor product very ready to go and suitable for the beginner as well. the scale is good and the blade is durable term.

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Dovo Prima Klang Straight Razor – 5/8″


This product is protet with carbon steel and made from the honemeister with exclusive natural whetstones that can make this product stand out as well. the blade is 5/8” with the extra full hollow ground and made from Germany with the high experience Professional. This product is completed with Bocote Wood Handle. The price is $197.89.

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Dovo Grenadille Carre with Pearl Inlay 6/8 “


The detail product is stylish sytle with amazing craftmanship and has a blade 6/8” with the 100% refund if you are not satisfied. The price is $189.00.

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American Straight Razor 6/8″ Shaving Set

the-last-is-straight-americanThis product contain of blade with 6/8” and design with the black acrylic scales so t shows the vintage looks. You will be completed with the shave set. Leather strop and travel case that can complete you straight razor look. The price is $178.00.

Last updated on June 22, 2019 3:09 pm

Several Consideration Things if You Buy Straight Razor :

  1. Keep watch the steel qualities. Yu can know the quality of your blade from the steel. The shape of your blade can be seen from the steel qualities. So make sure you know properly the steel qualities from your straight razor.
  2. Consider the hollow. As we know that the most of straight razor is completed with the hollow. Choose the good hollow that can make you comfort while you shaving. Consider the curve hollow based on your ability.
  3. Consider the wide blade. Do not choose the wider blade. The most suitable is 5/8”. It can control and follow     your structure face easier than the other blade.



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