Top Best Juicers on the Market 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Super health lifestyle, why not? People love it recently, no matter what. To stay fit, fresh, also health, people try to consume healthy food. It means no junk food but its kinda impossible especially when someone offer you a cheese burger from McDonalds. How could you resist?

Beans, vegs, meats, and fruit is what most people eats now. It’s serve in vary way. For vegan, it’s quite important to eat lot of vegs and fruits. Mixing both is good, especially when you juicing spinach, pineapple, and lemon at once. How fresh will it be? Try it using your best juicer product. Try to maintain weight will possible if you always try to eat health.If you addicted to juice, you knew which product known as best juicers. But if you a newbie who starting super health lifestyle, maybe those brands offered outside confuse you. When you gotta purchase a juicer, which one you most prefer to? What function you need to?

There are two juicers option offered on the market. First, centrifugal juicer which known very well cause it has cheapest price. Second, masticating juicer which known as slower one and cold press. Well, no wasting time. To help you out, we already making list about best juicers on the market these days. By knowing the list below, we wish you having a good lifestyle. And at the end you can manage weight as well.

1. Juice Extractor, Big Mouth, Metallic 67608Aby Hamilton Beach

Juice Extractor, Big Mouth, Metallic 67608A – by Hamilton Beach

First best juicer on the market these days is juice extractor by Hamilton Beach. This product let you to make variety juices as you want. It designed simply and elegant but have great performance. If you juicy lovers who craving best juice ever in 10 times better than other brand, this may suitable for you. Even when you in rash, you don’t have to wait for so long till your juice done. This juice extractor by Hamilton let you less prep time.

According to Food $ Wine Magazine, this product has great features. All of ‘em pack together as you might expect from juice extractor. It proves efficiency, high speed adjustment, and easy to clean up. After using the juice extractor, you can clean up only with water without attack the blade or may the other parts.

The juice extractor has larger bins to place rich of pulp recipe. It also useful to place all dregs that coming from all fruits you put inside. The product useful for whole foods. Now on, you can grab recipe bookfrom bookstore and try to create your own foods. It’s gonna be easy to unite and devestating them all. All benefit comes in one product only. That’s how to desribe this product. Based on Amazon, this product only $53.42 only and get free shipping. Also get 4.2 stars out of 5 stars based on 747 customer reviews.

Product all about:

  • It has big mouth, you’ll able to put fruits intactly without cut them all into pieces
  • 67% of owner said this juice extractor provide fresher juice ever
  • Larger bins itself allow you to acommodate whole pulp or dregs
  • It’s easy to clean up. No worry about how long it will take times because it’s done all soon

Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor, Big Mouth, Metallic (67608A)

18 used from $39.09
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 19, 2017 11:01 am
$53.42 $69.99


  • Easy to use and suitable for all foods recipe
  • Bins, pitcher, and juice extractor separate easily. It will help you to clean up whole item
  • All benefit in one product offered in affordable price
  • Durable, especially when you do good maintenance
  • It works perfectly


  • Need more maintenance. Based on customer reviews on Amazon, the juice extractor last only for months after usage


2. JE2200B Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Juice Machineby Black + Decker

JE2200B Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Juice Machine– by Black + Decker

We all know that Black + Decker is one of famous brand these days. On the market, this brand sold fastly, including their juicer juice machine. Produce juice on time even when you are in rash will possible with this Black + Decker juicer machine. It works with 400 watt motor to make all work quickly. Don’t have to wait for long, put all foods inside the mouth and boom! You can enjoy all of it immediately.

The product itself effing cheap, which not squeeze your pocket money. Even still you can buy this juicer in the end of month because the cheap price tag. It is only $36.86 on Amazon. You’ll able to get free worldwide shipping. This brand reach all over country include Indonesia. You just need to adjust the currency when making a purchase.

The product has 28 ounces pulp collector allow you to collect pulp as much as you want. It made of stainless steel material which is harder to rust. When clean it up, you have no confuse because all of items (bin, machine, pitcher) washable. Buying this will not make you regret, cause juicy process lightly and simply.

Black + Decker also well-known as the best juicers on the market these days. Its evidence by 3,217 customer reviews on Amazon. The product got 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. Making a puchase or you gonna lose a chance to get this juicer machine ever.

Product all about:

  • All fresh juice can acommodate in 300 milliliter pitcher
  • It’s easy to clean up. Every parts and accessories it easy to separate also friendly that will not snag your hands
  • Making just in seconds well possible by its 400 watt motor working
  • Made of stainless steel makes this juicer machine durable

BLACK+DECKER JE2200B Fruit & Vegetable Juicer Juice Machine, with Stainless Steel Cutter & Strainer Includes Large Capacity Pulp Container &...

23 used from $28.57
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 19, 2017 11:01 am


  • It is lightweight by its 5.7 pounds weight
  • It has compact design. You can put it vertically to save more space
  • The cutters and 400 watt motor work really good make your juice done in seconds
  • All parts easy to separate and easy to clean up
  • Came up in affordable price tag
  • Glass to acommodate juice can be replaced by its pitcher
  • Worldwide shipping is available


  • You might need more effort when clean the strainer especially after juicing foods which has smooth and small dregs
  • It is a bit loud that might bother you

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3. J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, Black and Chrome by Omega

J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, Black and Chrome – by Omega

Next best juicers on the market goes to nutricion center juicer by Omega. When you take a look on this, you’ll like it immediately because it came up in modern and stylish designs. This juicer product is one of few high-end product on the market. If you asking why, because the price tag will squeeze your pocket monet a bit. Prep and spend for $214.99, then you can bring this product next to you.

When you comparing this product with the other juicer, you’ll amaze how much juicers process speed used in it. Other brand might offer their productat speed of 1,650 till 15,000 rpm. But center juicer by Omega offer only 80 rpm of speed. Purposely to keep the juicy last for 72 hours. All enzymes might maintain for long and oxidation can be avoid. This juicer use 2HP powerful motor and dual juice process systems. Wanna get maximum extract of pulp will be possible by using the center juicer by Omega.

Beside vary juices, you can also create vary snacks. Start super health lifestyle these days? You surely can. It’s gonna be easy because Omega center juicer will help you out. Recently people just start to talk about this product. Based on 3,236 customer reviews on Amazon, the product got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Product all about:

  • Fits in whole food recipes. Such a juice making, baby food, and nut butters
  • Using 2HP motor that can devestate foods easier
  • The 80 rpm itself help you to produce juice that last for 72 hours still in good condition and prevents from oxidation
  • Extract more pulp and nutrients by all foods as maximum
  • It is easy to operate and the machine can last for long time
  • Available in dual stage juicing process systems
  • The voltage itself build up to 110 volts

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer - Black and Chrome

Free shipping
Last update was in: July 19, 2017 11:01 am


  • Homemade food now become easy by this juicer machine
  • Can use for both soft and hard fruits. All of it will devestate in seconds by using 2HP motor
  • You can keep your foods or juice inside the freezer along 72 hours
  • Works effectively
  • Suitable for whom love to made frozen treats
  • All parts assemble in simple way
  • Carrying the unit or moving it becomes easy because the handle’s available


  • It is a bit pricey
  • The machine cause noisy. You need thin towel beneath the machine to less the noisy sound


4. 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1,000 WattJuice Extractor  – by Breville

800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1,000 WattJuice Extractor – by Breville

What’s the next best juicers on the market recently? We choose nutrition center juice by Breville. It designed really cool and elite as same as the title. Well it works on 1,000 watt using two speeds in it. Firstis 13,000 rpm. Second is 6,500 rpm. You can choose which one you need to. The higher speed fits to hard ingredients. Juicing carrots or making nut butter become easy. The cutters inside this juicer machine works really good to devestate all ingredients you put on it.

This product price tag truly higher than the previous juicer machine by Omega. But you’ll never regret to making a purchase because its excelent! Save and spend for $269.00 and get free shipping on Amazon. Based on 2,092 custumer reviews, the product got 4,5 stars out of 5 stars.

Product all about:

  • Available in two speeds control. Choose which one you need the most for harder ingredients
  • The locking arm bolts fits your locking arm cause it spins ¼ times in every area
  • Parts of juicer machine made of stainless steel and titanium which hard to get rust
  • System build inside the machine let you get more extraction
  • The cutters or sharper last longer
  • The machine will stop working if its overload weight
  • Can acommodate 1 liter juice
  • Build up wider with 3 inches across feed chute help you to save more time and energy

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

24 used from $196.77
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 19, 2017 11:01 am


  • The machine is easy to operate
  • Works effectively for all food ingredients
  • Clean all parts become easy, further cleaning brush include inside the packaging
  • It can turns off immediately if the ingredients overload
  • All parts designed in good materials
  • Make it possible to juicing even hard ingredients


  • Well-known as a pricey juicer machine
  • Come up only a year warranty

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5. BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractorby Breville

800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1,000 WattJuice Extractor – by Breville

Next juicer reviews still coming from Breville. Works excellent with an affordable price is the way how you going to describe this best juicers on the market. You can have juice extractor by Breville by only spend $99.99 and get free shipping on Amazon. Braville’s company offered 700 watt motor which work on 14,000 rpm’s speed. This means really good to juicing even harder ingredients. The micro mesh filter made of stainless steel that hard to get rust even you clean it many many times.

We delighted to announce this product got much customer reviews on Amazon. It’s 5,328 reviews written by all consumer who purchased this juicer machine. And fantastically, the product got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Product all about:

  • The blade placement on the center to ease juicing
  • Micro-mesh filter made of stainless steel which hard to get rust
  • Juicing even hard ingredients will possible because the juicer machine using 700 watt motor with 14,000 rpm’s speed
  • Making a purchase allow you to get an extra 3 inches tube also cleaning brush

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

23 used from $79.96
Free shipping
Last update was in: July 19, 2017 11:01 am


  • It designed minimalist and stylish in the same time
  • Come in affordable price tag
  • All parts lightly to clean up
  • Assemble all parts in easy way and save more time
  • Works really good even in a hard fruits and vegetables
  • It has a compact size


  • Soft ingredients will run into garbage because the juicer build up in the powerful machine (14,000 rpm’s speed)

That’s all top 5 best juicers on the market these days. Hope all informations above useful for all of you, readers! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave your thought or comment below on the comment section box.

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