Best Portable Air Conditioner 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Update - 2019.01.14

Air conditioner such an important for you who can’t survive when its summer. We all know sun shine so bright when its summer. To cope sun bright, we need the best portable air conditioner to spread the fresh wind. But wait, what air conditioner that you need? Variety brand available out there, which give you the same benefit in a different specs. As a solution, we recommend you a portable air conditioner. In case, they are not truly the perfect one, people put their critics. However, the best portable air conditoner succeed doing their job very well to settle in the hottest summer.

You can say portable air conditioner not really effective to blow the wind in your bedroom or living room. They do make noisy. That means may you’ll bedistracting of it sounds. When you gotta sleep nearby them, you’ll feel it’s really hard to close your eyes even you tried in times but still flop. Some of air conditioner hard to move. When you want to move it one to another room, you need more effort and need people to help you out. But that weaknesses not mean totally even more for whom needs the portable one.

After comparing one to another brand, testing them, and do research about plus and minus, we finally find out the best portable aitr conditioner for all of you. Once again, even they can’t blow the wind nicely but you have to consider to buy one of them. Moreover they don’t need much space in your room. Here are the lists about the best portable air conditioner.

HAIER 13500 BTU Air Conditioner


13500 BTU Air Conditioner – by Haier best portable air conditioner

If you looking for the small portable air conditioner, Haier HPND14XCP 13500 BTU is the what you need. Even it is small though, it works good enough for you larger space. This best portable air conditioner can covered your room with the maximum 600 sq ft. This one designed to reach everybody’s fulfillment. When youpress the switch on modes, your room weather getting better and you’ll not feel the heat anymore. Slowly, the heat go away. But it’s gonna return if you swith the mode off.


What Haier HPND14XCP have in their portable AC?

  • They have three cool settings. It means you able to adjust the level as you want. If the weather quite hot, you can enhance the level to the highest one
  • Have three fan settings
  • Have 24 hours on and off mode that allow you to switch on when you need it and the opposite


Anyway, Haier portable air conditioner available on Amazon. The price is $849.99 and get free shipping. But free shipping only applicable through the United States. California and other countries outside the US for the exception. They can’t ship worldwide. For you who live out of the United States will not be able to get this home. From Haier portable air conditioner reviews on Amazon, the product itself get 3.9 stars out of 5 stars.


  • Not only use to wind the room but also the computer or PC
  • It’s a great portable air conditioner with an affordable price
  • Easy to use and to install
  • It’s not really make noisy in the room


  • It takes lot of energy that will increase your electricity bill
  • Worldwide shipping is not applicable

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HISENSE Portable Air Conditioner-10000 BTU


Hisense CAP – 10CR1SEJS Portable Air Conditioner with Remote 10,000 BTU

If you want to get the cheapest one, this Hisense CAP portable air conditioner is what you looking for. It suits for room in 300 sq ft. The 10,000 BTU power can save your room from the hotter situation. An easy on and off mode will make you content, moreover it is easy to install. You can adjust the temperature manually or automatically. The automatically mode is convenient for you who idly to take the remote control and press the button everytime you need.

Our opinion about this product is good. But we no idea what you think about this product. The price only $319.99 and available on Amazon. From Amazon, Hisense portable air conditioner review gets 3.3 stars out of 5 stars. Hisense CAP originally come from China. But there’s no information on Amazon about the worldwide shipping. If you want this product on your side, just go to Amazon and ask about the shipping condition. Thus, go prep your bucks till $319.99.


  • Small and no need more space
  • It is easy to install and automatically mode is available
  • Get a manufacturer’s warranty
  • It designed sleek and make your room not as trashy as you imagine
  • On and off mode are convenient to set the temperature
  • 24 hour on and off mode works well


  • The unit make noisy that might be bothering you when you switch it on
  • This portable air conditioner not recommended for larger rooms

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ARCTIC KING Room Portable Air Conditioner


Arctic King WPPH 08CR5 8,000 – BTU Cool Only Room Portable Air Conditioner, White

Though it is only 8,000 BTU, but this Arctic King WPPH 08CR5 works very well. This small portable air conditioner can blow the wind nicely. When the hot weather come into your body and make you sweaty, go switch this on. It’s gonna fresh your room and the sweaty through away. Evaporation system available in Arctic King portable air conditioner. It means, this air conditioner can filter the dust in your room. Meanwhile the wind blowing, you will not inhale the dustitself which means good for your lungs.Switch this on, you can read out the digital control panel because its show up.

The specs of Arctic King WPPH 08CR5 portable air conditioner:

  • It has four settings mode. Which is cool, fan, dry, and auto. This is good to adjust the weather you want. You can set up the air conditioner into the coolest mode if its necessary
  • Auto restart mode is available. When the air conditioner got trouble or error, it can automatically switch off and on again thus work like the beginning
  • Youcan use air conditioner in time you want it because it has 24 hour on and off mode
  • It designed in two speed fan that might be possibly blow the fresh weather nicely
  • Have LED display

The portabe air conditioner work in house with maximum in 350 sq ft. Product will work great if you live in a tiny room or apartment. In Amazon, you can buy this portable Arctic King air conditioner with spending bucks $375.00. Amazon let you to get free shipping when you do buy this product. Not being hesitate to buy, Arctic King portable air conditioner reviews on Amazon reach 5 stars out of 5 stars. Although the review only written by one buyer only, at least the buyer feel content to spend her/his bucks on this product and said this is the best portable air conditioner.


  • Sleep mode which means not have to switch off the air conditioner while you out of home
  • Arctic King offers in affordable price
  • The filter easy to clean or washable. When it’s getting dirt, you don’t have to feel idly to rid the whole filter
  • Warranty is available although the manufacturer not publishing how long it’s gonna be
  • 24 hour on and off mode will be convenient
  • Came up in stylish white color
  • Auto restart function is amazing. When air conditioner in trouble, it will restart itself and work as usual
  • Auto protection function
  • Come in kit: hose and window


  • Fit only in 350sq ft room

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WHYNTER Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner


Whynter ARC – 14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Storage Bag

Move to Whynter ARC. This product well-known as the best portable air conditioner ever. Demand on this product increase rapidly and people talking about this product recently. Whynter Arc using dual hoxes model and works nicer than one hoxe. If you suffered in the hottest summer, let’s try this product. Product came up in self evaporation that able toreduce moisture during the warmth process. When the wind starts to blow in your room, self evaporation gonna work to drain the moisture. You can put this portable air conditioner whenever you want. Whether home, office, apartment, and dormitory.The button setting easy to use make you easy to set the weather. Auto restart mode will automatically help you when the portable AC in trouble. It’s gonna get back at the previous setting. You don’t have to waste your energy to do setting in this air conditioner.

Whynter ARC works very effective and efficient. Combination black and grey colour make this product looks stylish and cool. The small size suitable for whom looking for the product that save space. Try to switch it on and you’ll see how good this product works. Feel the warm room and inhale clear and fresh wind. Anyway, Wynter ARC as a best portable air conditioner get 3.9 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. It gets 1,231 customer reviews on Amazon. We think the price is affordable with the benefit. Spend for $439.00 and free shipping only at Amazon. You will never regret. Trust!


  • Product available in three operational modes
  • Thermostatic control show up and you can read it easily
  • Easy set up might help you to do install
  • It works powerful to blow the wind out your house, apartment, office, and dormitory
  • During the process, self evaporation will works good to reduce moisture
  • Product works effectively in 850 square feet at maximum
  • Cooling process is quicker! Cooling the whole room will be possible in 10 till 15 minutes
  • Washable


  • The noise only decrease when you set it into the lowest level
  • The price is expensive for some people

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LG Portable Air Conditioner With LCD Remote


LG 12,000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner With LCD Remote Control

Black portable air conditioner, why not? This stylish and cool designed incredibly impressive. Not only the design, the way it works obviously amazing. Hot air will incredibly move out your room when you switch on this product. It’s came up with a remote control which help you to set the cool level if you kinda idly to move from your lovely place. Cool room is what you craving, but over cooling absolutely not good. Further, who wants to feel summer like winter? Nobody. Dehumidifier came to mixing cool and dry air. It also came up to reduce moisture to keep the user comfortable. LG 12,000 BTU works effectively also efficient to blow the wind into your whole room. Hot room must be impossible for you if you already get this product.

LG 12,000 BTU extremely know consumer needs. It makes the company designed this product to fulfillment satisfy. Installing and set up process are very easy and takes no long time. After the product arrived at home, you can use it and feel the comfort room in minutes. Anyway, this product fits in house with 400 square feet. It’s suitable for your tiny apartment or home. If you live alone, you can use this product to dispersed air to keep the room cool.Consumer reviews toward this product quite good. It gets 3.7 stars out of 5 stars. The price also affordable. It is $433.29 after discount. The real price is $479.99. Before the discount promo’s over, go to Amazon and grab this best portable air conditioner.


  • Came up in energy saver mode which allow you to save more energy when not using it
  • You can control the portable air conditioner wherever you belong because it has 24 hour on and off mode
  • Remote control is available. You might easier to set up the weather as you want
  • Gets product warranty
  • Easy set up and install
  • Stylish portable AC work in high performance


  • Lightly broken if you do wrong install process
  • Leak might be possible after years usage

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Another brand for portable air conditioner might be exist, but you have to consider about the price and the features itself. If all the product mentioned confuse you, feel free to ask and put your thought on the comment section. That’s all about the best portable air conditioner. Every single product have strengths and weaknesses, nothing designed perfectly.

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