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Update - 2019.01.14

Are you searching for the best air purifiers reviews in the market? If so then I strongly suggest that you read this entire article now as I discuss with you some essential aspects that all the best air purifiers need to include. If you are anything like me, then you suffer from serious allergies. Have you ever stop to look around your home for possible things that may be causing your allergies? There are many things in the air you breathe every day that can cause your allergies, asthma, and trouble breathing. These can range from smoke, pet odors, chemicals from cleaning materials and paint vapors particles from aerosols sprays. With those in mind, the purifier that you decide to purchase should be able to remove all of the above quickly and efficiently. You need to make sure that the potential purifier is using the best and latest technology to filter the air.

As of right now, there are five major techniques that the best air purifiers are using today. They are:

You Must Know

True HEPA Filters-Used for Best Air Purifiers

VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier

HEPA meant High-Efficiency Particulate Arrested Filter. First, if the space costs than $150 it’s almost certainly not got a HEPA filter that is of any more use than a conventional charcoal filter. It costs money. The filter should capture 99.97% of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. One final consideration before you buy your HEPA filter is the annual cost of replacing the filter; you should expect to pay from around $80. Although HEPA purifiers do fresh pollen and dust out of the air, there are many more particles that are not natural to our environment, and that our human respiratory systems do not deal well with them. Sometimes we can detect these other particles in the form of allergens and odors; sometimes we can’t. Unfortunately, there are many pollutants that our bodies just don’t recognize and don’t defend against, which leaves them to damage our lungs and other inner parts. Having a device that can either stop or absorb these dangerous particulates can have a positive impact on one’s health.

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Ozone Generators

A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator-Best Air Purifiers

Like the name says, ozone generators produce ozone. It is a very controversial type of air purifier. On the one hand, ozone does a good job of removing odors. On the other hand, ozone can damage your lungs if you breathe high concentrations of it. The problem is that removing odors from the air requires a high concentration of ozone. These will eliminate odors, but not much else. They do an awful job of removing particles, chemicals, and biological organisms. The only people who will benefit from these are people needing heavy duty odor removal. They are commonly used by bars, restaurants, and hotels to remove smoke and food smells. This is important. When making a decision to use one of these, make sure to follow these two recommendations. First, only use it in an unoccupied room. Second, air the room out before using it.

These are the main types of best air filters available in the chamber air purifiers. Many air purifiers combine one or more of these filters together. I think that for most of you reading this, a good quality combination HEPA and activated carbon air cleaner will work the best. HEPA air purifier is advantageous because and they are also easy to maintain and using too by only reading the instructions. Whichever kind of air purifier you decide to buy, read as many reviews as possible. Try to find honest and high-quality ones. It will help you to take a decision on the best air purifier for you. So please grab my advice, print out this article if you have to when your shopping for around and reading air purifiers reviews. As a matter of fact please just take my advice and read a few best air purifiers review before making a decision.  I want you to end up with something that is going to help your situation as you go through this consideration on the best air filters.

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Carbon Filters

iPower GLFILT6M Air Carbon Filter and Odor Control with 1050+ IAV Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan

Carbon filters are nothing more than specially treated charcoal. After charcoal is created, it is treated with chemicals or steam under high temperatures to activate it. It forms millions of tiny holes and significantly increases the surface area hence is what we want because the carbon is highly chemically reactive. A chemical reaction occurs between chemicals in the air, and the carbon was permanently bonding the chemicals to the carbon. These filters are great at removing odors and chemicals from the air. They are an excellent choice for someone who needs smells removed from their house. A person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities will also need an activated carbon filter to remove all the chemicals in the air.

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Electrostatic Precipitates

Electrostatic precipitates work in much the same way as ionic air purifiers. Air passes over ionizing wires that charge the particles in the air. With these filters, however, the charged particles then go over metal collector plates. These collector plates attract the particles in the air and permanently remove them. These filters do an excellent job of removing particles and smoke from the air. They are good for people with allergies and asthma. These filters don’t do a good job of removing chemicals and odors, so if you need this, get a different screen.

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UV Light

A relative newcomer to air purifiers, UV light, has been used for years in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and dentist offices to sterilize instruments. UV light’s primary purpose is to kill biological organisms. It can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. The organisms must pass through the light for it to work. Also, fan plays a significant role in moving the air through the machine. They do an excellent job of preventing disease and the spread of germs. They do a horrible job of removing particles, chemicals, and odors. UV light is often used together with one or more of the other technologies. Someone worried about getting sick and wanting to kill the germs and bacteria in the air will like this.

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