4 Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under 100 – Review 2019

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Music is an escape and one of the best pastime activities ever invented. People may have various reasons to tune into their favorite song, but one thing is common amongall music lovers – the requirement of good sound quality delivered through their choice of earphones. In addition to quality, the earphones/headphones must be such that they are convenient to usewithout disturbing the surroundings. That’s probably the whole point of inventing earphones – limiting the sound of music to your ears alone.

Then came the problem of entangled wires and the restricted use of smartphones while earphones are plugged in. In order to address this concern, the technologically progressive world came up with the idea of bluetooth earbud, and now everybody is out competing for the best bluetooth earbud under 100 onthe market. This article presents you with meticulous and helpful bluetooth earbud reviews for the best pieces available in the category.

Cheap Bluetooth Headpones Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy cheap bluetooth headpones, this comprehensive buying guide will help you make an informed decision and then you can jump to the cheap bluetooth headpones reviews in the proceeding section. The factors identified below are features that you must consider while selecting the best pair.

Bluetooth Earbud Type

Earbud are available in two different types: ones that come without wires and another type that comes bearing wires. bluetooth earbud are further bifurcated into 3 sub-categories, which have been identified as follows:

  1. Bluetooth Earbud – These have become quite popular owing to their connection with mobile phones, which people can’t breathe without these days!
  2. Infrared Earbuds – These are used with older TVs and other gadgets that operate without wireless capabilities.
  3. UHF Earbuds – These are the upgraded version of infrared headphones since they provide greater coverage but are most useful with older devices.

The bluetooth earbud reviews mentioned in the proceeding section will talk about the first type alone.

Found a Good Cheap Bluetooth Headphones-Sound Quality

You cannot afford to spend money on a cheap earbud set that deliverspoor sound quality. The sound quality is exactly the feature that differentiates a cheap set of earbuds from an expensive one. If your choice of cheap bluetooth earbud supports advanced codecs, you can be sure of the sound quality. However, these advanced codecs are not usually supported by a few devices, so you must cross-check these with your smartphone or the device you intend to use your bluetooth earbud with. Look out for this defining feature in the bluetooth earbud reviews section to make a rational purchase decision.

Battery Life

Another essential feature to consider is battery life. This is only the case with best cheap bluetooth headphones, not the traditionally used wired earphones. You’d obviously want to pay for a pair that lasts you a long time during business commutes, morning jogs, workout sessions, and long, noisy flights. Thus, you must consider the playtime, standby time and battery charge time. All three require a meticulous considerationbefore you finalize your purchase decision. The bluetooth earbud reviews section has specifically made a category for battery life under each review.


You also need to consider your comfort and the stability of earbud. You don’t want to end up investing in a pair that keeps falling off your ears, do you? These bluetooth earbud must also not cause irritation of any sort within the ears, despite being pressed in for a long time. Those types can be quite painful after a certain period.

If you are the kind of person who is largely involved in intensive workouts and runs, you must go for bluetooth earbuds that have ear wings. They tend to be more secureand stay in place. Look for stability mentioned under the design category in the bluetooth earbud reviews section below.


Most good bluetooth earbud easily pair up with mobile devices, but this may not be the case with all of them. Some come with special requirements that must be fulfilled prior to using the earbuds. For instance, you may be required to download an application for the earbud to function as intended or claimed. Thus, software consideration becomes inevitable.

Call Handling

You don’t just buy bluetooth earbud, for that matter, to listen to music only. You are obviously using them for other purposes as well, such as to take calls while driving for safety purposes. Before you finalize any pair, find out how a certain pair works for handling calls. You can look into reviews and see which one has been ranked as the best in terms of handling calls. You can’t compromise on this particular feature under any circumstances.


You need to make sure that a certain pair does justice for what it’s worth. There are all kinds of earbuds available in the market, and some may be heavier on your pocket relative to others. Choose wisely and decide which options you can safely consider, given your budget constraints. A highly priced pair is not necessarily the best choice. The bluetooth earbuds under 100 reviews section will give you a slight hint about which product is pricey and which one comes at a reasonable price.

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4 Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under 100 Reviews

This section covers the best bluetooth earbuds under 100 reviews, identifying each one’s design, sound quality, battery life, other tech specifications, pros andcons. Read on to find out details that will help you make an insightful decision.

1. Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones – Black Series

BeatsX by Dr. Dre bluetooth earbuds

BeatsX by Dr. Dre is a solid in-ear pair of bluetooth earbud. They have been lauded by customers for their optimal comfort, smart iOS integration, and splendid features that have been identified below. Refer to the following detailed version of bluetooth earbud reviews of this pair.


BeatsX has been designed similar to other contemporary bluetooth earbud. The two earbuds are connected with the aid of a cable that is to be wrapped around the neck in a single loop. The cable does not weigh down the earbuds. The earbuds are stable and secure and won’t easily budge from the ear.

The neck wire provides support to in-line controls and battery. This helps you connect with Siri easilywhile lasting longer after each charge. The design has been among the most comfortable ones, and it tends to conform to the neck naturally.

Moreover, the BeatsX is waterproof, so you can use this pair during a super sweaty workout. Plus, you get to choose this pair from an option of 4 colors: black, white, blue and grey.

Sound Quality

As for performance, the BeatsX does well in terms of tonal balance, but it’s not the best. The sound that is delivered throughthis pair of bluetooth earbud is clearand crisp. There is no hissing in the ears, and the sound does not fall flat at any point in time.

However, the mids, highs, andlows in terms of balance are somewhat the same with no clear distinction. The pair also lacks in passive noise cancellation, which was not expected from a Beats product.

On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about sound leakage, which is a relief especially for those who love ear-damaginglevel of music playing in their ears. It does lack bass, which is another disappointing feature. So, woofer lovers might not like the soundquality of this wireless pair.

Battery Life

Coming to one of the most important features – battery life! It uses the W1 chip which helps the headset sync with iOS devices pretty effortlessly while preserving the battery.

The built-in batteries can last for up to 8 hours on a single charge, which is 2 hours higher than Apple Airpods. It also comes with an option for Quick Charge, which gives your bluetooth earbud a 25 percent charge in less than 5 minutes.

Other Specs

  • Activates Siri with RemoteTalk
  • Features a Flex-Form cable for maximum comfort all day long
  • Compatible with Apple Watches, iPads and most Apple devices
  • Comes equipped with a Quick Charge feature


  • It comes with an exceptional battery life of 8 hours
  • It comes with a playback time of 2 hours
  • It features a comfortable and stable design
  • It can be charged in a jiffy
  • It features reasonably good sound quality
  • It ensures seamless integration with devices


  • It does not provide good bass
  • It does not do well in keeping exterior noise out
  • Android users may not be so fond of the W1 chip
  • Excessive use of Quick Charge feature will result in poor battery life over time
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2. Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Headphones

bose soundsport free wireless headphones

This section covers another bluetooth earbud review in as much detail as the previous one. Bose Quiet Control 30 is among the premium, high-end bluetooth earbud. If you wish to spend a fortune to get your hands on this pair, you need to look through all of its features. These have been discussed critically in the paragraphs that follow.


This bluetooth earbud pair is one of the smallest models from Bose, and it features a built-in noise cancellation function. You won’t have to worry about sound distortion via exterior sounds from traffic horns and airline engines. All you hear is the clarity of lyrics, exceptionally well-textured vocals, andthe perfect bass balance.

It features a simple design that is comfortable around the neck. The ease of use is debatable since the power button is not as soft as expected, but the control scheme is quite efficient. The thick rubber covering the control buttons makes pressing slightly stiff, but otherwise,it’s a sturdy pair that offers excellent portability.

Sound Quality

As for sound quality and performance, the bass delivery of this pair has been rated as exceptionally good. You get a deep bass, and this model from Bose is nicely suited for bass-heavy genres like hip-hop, EDM, and film scores. Moreover, the balance between mids, lows, andhighs is highly lauded.

However, compared to the Q20, the soundquality is not as dynamic with this one. Also, the noise-cancelingfeature seems a little weaker with the Q30. As for muffling, that’s also done much better in the Q20, so this model could really use some helpif it is to provide value for the amount of investment it requires.

Battery Life

It comes with a battery life of 11.4 hours with a charge time of 2.5 hours, which is slightly higher for the price. Moreover, it features a power saving mode but no passive playback. However, if you tend to raise volume beyond the average levels, battery performance is likely to diminish. An auto-off timer can also be accessed through the Bose app, allowing you to conserve battery power.

Other Specs

  • Compatible with Bose Connect application
  • Works with iOS and Android devices only
  • Features an adjustable ANC control
  • Enabled multi-device pairing with 2 devices simultaneously


  • It can handle sound leakage incredibly well
  • It also features amazing isolation
  • It has been made for enhanced comfort within the ears
  • It offers different noise-cancellingfeatures
  • It comes with excellent sound quality and performance
  • It’s sweat-resistant, so it makes for a great companion during intense workouts
  • It may conveniently be used as a headset
  • Its breathable design won’t make your ears sweaty during long hours of use


  • It is quite heavy on the wallet
  • It’s not as effective with noise cancellation as the Q20
  • It does not feature a wired option for plug-ins
  • The rubber coating is not as sturdy as claimed
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3. Sweatproof Bluetooth headphones-RHA MA390

sweatproof bluetooth headphones rha ma390

Here’s another one of the blurtooth earbud reviews that covers the same aspects as above. However, this one focuses on the RHA MA390, designed and manufactured by a Scottish company that sells premium headphones and earphones. It is among the most affordable bluetooth earbud, and its various features have been identified below.


It features a simplistic design that makes for optimal comfort but not so much for stability within the ear. It comes in a black, rubber-coated neckband that supports two aluminum earbuds on both ends. Despite the decent stability, these earbuds have not been rated as the best pair for intense workouts and runs, so you might find them moving out of place while exercising.

The neckband features a power button as well as a USB-C port toward the right end. An in-line remote control and microphone compartment havealso been provided on the cable. These control buttons are used for playback, call handling, tracking navigation, voice assistance, andother functionalities.

You get 6 pairs of silicone ear tips in the package.

Sound Quality

As far as sound performance is concerned, the RHA MA390 delivers a full bass, and a clear distinction can be made between the mids, lows, andhighs that are full of energy and resolution. The highs are clean, crisp and sculpted as well. It also features a V-shaped frequency response, so you get a power-packed combination of treble and bass.

Audio dropouts have been tested, and as long as you remain close to the connected device, these won’t be much of an issue. Wander around the house, and you won’t feel any drop in sound quality either. Hence, if you enjoy the perfect balance of bass, richness, andenergy in your choice of music, these bluetooth earbuds have been made just for you.

Battery Life

Now, let’s shed some light on the battery life and performance. The manufacturer claims that the battery will last for a maximum of 8 hours on a single charge, but users have reported that a battery warning becomesprevalent after 6 hours of use. However, the good news is that these bluetooth earbud can be fully charged in less than an hour via USB-C. Pretty amazing, right?

One thing to keep in mind is that if you like to raise the volume beyond safety levels, the battery performance will deteriorate over time.

Other Specs

  • A built-inmicrophone enables access to virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana
  • Bluetooth-enabled with a frequency range of 10 meters
  • Compatible with Apple’s AAC, aptX and SBC
  • Features a USB-C port on the neckband for quick charging


  • It ranks among the top bluetooth earbud in terms of excellent audio quality and performance
  • It comes in a lightweight, highly portable design
  • It features a sweat-resistant design
  • It has been pricedquite reasonably, provided its cutting-edge, unmatched performance


  • The design needs improvement in terms of stability within the ear
  • It has not been made for intense workouts
  • Its battery life is not as high as claimed by the manufacturer

4. NuForce Wireless Earbuds With Mic-Be Sport4

best bluetooth earbuds under 100 by nuforce

Moving forward with the bluetooth earbud reviews, here’s another pair that comes in a sleek yet comfortable design. This one from Optoma NuForce has been specifically designed for improved performance during intense workouts. Let’s find out more about the BE Sport4 and see how it’s better than its predecessors.


These earbuds have been designed for a smart fit within the ears. The earbuds feature a glossy metal finish with some green embellishment that adds a pop of color to an otherwise plain pair of bluetooth earbud.

In addition to this, you may use the included fittings to achieve the perfect fit within your ears, ensuring greater stability and minimal movement. You will be provided with three extra pairs of silicone ear tips in the package. Each pair has its unique size, so choose one that fits perfectly in your ear.

Ear wingshave also been included in the package to balance the silicone within the ear. Hence, with a size this perfect, you won’t have to worry about earbuds moving out of place during intense workout sessions and jogs.

These are also relatively lightweight, but the weightof one earbud will cause the other one to move out of place, so you must wear either both or none.

Sound Quality

As the name suggests, this pair of earbuds delivers great sound for sports. The sound is chunkyand ambient. It comes with robust mids, which allow a higher, more energized soundstage. It also features a somewhat balanced bass, which is neither too overpoweringnor too subtle. The vocals are also well-textured as heard from this pair.

The sound it delivers is rich and crisp owing to its mid-bass thickness feature. However, it lacks detail in the mids as well as treble. It could have been slightly more dynamic.

Battery Life

If you were expecting a battery life of 6-8 hours, you’ll be swept off your feet on finding out that the Optoma NuForce BE Sport4 promises a battery life of 10 hours. That’s huge! Moreover, the charging time is really quick, so a single charge takes no more than 15 minutes. It is said to have drivers coated in graphene, which helps mitigate sound distortionwhile providing amazing battery longevity. This one has really managed to outperform its predecessors.

Other Specs

  • USB cable is provided with the package
  • An additionalpair of TwinBlade ear tips are also provided
  • Certified to be IPX5 and is water-resistant
  • A carry pouch is provided with the package


  • It’s quite stable within the earand fits comfortably
  • It does not overheat during intense jogging or workout sessions
  • It’s extremely lightweight and quite portable
  • It features an exceptional battery life and performance
  • It delivers a solid, high-quality and crisp sound
  • It can charge relatively quickly in a matter of 15 minutes
  • It may be used in the rain, but avoid using these earbuds in the pool


  • It can’t be used with just one earpiece
  • It comes with moderate stereo imaging, which can be further improved
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Hopefully, these bluetooth earbud reviews have helped you decide which pair you’d like to purchase.

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Which One Is the best bluetooth earbuds under 100?

Based on the various features identified under these bluetooth earbud reviews, the Optuma NuForce BE Sport4 has come out as the most successful pair. Its lightweight and secure design, exceptional battery life and performance, above-average sound quality and fast charging fall in favor of it being the best of the best. If you are satisfied with these features, there is nothing better than the BR Sport4 from Optuma NuForce.

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