Best Watches Under $1000 – Buyer’s Guide 2017

Recently, using best watches under 1000 become people’s habbit. They use watch as a part of their lifestyle. To be honest, do you need a watch? We think you don’t need it. Further, you have clock app on your phone. You can open that app anytime you need it. That app will always accompany you wherever you go also point out what time is right now. So, you don’t have to spend much more money to buy a watch. You can save that money to invest your life in the future.

Wearing watches actually not a need, but tend to a want. You are growing old today, you have something that always remind you about time. By wearing watches, you’ll able to know what sort of thing you gonna do after. Life also managed better. You don’t have to grope your pocket to pull out your cell phone. A watch on your wrist will make it light.

Talking about best watches under 1000, most people feel okay spending money for it. Sometimes, a watch also become one of their splurge. Many brand out there, offer you many model in the same benefit (to point out the time) but at the diff price tag. If right now you are looking for best watches under 1,000, we already create a list for you. The list that will show below is all about our thoughts. Hope you feel okay with it (you know, people feel free to alluding their thoughts). Here we come, 5 best watches under 1,000 in 2017.


1. Fenix Chronos, Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Watch Band – by Garmin

Fenix Chronos, Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Watch Band – by Garmin 1

First best watches under 1,000 goes to stainless steel band by Garmin. The stainless steel make the watch look elegance. This watch also suitable for people who straightforward combining style, what they need, or something between. The sapphire lens will make this watch last for long time. No worries about the durable tho, it’s not totally a nightmare.

What about the price tag? It is absolutely decent the features. Spend for about $985.00 and get free shipping on Amazon. Based on 38 customer reviews, this watch got 4.0 stars out of 5 stars.

Fenix Chronos, Steel with Brushed Stainless Steel Watch Band – by Garmin 2






Product all about:

  • Its came up in 30.4 mm. This display size absolutely fits you, no matter if you are thin, average-build, or whatever
  • It designed in premium material and use stainless steel to support durable and resistancy
  • The sapphire lens on it well-known scratch resistant. When that watch hit wood table, wall, or kind of, the lens will not pop up any scratch
  • You are permit to know your heart rate. Putting the watch on your wrist will giving you an option to measure heart rate. You’ll able to manage your mood now on
  • Came up with 3 axis compass that will help you while doing outdoor activities. The GPS inside may help you to find places if you start to lost
  • Build with smart notifications. When you receive an email, text, or something, the watch start to warn you that is an important thing you have to pay attention for


  • You able to stay connected with important things. Wherever you belong, you can stay connected as long as the signal on your smartphone all good. The notifications will emerge and you can read that message in simply way
  • Can point out some places that may you looking for. Its also can navigate you to get back from a starting point. You don’t have to worry, you’ll not lost
  • Making a purchase, get 1 lithium battery for free
  • It designed for straightforward stylish people
  • Came up in 2 option, the stainless steel band or vintage leather band. Its offered in differemt price list
  • One of best men’s watches under 1,000


  • Worldwide shipping isn’t available. If you desire best watches under 1000, you need to move to United States or buy it at nearby store


2. Men’s I8C60D008 S009 Mystique Black IP Chronograph Tachymeter Watch – by Versace

Men's I8C60D008 S009 Mystique Black IP Chronograph Tachymeter Watch – by Versace

Next product we will talk about is chronograph tachymeter watch by Versace. This brand well-known as a good brand that offers good quality too. Beside their popularities in cloths, bags, shoes, they also popular in watches they built up. It came up in black leather that suitable for sporty and stylish mens. Seeing this watch at glance, it’t not just a watch but also a jewelry.

The materials used in this Versace’s watch is genuine leather calfskin band and stainless steel case. If you cannot wind from this watch, be calm. You able to use this watch anytime and wherever you gonna go. Even when you wanna go for swim, you can bring this watch next to you. The water resistant build in it reach 50 meters. Absolutely you can also use best watches under 1000 while showering.

This also best watches under 1,000. The price tag a bit higher than the previous one. This sell for about $989.00 and get free shipping from Amazon. There’s no customer make a review about this product. So we unable to give how stars this product get. Due to no customer review, please be the one who making a purchase and making a review on this product. (Shhhttt) this product is limited stock. It’s just 1 left in stock. Don’t miss out, buy it or lose it.

Product all about:

  • An imported watch
  • Using genuine leather band that will show up elegancy also sporty
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters, suitable for swimming and showering


  • Suitable for any condition, either hot or rainy (water resistant)
  • The chronograph build on this watch and it has sub second feature
  • Topstitch came up in yellow color which is suitable for the black band itself
  • Get 2 years warranty from Amazon that provided by Asurion


  • It’s limited stock
  • The watch is imported. Perhaps people who wanna buy need to wait for days to get best watches under 1000


3. D-Star Men’s Automatic Watch R15938103 – by Rado

D-Star Men's Automatic Watch R15938103 – by Rado 1

Moving into the next product, we have Men’s automatic watch by Rado.This watch looks very simple and designed commonly. But the brand “Rado” we all know this one of best company that always satisfy their customer. Every watches they made came up in best quality. There’s no hesitation about the quality. Spend almost $1,000 isn’t really matter because this watch durable.

This watch sell for about $988.42 and get free shipping on Amazon. Nonetheless this watch known as the best one, we don’t know why people don’t get in this watch. Based on Amazon, there’s only 2 customer reviews. The watch also get only 3.1 stars out of 5 stars. This seems bad, but no with the quality.

Product all about:

  • Straight-watches styling suitable for simple mens
  • Whole watch materials made of stainless steel
  • Topstitch came up in white color


  • This is an imported watch
  • Offers a good quality
  • This is durable watches and has great performance
  • Get 2 years warranty from Amazon that provided by Asurion
  • It designed simply suitable for people who made style is one of the most important in life


  • Limited stock
  • Designed regularly and look like cheap watches
  • One of customer on Amazon said this watch kind of second hand goods


4. Ladies 0.42ct. Diamond 29x28mm Bezel Pink Leather Watch – by Charles Rubert

Ladies 0.42ct. Diamond 29x28mm Bezel Pink Leather Watch – by Charles Rubert

After talking about men watches, now we gonna make a review forbest women’s watches under 1,000. Ladies diamond leather watch by Charles Rubert came up in pink colour that looks matchy for feminine. The square shape itself fits on your wrist, especially if you built up skinny with tiny wrist.

At glance may make you think this watch designed in regular materials. Well, you got yourself wrong. It’s designed in diamond with weight 0.42 CT. The case on it fully made of stainless steel and the band made of genuine crocodile material. For finishing, the band coloured with pink and make it looks marvel. One thing more, the lens also made of sapphire.

This watch as same as the previous men’s watches by Rado, there’s no yet customer review. If you want this watch, you can be the first customer who welcome to write your review. The price tag for about $982.02 and get free shipping on Amazon.

Product all about:

  • It is water resistant up to 99 feet or 30 meters
  • Luminous best watches under 1000 made of diamond, genuine crocodile leather, sapphire, and stainless steel
  • There’s no metal material in it. It means brand will not get rust
  • This watch is durable and save money by making one purchase only
  • Diameter for 29 mm
  • Using Arabic numerals
  • Making a purchase let you get a free gift box


  • It is water resistant
  • Intentionally designed for feminine womens
  • Genuine crocodile band in pink colour make it looks marvel
  • Simply but not looks cheap
  • Suitable for women who needs a watch not only to point out time but also can use as a jewelry
  • Easy to wrapped on wrist and not takes long time


  • This is came up in limited stock
  • There’s no information about the warranty


5. Alexandre C Women’s Stainless Steel Bracelet Swiss Made Watch AMS.920.001 – by Charriol

Alexandre C Women's Stainless Steel Bracelet Swiss Made Watch AMS.920.001 – by Charriol 1

Last product for best watches under 1,000 is stainless steel bracelet made watch by Charriol. Brand “Charriol” basically came up from an entrepreneur called Philippe Charriol. He is a French. The brand founded in 1983 and till these days, brand still acknowledged as prestige of timepieces. Beside as timepieces, this watch also can use as jewelry and bracelet.

It came up in silver colour and made of stainless steel. The thickness is about 8 mm, build up of 34 mm in diameter. When put it on your wrist, it will looks cool, stylish, and modern. Women who likes to dress up in casual and simple are suitable for this timepieces.

When walking around, sometimes an accident happen without being noticed. To avoid scratch by hitting wall or sturdy stuffs, this watch covered by sapphire crystal. It means you don’t have to worry when hard stuffs hit you. It’s not gonna broke or scratch the lens at all.

The price tag for this simple best watches under 1000 is about $939.99 after discount. Normal price actually $1,570 but making a purchase now, you’ll able to get 40% of discount. Well, there’s no shipping cost because you will get free shipping from Amazon. The product haven’t being review yet. Wanna be the first customer who giving a review about this luxury timepieces? You can visit Amazon and make your purchase. Don’t wait to long.

Product all about:

  • Released in 2011
  • Case thickness and diameter are 8 mm and 34 mm each
  • Water resistant up to 99 feet or 30 meters
  • The numerals made in Roman numerals
  • Topstitchand case made of stainless steel in silver colour
  • 18 mm wide and 7” long of measurement
  • Including: box, 1 non-standard battery
  • Lens made of bluee sapphire
  • Information about the date appear between 4 and 5 o’clock position


  • It is simple but also modern
  • It is water resistant up to 30 metres. Put on while swimming or showering will not a big deal
  • Able to use as a timepieces, jewelry, also bracelet
  • Get 2 years warranty by making a purchase


  • Worldwide shipping are not eligible. It seems impossible for you who lived outside the United States region
  • Limited stock

These days. there is lot of options for watches, whether less than $1,000 or over. It depends on you which price range you prefer to. If quality, all designs important for you, spend money for luxury timepieces well not a matter. best watches under 1000 with high price tag basically versatile. Beside using ‘em as watches, you can also make ‘em as jewelry or bracelet.

That’s all the information for top 5 best watches under 1000 either for men or women. We not impose you to buy those best watches under 1000 actually, we just give you an information that we know important. If you have any thought about best timepieces, don’t feel hesitate to share your thought or put comment on the comment section below. Thank you for read the whole article.

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